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How are party identification and straight ticket voting related?

Party identifiers are more likely to vote straight-ticket

For what main reason do most states require voter registration?

Identifies eligible voters and prevents fraud

How was the poll tax used as a voting qualification?

Only certain people could afford the tax

What group of persons (cannot voters) are barred from voting in most states?

Criminals, mentally challenged.

Name at least 4 devices that were used to keep African Americans (and in some cases Latin Americans and Native Americans) from voting?

Literacy test, gerrymandering, Grandfather clause

What was the "grandfather clause"? What was its purpose?

A clause added to registration laws allowing people who did not meet registration requirements to vote if they or their ancestors had voted before 1867 (before blacks were legally allowed to vote). This was to exempt poor and illiterate whites from registration requirements established to keep former slaves from voting. Declared unconstitutional in 1915.

What are three types of voting?

What is "time-zone fallout" and how does it affect a person’s decision to vote?

The news media predicts election winners when the polls in the East and Midwest close, resulting in lower vote turn out in the West, where the polls are still open.

Why did the Federal Government take more and more control over the setting of voter qualifications in the 1950s-1980s?

what are the sociological factors that influence how voters cast their ballots?

Income and occupation; education; gender; religion and ethnicity; geography; family

Explain split- ticket voting?

voting for candidates of different parties for different offices at the same election

Name three factors concerning the right to vote in the United States that have gradually been eliminated over the years?

(religion, sex, race, poll tax) ?

who exercised the "franchise" in the United States?


Why do election officials keep poll books?

To make sure only registered voters vote.

Why is it good thing to "purge" the poll books every few years?

Get rid of those who are not in that precinct any more

What is the motor voter law? what is its purpose?

Registration at the DMV and other public offices in order to increase number of registered voters

What are the requirements states ask for to be able to vote?

Citezen of the US, residence for a certain period of time, 18 years old

Why did the 18 year old vote come about in 1971?

They were able to be drafted in the military so they should be able to vote.

Know the Supreme Court case Gomillion v. Lightfoot (1960).

Explain Ballot fatigue

Membership in a major party is based on what?

partisanship ?

What people- sex, religion, work, occupation, education- support the democratic Party?

catholics, Jews, blacks, less educated and lower income groups, blue collar workers, union members, and big city residents

What people- sex, religion, work, occupation, education- support the Republican Party?

protestants, whites, more educated and higher income groups, white collar workers, non union workers, and suburban and small town dwellers

Early voting requirements and restrictions in the United States (late 1700s and early 1800s)

What does the constitution say about who can or cannot vote?

it doesn’t say aliens can not vote ???


Time zone fallout

motor voter law

political efficacy

Independent voter

15th amendment

voting rights act of 1965

straight-ticket voting

poll books

low voter turnout

split ticket voting


23rd amendment



off-year elections

grandfather clause

"nonvoting voter"

19th Amendment


literacy test



poll tax

public opinion

voter apathy

26th amendment

24th amendment

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