CH38 and CH39 (QUIZZES) AGRC1021

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Meiosis will produce microspores in the



male reproductive microspores

Which association below is correct?

dioecious … separate female and male plants


the males and females are on separate plants

In angiosperms, each pollen grain produces two sperm. What do these sperm do?

One fertilizes an egg, and the other combines with two polar nuclei, which develop into stored food cells (endosperm) Fertilization of an egg produces a zygote, and the combination of the two polar nuclei produces a triploid cell that will develop into the endosperm

The germination of seeds

depends on imbibition


absorption of water by the seed, causes the seed to expand and rupture

Which of the following is an example of sexual reproduction?

fusion of sperm and egg nuclei in an ovule

Which of the following is an advantage of asexual reproduction in plants?

enhanced survival of genetically favorable offspring


helps maintain genetic variability in a population

In grafting, the plant that provides the root system is the _____ and the twig is the _____

stock … scion

stock plant

provides the root system


grafted twig

Which of the following is one possible advantage of biofuels vs. oil?

The CO2 produced by biofuels will be absorbed by the crops used to produce them, creating a carbon-neutral cycle

Which example below is a concern related to the debate over plant biotechnology?

introduced genes spreading into related wild species and leading to the creation of "superweeds"

Plant hormones act by directly affecting the activities of

signal transduction pathways

Plant hormones act by activating/deactivating

signal transduction pathways

Which of the following seedlings will probably bend toward light?

one whose tip is separated from its base by a gelatin block

gelatin block

allows the passage of substances that regulate phototropism

The Pr form of the phytochrome pigment has maximum absorption in the _____ part of the spectrum.


A biological cycle with a period of about 24 hours is called

a circadian rhythm

a circadian rhythm

events that follow approximately 24-hour cycles

Most plants flower when

The flowering of many plants is stimulated by the duration of periods of uninterrupted darkness

the nights are the right length

The molecule most involved in the flowering process is

FT protein

Thigmotropism is a movement in response to



directional growth in response to touch

Which one of the following is a response in plants to a water deficit?

reduction in the rate of transpiration

Strains of pathogens that mildly harm, but do not kill, the host plant are termed


avirulent pathogen

gains enough access to its host to enable it to perpetuate itself without severely damaging or killing the plant

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