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The Industrial Age is an era in which people engage in networked communication, collaborate across boundaries, and solve problems communally.


Web 2.0 communication tools are primarily passive and static.


Twitter is a Web 2.0 communication tool.


Wikipedia is a Web 1.0 communication tool.


Neda enjoys customizing her blog and presenting content to her readers. Neda is an example of User 1.0.


Lorena uses email as her main communication tool. Lorena is an example of User 1.0.


Your professional profile should reflect the same information as your social networking profile.


Lucy wants to hold a virtual team meeting. She is correct in her belief that wikis cannot be used for that purpose.


Social media offer an ideal means of continuously learning about your company, your industry, and your discipline.


Due to the many communication tools available in the emerging Social Age, the division between professional and private lives is becoming increasingly clear.


Offering to help a colleague on a company blog or wiki is considered intrusive and unprofessional.


Public relations is fundamentally about increasing the company’s ability to earn profit off customers and the community.


The most common format for a written PR message is the op-ed piece.


In a typical op-ed piece on a company blog, a corporate leader will write an opinion piece about a challenge or issue shared by the company and the public.


Younger people are often expert at developing an online professional presence, but they are less skilled at developing an online social persona.


Posting about excessive weekend partying on Twitter can damage a person’s chances of getting a good job.


The profiles you post on personal social media accounts will not affect your professional reputation, but your work-related accounts will.


The use of social media, even for private use, complicates your relationship with your employer.


An employee congratulating his employer’s son on his engagement is an example of social media complicating relationships between employees and employers.


It is important for employees to become familiar with their companies’ acceptable-use policies for social networking websites.


The ______ Age is characterized by mass two-way communication and respect for expertise and position.

Information Age to Social Age.

Workplace culture is now moving from the

use email as the main communication tool.

User 1.0 is most likely to

stay connected online all the time.

User 2.0 is most likely to

photos of a restaurant menu posted online

Which of the following Internet sites is a typical Web 1.0 page?

a discussion forum that allows users to post questions and answers

Which of the following Internet sites is a typical Web 2.0 page?

Social Age.

The evolution of the Internet from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0 platforms is the primary driver of the

passive and static.

Web 1.0 communication tools are primarily

collaborative networks.

The development of Web 2.0 tools has contributed to the development of more

cause distraction from work and too much socializing.

One potential drawback of using social media in the workplace is that social media

ensure quicker access to business expertise and knowledge.

One advantage of using social media in the workplace is that social media

the front page when a user logs into the system, which acts as a communication hub

Which of the following accurately describes the dashboard of a social software system?


Twitter is an example of a

They contain just a few sentences per entry.

Which of the following statements accurately describes microblogs?

a team blog

Which of the following is most likely to hold all of a work group’s communications, such as updates, progress reports, and team discussions?


Which of the following has the strongest potential to be a collaborative tool?


Which of the following are collections of pages that anyone with approved access can edit, thus lending themselves to collaborative writing?

Join teams built around common interests.

Which of the following guidelines should professionals follow in their social media use?

He should not have included a blaming statement.

Igor put the following post on a discussion forum at work: "I’ve noticed that some coworkers seem discouraged about how the company is doing. I thought it might help if we discussed the causes of and possible remedies for this malaise. My personal opinion is that management doesn’t care what we think, which causes people to feel detached. I welcome other viewpoints." What could Igor have done to improve his post?

Avoid off-topic points.

In a discussion forum conversation on flexible work schedules, Jacque posts the comment, "Not only do we need more flexible hours, we need bigger pay increases too." What guideline for productive team communication did Jacque violate?

Acknowledge teammates’ ideas.

Peyman wants to make his team’s discussion forum a more encouraging place. Which guideline would best help him accomplish that?

Meet in real time.

Abby notices that her team’s discussion forum has become contentious. Which of the following guidelines should she follow in this situation?

challenging the team’s hard-earned consensus and damaging morale.

Latecomers to forum discussions are most likely to cause problems by

stating their opinion but failing to take part as the conversation evolves.

Firstcomers to a forum discussion are most likely to cause problems by

the media.

The traditional role of public relations was to communicate with


During the information age, the role of public relations broadened, and it came to be seen as a key component of

to create a distinctive brand for a company or organization

What is the goal of most public relations messages?

clarify the company’s brand.

A public relations team’s first step is to

answers basic questions

In a blog post structured like a press release, what does the first paragraph do?

to put the most important information first where busy readers can find it

Why are press-release style messages structured the way they are?

shares the opinions and expertise of a corporate leader with the public.

The advantage of an op-ed style blog post is that it

a blog

Which social media tool would be best at helping a business professional establish a personal brand?

personal brand.

A unique set of professional skills and attributes that others associate with you is called your


Overall and underlying messages that others decode from your online communications are referred to as ______ messages.

moral, ethical, and fair

Which of the following reputations is a result of the meta message "I abide by the rules"?

professional and private

Which type of reputation is affected by material a person posted to an online discussion forum that is accessed only by people in his or her company?

A personal brand built through an online presence can help business professionals gain opportunities.

Which of the following statements about online presence is true?

make developing a personal brand very easy.

Social media tools

supportive and caring.

On the corporate blog, Gina often posts short articles to highlight the success of one of her colleagues. Because of this, others will most likely see her as being

talented and capable.

On his Facebook page, Alec often posts examples of his photographs that have won prizes in competitions. Because of this, others will most likely see him as being

ethical and consistent.

On LinkedIn, Lupe posts an article she wrote about improving the ethical standards in her profession. Because of this, others will most likely see her as being

Companies respect the rights of their employees to use social media tools for both personal and professional use.

Which of the following statements best describes the view most companies hold about their employees engaging in social media?

An employee blogs about an embarrassing incident involving his or her boss, who sees the post.

Which of the following situations is an example of how social media can complicate professional relationships?

You are responsible for your actions.

Which of the following is one of Coca-Cola’s social media guidelines?

pass the posts to the official in-market spokesperson.

According to the Coca-Cola social media guidelines, when employees come across negative posts about the company they should

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