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Philo T. Farnsworth invented which of the following?

the basic technology for television

When you watch a modern situation comedy on television that is filmed or taped before a live studio audience using multiple cameras, you are seeing the influence of which of the following?

I love Lucy

All U.S. television broadcasting became digital in which year?


Network affiliates are which of the following?

local broadcast stations that carry network programming

Which of the following created the Public Broadcasting System?

public broadcasting act of 1967

PBS attracted its first significant audiences with which of the following programs?

sesame street

The major company doing television ratings in the United States is which of the following?

Nielsen Media Research

Over the last thirty years, the Big Three television networks (ABC, CBS, NBC) have done which of the following?

They have lost one third of all their viewers to cable, syndicated programming, and independent stations.

The show Lost is notable for featuring which of the following?

the first prime-time network character who doesn’t speak English

What is the fifth highest rated television network in the United States?


What are telenovelas?

spanish language soap operas

In the 1960s, television programs were not allowed to show which of the following?

married couple sharing a bed

Nielsen Media Research says the average American spends ____ hours a day watching television.


The so-called V-chip is designed to do which of the following?

stop children from seeing offensive programs on V-chip equipped television sets

Jon Stewart, on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, tends to:

all the above

The show I Love Lucy was controversial when it first came out for which of the following reasons?

It had the white Lucille Ball married to the Cuban American Desi Arnaz.

cable television was initially developed as a way of doing which of the following?

delivering broadcast television signals to communities with poor reception

When HBO first went on the air in 1975, the broadcast networks made which of the following responses?

they largely ignored it

Which of the following statements about premium cable channels is true?

They are the channels that you pay extra for and that do not carry commercials such as HBO and showtime

The conversion from analog to digital television broadcasting was delayed by several months in 2009 because:

many fears that some poorer consumers were not ready for the conversion.

Why are cable networks such as MTV and CNN more profitable than the Big Four broadcast networks?

Cable networks receive revenue from advertising and subscription revenue. Broadcast networks only receive advertising revenue.

Broadcast networks are more successful than ever these days for which of the following reasons?

You can’t fool me; broadcast networks are losing audience share and advertisers.

television networks are now showing more diverse programming for which of the following reasons?

They want to attract a larger audience

Critics worry that television has a strong influence on young people because:

all the above

One outcome of Janet Jackson’s 2004 Super Bowl "wardrobe malfunction" was which of the following?

Individual stations became cautious about broadcasting serious programs that contained nudity or violence.

Audience members can now interact with cable and broadcast television by doing which of the following?

all the above

Why are broadcast networks making their hit programs available on the Internet?

Because if the networks didn’t put legal copies up on the Internet, people would just share pirated copies.

Our definition of what is broadcasting is being changed by the fact that you can now do which of the following?

all the above

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