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Why is Venice home to a vast amount of Byzantine art?

Venetian mercenaries looted Constantinople’s art during the Fourth Crusade.

According to Augustine, the singing of hymns and psalms in church was established to

prevent people from becoming bored or sad.

The word evangelist comes from a Greek word meaning

"bearer of good."

The Byzantine emperor Justinian began construction of Hagia Sophia in 532 CE to

divert attention from domestic turmoil stirred up by warring gangs.

Why did the Byzantine emperor Leo III inaugurate a program of iconoclasm?

He argued that God, in the Ten Commandments, had prohibited images.

Early Christians developed symbols to identify themselves to each other because they

feared persecution for their faith.

Which sect is associated with the Dead Sea Scrolls?

the Essenes

According to the evangelist Paul, sinners could earn redemption by

showing their faith in Christ and his salvation.

San Vitale is unique for its

octagonal shape.

In an effort to try to maintain a strong, collective Jewish identity after the Diaspora, rabbis

wrote down the Oral Torah.

Conquered Africans were perhaps eager to convert to Islam to

avoid enslavement.

Muslim calligraphers placed great emphasis on beautiful writing style primarily to

reflect the beauty of the Muslim faith as fully as possible.

The Qur’an advises Muslim women to dress modestly to

avoid harassment.

Traditional Arabic music is based on the intonations and rhythms of


The design of most mosques is inspired by

Muhammad’s house in Medina.

The word "hadith" refers to

Muhammad’s sayings.

Contributing to Islam’s rapid spread, the mosque held appeal for its

provision of a sense of community.

Muslims generally avoid figurative imagery in the decoration of their mosques because

Muhammad warned that image makers would face punishment on the Day of Judgment.

Muslims believe that in 610 CE the Archangel Gabriel first visited Muhammad to

deliver messages from the one and only God.

The explosion in book availability in the Arabic world was enabled by the eighth-century

introduction of the art of papermaking.

Charlemagne admired the monastery of St. Gall for its

functional, orderly arrangement.

Benedictine monks at Cluny introduced

choral music.

The Hiberno-Saxon style in manuscript illumination is notable for its role in

unifying Anglo-Saxon visual culture with Christianity.

Pope Urban II presented the Crusades as

a Holy War.

The Song of Roland describes

Charlemagne’s defeat of the Saracen Muslims.

Why was courtly love poetry written in the common language of everyday life instead of Latin?

A greater number of people would be able to enjoy it.

All of the following were motivations for the First Crusade EXCEPT

creating a homeland for Jews.

Which literary work describes a scene similar to the Sutton Hoo discovery?


Although the first three Crusades were political and religious failures, they succeeded in

stimulating Western trade with the East.

Which medieval cult is connected to courtly love literature?

the Cult of the Virgin

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