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BLANK software helps run the computer and coordinates instructions between other software and the hardware devices


BLANK applications are software in which the vendor hosts the software online over the Internet and you do not to install the software on you computer

Software as a Service

Using applications on smartphones and tablets to buy and sell products is known as BLANK commerce


NOT an example of a general productivity software application
Work processing
Personal information management
Image editing

Image editing

Apache OpenOffice is an example of a BLANK productivity suite

Open source

Web-based application software

Is stored completely on a web server instead of your hard drive

Examples of software suites

Apache OpenOffice, Microsoft Office 2016, Apple iWork

The appropriate software to use for creating research paper is BLANK software

Word processing

BLANK software is used to perform calculations and numerical analyses


When using a spreadsheet, the expression =D8-D14 is called a


When using a spreadsheet, SUM in the expression =SUM(B10:B16) is called a BLANK


The intersection of a row and column in a spreadsheet program is known as a BLANK


Tips for a great presentation

Limit bullet points per slide to 4-6, Keep the font size large enough to be read from the back of the room, use images to convey a thought or illustrate a point

In a databases, a data category is called a BLANK


All of the following are examples of database software except
Microsoft Access


BLANK software helps you manage e-mail, contacts, calendars, and tasks in the same application

Personal information manager

QuarkXPress is an example of BLANK software

Desktop publishing

QuickBooks is an example of BLANK software


Dreamweaver is an example of BLANK software

Web authoring

Software that manages "back office" functions such as billing, production, inventory management, and human resources management is called BLANK software

Enterprise resource planning

All are types of multimedia and entertainment software EXCEPT
drawing software
digital video software
digital audio software
productivity software

Productivity software

Computer-aided design software is used by BLANK

Architects to create virtual models

Software designed specifically managing real estate is an example of BLNAK software

Vertical market

Multimedia software includes all of the following EXCEPT
Utility software
Image-editing software
Animation software
Audio-editing software

Utility software

To remove red eye from a digital image, you would use software such as BLANK

Adobe photoshop elements

Most common audio compression format


Blackboard is an example of BLANK software

Course management

A BLANK software installation installs all the most commonly used files to your computer’s hard drive


A BLANK software installation enables you to decide which features you want to install on the hard drive

Unwanted or unneeded software included by manufacturers on new computers is called


Microsoft Office Online is an example of a BLANK productivity suite


The two main types of software are system software and BLANK software


Another name for commercial software is BLANK software

Apple pages is an example of BLANK software which is used to create documents such as resumes, letters and research papers

Writer is the BLANK program in Apache’s OpenOffice suite

Word Processing

iWork is the BLANK suite made especially for Apple computers


In spreadsheet software, BLANK are the numerical data that represent a quantity or an amount and are often the basis for a calculation


Microsoft Excel is a BLANK software program


Spreadsheet equations that use addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division are called


To organize and manipulate large, complicated groups of data, you should use BLANK software


In releational databases, data is organized into fields, records, and BLANK


In a database, a group of related fields is a


In a database, a group of related records is a BLANK


You would us BLANK software to create a slide show


A microsoft office BLANK guides you through the steps necessary to finish a complicated task


BLANK are predefined forms that include specific designs, special formatting, and styles relevant to a particular document


You could use a BLANK to combine a series of commands so that they will run as a single command


Software, that helps manage a checkbook or prepare taxes is called BLANK


BLANK software includes image-editing, video-editing, and audio-editing software


BLANK computing refers to storing data, files, and applications on the web and accessing and manipulating these files and applications from any device connected to the Internet.


BLANK programs allow you to experience a real situation through a virtual environment


Drawing software is also known as BLANK software


A BLANK version is a software application that is still under development


If you Illegally install software on your computer, you are committing software


Before installing any software, it’s always important to back up your system and to create a BLANK, which enables you to go back to your computer’s previous settings if anything goes wrong during a new software installation

EULA stands for

True or false Application software helps run the computer and coordinates instructions with the hardware


True or false Using your mobile devices to make purchases is more risky than making purchases with your computer on the web


True or false Software as a Service (SaaS) hosts web-based applications


True or falseAll web-based word processing applications are as fully featured as installed versions


True or false OpenOffice is an example of open source software


True or false Most word processing programs come with a find-and-replace tool that enables you to locate and replace specific text


True or false In a database, a table can be defined as a data category


True or false You can use PowerPoint to trim video climps without having to use a seperate video-editing program


A CD stores the same number of songs in uncompressed format as in MP3 format


True or false Wizards are step-by-step guides for performing complicated tasks in application sotware


True or false Blackboard an example of gaming software


Adobe Photoshop is a drawing software application used by graphic artsts


True or false Desktop publishing software enables you to create newsletters and annual reports


True or false A full software installation enables you to choose which program features you want installed on your hard drive.


Computer-aided design

Design buildings

Course management

Used by instructors and students

Desktop publishing

To create newletters

Tax preparation

Used in personal finance


Modifying pictures

System software

Runs the computer

Application software

Used to do tasks

Vertical market software

Designed for a specific industry

Commercial software

Another term for proprietary software

Software suite

Bundled group of software programs

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