Ch 6 Hardware Support

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The SATA drive technology utilizes a serial data path.


What technology is used to assure that the logical block addressing on a solid state drive does not always address the same physical blocks, in order to distribute write operations?

wear leveling

Which rotation speed is not a typical spindle rotation speed for magnetic hard drives?


What two optical disc drive standards support writing discs with a total capacity of 8.5GB?


The SATA/600 standard is also known by what other name?


What two different file systems can be used on a Compact Disc (CD)?


Hard drives that can be used for hot-swapping cost significantly less than regular hard drives.


Which type of RAID volume is used for fault tolerance and only requires two drives?


What statement best describes a RAID 5?

it requires 3 or more drives and uses parity checking

What two optical disc drive standards allow for rewritable discs?


If you are adding a hard drive to a system that already has a drive with Windows installed on it, what should you do?

boot Windows and use Disk Management to prepare the new drive

What SATA standard provides a transfer rate of 3 Gb/sec?


Which statement regarding the selection of a hard drive is accurate?

magnetic drives have larger capacity for the money than solid state drives

What command line utility can be used to repair the BCD on a Windows installation?


How many layers of data can exist on a single side of a Blu-ray disc?


The read/write head on a magnetic hard drive is at both the top and bottom of each disk.


How much data can an LTO Ultrium 5 tape hold, native and compressed?

3.0TB compressed 1.5TB native

If a computer is performing slowly due to file fragmentation, what Windows tool can be utilized to rearrange fragments?

defragmentation tool

What type of RAID is a combination of mirroring and striping?


What is the current maximum storage capacity limit of a magnetic tape?


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