ch. 40 intro. to music

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What American composer is known as the king of ragtime?


Bebop jazz was a complex new style that developed after World War II, built on small groups in which each player has an equal voice in the improvisation.


Take the A Train was composed by:

Billy Strayhorn.

Which of the following is NOT a musical trait of African origin?

major-minor tonality

What was the trademark of bebop?

a two-note phrase

Louis Armstrong was an important force in the development of early jazz styles.


A combination of jazz and classical idioms is called:

third stream.

Jazz is an art form created mainly by African Americans in the early twentieth century that blended elements from African music with traditions of the West.


New Orleans jazz depended on simultaneous improvisations by the players, which created a polyphonic texture.


Louis Armstrong was also known as:


Which of the following best describes the form of a blues text?


Which instrument did Louis Armstrong play?


Billie Holiday’s song Billie’s Blues demonstrates ____________ form.

twelve-bar blues

African-American music forms the roots of which of the following popular American musical styles?

all of the above

During the 1940s, Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker, and Thelonious Monk developed:


Ragtime was named for its ragged, highly syncopated rhythms and melodies.


Scott Joplin’s Maple Leaf Rag was initially little known, but it became a big hit after its use in the film The Sting.


What is the principal musical characteristic of ragtime?


Big-band swing represented the dominant form of American popular music in the 1930s and 1940s.


What is the African-American music that developed around the turn of the twentieth century and incorporates elements of African music and Western popular and art music called?


Gunther Schuller coined the term third stream to describe a combination of blues and jazz styles.


Who was the creator of the Modern Jazz Quartet?

John Lewis

Duke Ellington’s great musical collaborator in the 1940s was:

Billy Strayhorn.

A style of jazz singing that sets syllables without meaning to an improvised vocal line is known as:

scat singing.

New Orleans jazz often features a heterophonic texture.


The musical style of the 1960s that combines jazz improvisation with amplified instruments and a rock beat is called:


Billie Holiday was the first African-American singer to:

break the color barrier by recording and performing with white musicians.

Take the A Train is a song that refers to:

a New York City subway line.

What is a bent, or "blue," note?

a note in which the pitch drops slightly

Scott Joplin was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for his opera:


Which of the following does NOT characterize blues?

It is a form of African folk music.

The principal exponent of cool jazz was trumpeter:

Miles Davis.

The term bebop describes the combination of classical and jazz styles.


Which American jazz composer was also a pianist and a master of big-band orchestration?

Duke Ellington

What kind of jazz is Duke Ellington known for?

big band

The Gerry Mulligan Quartet is associated with West Coast jazz.


Duke Ellington is associated with New Orleans-style jazz.


The term third stream was coined by:

Gunther Schuller.

Scott Joplin is best known for his blues melodies.


In New Orleans jazz, which instrument usually played the melody?


Which of the following is NOT true of New Orleans jazz?

There were no set forms or harmonic progressions.

Billie Holiday’s singing style:

has been imitated by many later singers.

Miles Davis is known for:

all of the above

Of the following, who was NOT a contributor to the 1940s style known as bebop?

Louis Armstrong

What American city is considered the birthplace of jazz?

New Orleans

Which of the following was NOT an innovation introduced to jazz by Louis Armstrong?

three-line blues texts

Who won the 1996 Pulitzer Prize for the jazz oratorio Blood on the Fields?

Wynton Marsalis

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