Ch. 6 Input-Output

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– is any data or instructions that are used by a computer.


The arrangement of keys on a keyboard. QWERTY reflects the keyboard layout by -.

Taking the letters of the first six alphabetic characters found on the top row of keys.

Type of keyboard that uses a touch screen as the input device.


A keyboard key, like Caps Lock, that turns a feature on or off is called a – key.


This type of mouse emits and senses light to detect mouse movement


The study of human factors related to things people use.


These screens can be touched with more than one finger, which allows for interactions such as rotating graphical objects on the screen with you hard or zooming in and out by pinching and stretching your fingers.


Which of the following is not a type of scanning device.


Bar code readers use – embedded in them to read bar codes.

Photoelectric Cells

This reading device is used in banks to read the numbers on the bottom of checks and deposit slips.


Which of the following types of character recognition systems is sued for standardized multiple-choice testing?


OMR, OCR, and MICR are all types of -.

Character and mark recognition devices.

– – input devices convert sounds into form that can be processed by the system unit.


The most widely used audio-input device is the -.


The series of dots that form the image on a monitor are called -.


This indicated the monitor’s ability to display colors by comparing the light intensity of the brightest white to the darkest black.

Contrast Ratio

The distance between each pixel.

Dot Pitch

the size, or -, is measured by the diagonal length of a monitor’s viewing area.

Active Display Area

The proportional relationship between a display’s width and height.


A dedicated, mobile device for storing and displaying e-books and other electronic media including electronic newspapers and magazines.

E-book Reader

Specialized devices with a large display connected to a computer projector and are widely used in classrooms and corporate boardrooms.

Digital or interactive whiteboards.

What kind of specialized monitor is especially useful.

Flat-panel Monitor

Which of the following statements is incorrect?
– Printer speed is measured in the number of words per minute.
– Printer resolution is measured in dpi (dots per inch).
– Printer output is often called hard copy.
– Memory within a printer is used to store printing instructions and documents waiting to be printed.

Printer speed is measured in the number of words printed per minute.

Two categories of laser printers are -.

Personal and shared.

Which of the following printer features enables you to print on both sides of a sheet of paper?


Printers connected to the Internet that provide printing services to others on the Internet are called -.

Cloud Printers.

The most widely used audio-output devices.


Which of the following allows the transmission of voice and often video communication over the Internet?

Voice Over IP

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