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Apologies are most effective when they

are timely

In the case of routine messages, you should aim to create a helpful, professional tone during the ______ stage.


During the drafting stage, the process of designing the message focuses on

making the message easy to read.

Appreciation messages should begin with a(n)

expression of thanks.

The part of a claim that makes a specific request of the recipient is known as a

call to action.

Which of the following is most likely to be caused by a failure to set worker expectations in routine messages?

breakdowns in working relationships

Which of the following is true of apologies?

If you are dealing with customers or clients, an apology may imply legal responsibility.

Which type of routine message should you ask a colleague to review before you send it?

when you are speaking on behalf of a team

In the case of a routine request, one of the primary goals of the message is to

retain the goodwill of the recipient.

Which of the following is an effective strategy for responding to inquiries?

Set off each question by using special formatting.

Which of the following are you most likely to include in a routine request?

the rationale for the request

Which of the following actions is most likely to be part of the reviewing stage?

proofreading the message

Which of the following messages generally takes the least time to complete?

routine messages

Which of the following is most likely to damage your credibility with the people who receive your emails?

leaving out some of the necessary information

Which of the following statements about announcements is true?

Event announcements should allow readers to gather all relevant information in 10 to 15 seconds.

Which of the following is an accurate statement about messages that provide directions?

Since describing step-by-step procedures is so specific, insufficient detail can frustrate readers.

Which of the following statements is most true of a routine request?

Your tone should be direct but not bossy or domineering

Which of the following is an important element of an apology?

offering commitments

Which of the following is true of messages showing appreciation?

A sincere expression of thanks strengthens work relationships

Routine messages should be direct and


Which of the following is the most effective technique to use when making a claim?

Lay out a logical explanation of the claim.

Routine messages that include details about deadlines are most likely to be messages that

set expectations.

What are announcements?

updates, notices, and other correspondences that apply to a group of employees and/or customers

In the case of an email that is a routine message, where should you place the primary message to capture attention?

in the subject line

Betsy learns that the wife of one of her main clients has just died. What should Betsy do?

Send a brief but genuine handwritten note of sympathy

Which principle of influence operates on the idea that people think there is limited availability of something they want or need, so they must act quickly?


In a case study, psychologists found that horse racing fans become more confident that their horses would win after placing a bet. Which principle of influence does this example illustrate?


The principle of influence known as reciprocation refers to the idea that people

tend to feel obligated to return favors.

In the context of mass sales messages, what is the last step in the AIDA approach?

call to action

call to action

gaining attention

In the AIDA approach, "I" stands for


Which of the following is true of the call to action in persuasive messages?

The call to action is the concluding step in persuasive messages

Harry is brand-conscious and has been very loyal to Revy Jeans. Leroi is a famous Hollywood star who is Harry’s idol. Leroi signs an endorsement deal with Ace, a company that sells jeans, and starts appearing in the company’s advertising. After seeing these ads, Harry shifts his loyalty from Revy Jeans to Ace. Which principle of influence has affected Harry?


Haresh writes a persuasive message that employs the I-voice most of the time. As a result, the audience is likely to infer that Haresh

is self-centered and concerned mainly about his own interests.

Most persuasive messages are said to be implicit because they

require readers to read between lines to understand the entire meaning.

You can help readers feel that your message impacts them on a personal level by combining specificity with


When writing to customers, which of the following voices will force you to consider their needs and wants?


In an effective external persuasive message, the appreciation statement

anticipates the thoughts of skeptical readers.

What is the main problem with using manipulation to persuade?

It is deceptive.

The term ______ refers to the reasons why your product, service, or idea really benefits your readers.


In a persuasive message, what is the next task after you finish stating the need?

offering a solution

When a business message provides the rationale for a request before making the specific request, the message is said to be


To be able to craft messages that persuade people to modify their ideas or actions, you need to spend a significant amount of time

analyzing the audience.

Which of the following statements accurately describes the post-trust era (PTE)?

The PTE has changed some persuasive strategies but not others.

Internal persuasive messages are typically used to promote


In the AIDA approach, after gaining attention, the next step is to

build interest and curiosity.

The principle of influence known as social proof refers to the idea that people

determine what is right, correct, or desirable by seeing what others do

External persuasive messages tend to

be based on emotional appeals.

Which of the following components is likely to be included in the structure of a mass sales message?

an attempt to generate interest

When statements in a business message contain full and unambiguous meaning, the business message is said to be


Which of the following is the richest communication channel for delivering bad-news messages?

a personal meeting

Which of the following is an example of a bad-news message characterized by low severity and high controllability?

one colleague rejecting another colleague’s idea

Which of the following questions will help you review bad-news message to evaluate the "access" aspect of the FAIR test?

Are my motives clear, or will others perceive that I have a hidden agenda?

Ideally, which of the following should a manager avoid when delivering negative performance reviews?

sugarcoating the bad news

Which of the following is the best example of a company experiencing the mum effect?

In Sandman Corp., as messages move up the chain of bureaucracy, they get filtered at each level to soften bad news.

prepares recipients emotionally yet does not reveal specific information.

In the context of bad news, a teaser message is a message that

To keep an organization free of the mum effect, it is necessary to

foster a transparent and open work culture.

Which of the following helps organizations maintain credibility when delivering bad news?

providing a clear rationale

In delivering negative performance reviews, a focus on the ______ of an employee is least likely to provoke defensiveness or a counterproductive response.


Serena, a bank manager at the United Front Bank, heads the business loan department. She wants to communicate to all of the bank’s long-term customers that interest rates on business loans are increasing by a full percentage point. Which of the following guidelines should Serena follow while communicating this bad news?

She should use specific and simple language.

In terms of maintaining credibility, the most important quality to convey when delivering bad news is


Which of the following communication channels should ideally be used for a bad-news message that is characterized by high severity and high controllability?

a personal meeting

Which of the following is a likely consequence of a person waiting a long time to deliver bad news?

The bad-news recipients will speculate and gossip.

Lane has to deliver his first negative performance review. He should make sure to

focus on the unacceptable actions and their results

Which of the following statements is true of reviewing bad-news messages before delivering them?

Strong emotions may affect the tone of the message, therefore bad-news messages need intense reviewing.

Mark, the production manager at Flying Horses Inc., has decided to lay off a few employees due to decreasing demand for the firm’s products. Which of the following will be the best way for Mark to convey his decision?

organizing a meeting with the employees and sending a follow-up memo

While delivering bad news in writing to customers, use

passive verbs.

Negative performance reviews that lack measurable and realistic goals are most likely to

demoralize employees.

Which of the following would damage the effectiveness of a written message designed to convey bad news to colleagues or employees?

avoiding discussion of the immediate impact of the bad news on recipients

Which of the following is an example of reframing thoughts in order to respond to negative feedback constructively?

Getting an honest assessment of my work will help me succeed

Which of the following is an example of an external partner?

a supplier

The sandwich approach to delivering bad news

softens the bad news but encourages bad performance

To avoid counterproductive responses to negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, and anger, a person should

learn to recognize and name these emotions.

Arnold was angry because he believed that his boss did not pay enough attention to his work. As a result, Arnold convinced himself that he was fine without feedback. This means that Arnold

is displaying a counterproductive response to a negative emotion

Which of the following is the best example of a buffer in a message to turn down a job applicant?

Thank you for your interest in the market research position at Bookworm Inc.

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