Ch. 5 Ethics

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Utilitarianism is a relativistic moral theory, for it recognizes that what is good in some circumstances is not always good in others


What has value because people value it has intrinsic value


The reason that Mill believes pleasure is the only intrinsic good is because he believes it is the only thing that everyone desires for its own sake


According to utilitarian moral theory, happiness is an instrumental good.


Utilitarianism is an egoistic moral theory


Utilitarianism is a moral theory that holds that we ought to promote utility and not pleasure


According to utilitarianism, an act that makes some people happy and others unhappy can never be morally right


Both Bentham and Mill hold that some pleasures are better in kind than others


According to act utilitarianism, if it produces more net utility or pleasure to give money that I had promised to return to a friend to famine relief instead, then I ought to give it to the relief fund


The following is an example of the reasoning of a rule utilitarian: "If the practice of lying is bad, then one ought not to lie now, even if in this case to lie would actually bring out better consequences."


According to Bentham, some pleasures may be more valuable than others but only in so far as they are of greater intensity or duration.


In his Utilitarianism, Mill answers those who say that his theory is a crass pleasure theory fit only for beast by noting that though it is a pleasure theory, it acknowledges a wide variety of pleasures including those that only humans can experience.


According to Mill, the only way to prove that something is desirable in itself (as an end) is to notice that people do desire it.


In the reading from Utilitarianism Mill writes that we have learned by experience that murder and theft are wrong because they are generally injurious to human happiness


In his work, Utilitarianism, Mill’s test or basis for distinguishing higher from lower pleasures is the preference of those who have experience of both


The trolley problem is used to illustrate which of the following?

The complexity of calculating morality using a cost benefit anlysis

According to the text, approximately how many people have leaped to their death from the Golden Gate Bridge?


Which of the following was not one of the founders of utilitarianism?

Rene Descartes

Which of the following is not included in calculating the amount of happiness?


According to utilitarianism which of the following is useful for evaluating the morality of an action?

The result

According to utilitarianism which of the following is an intrinsic good?


Which of the following is not necessary to act morally according to utilitarianism?

To act as the majority wishes

Rule Utilitarianism asks that we consider the consequences of each act

As a general practice

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