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cell division. in the basal. layer of the glandular. epithelium

Cells are regenerated. by division in the basal layer. and migrate toward the apical surface. to replace cells lost by fragmentation. Cell division is indicated. by the mitotic phase. cells located in the deepest. basal. layer of the glandular epithelium.

a lymphocyte. and. a neutrophil. are two types. of what type of cell?

a lymphocyte. and. a neutrophil. are both types of. white. blood. cells.

A single. celled. layer of epithelium. that forms the lining of. serous. membranes

simple. squamous. the single. cell. layer of epithelium. that forms the lining of. serous. membranes

Endocrine. glands are. not. often called ducted. glands.

True. Endocrine. glands are. not. often called ducted. glands.

adipose. blood. and. bone all considered. to be connective. tissues.

Adipose. bone. and. blood. like all connective tissues. are derived from mesenchyme. an embryonic. tissue. Also common to all. connective. tissues. is the presence of cells. and. an extracellular matrix. that consists of fibers. bathed in ground. substance.

transitional. epithelia.

transitional. epithelia. are found in areas that stretch, in particular the ureters and urinary bladder.

Simple. cuboidal. epithelia

Simple. cuboidal. epithelia. are designed for absorption. and. secretion. .not stretching. Found in Kidney tubules.

What. is not found in the matrix. of cartilage. but is found. in bone?

Blood Vessels are not found in the matrix. of cartilage. but are found. in bone

Connective. tissues. primarily consist. of extracellular. matrix

All other primary. tissues are composed mainly of cells. but connective. tissues. are largely nonliving. extracellular matrix. which separates. often widely. the living cells of the tissue.

exocrine. glands.

exocrine. glands. secrete substances onto body surfaces. or. into body cavities

A correct statement regarding tissue repair.

Inflammation causes. Capillaries to dilate. And become permeable.

A true. statements regarding. connective tissue

Collagen fibers. Provide high tensile strength.

Without macrophages. wound healing is delayed. Why?

Macrophages. phagocytose many foreign materials. as well as cell debris and dead cells. This cleans the wound. allowing granulation tissue to form.

Aunt Jessie woke up one morning with excruciating pain in her chest. She had trouble breathing for several weeks. Following a visit to the doctor, she was told she had pleurisy. What is this condition and what did it affect?

Pleurisy is inflammation of the serous membranes covering the lungs. Inflamed pleural serous membranes create friction, resulting in pain as the lungs move during breathing.

Which is the most atypical connective tissue since it does not connect things or provide structural support?


Cell types. found in areolar connective tissue.

fibroblasts. mast cells. macrophages

An infection may occur in a tissue injury. Why?

The increased availability of nutrients allows microorganisms to replicate. The skin and mucous membranes are body’s first line of defense and are mostly impenetrable to microorganisms, unless broken or damaged by tissue injury.

Which of the following increases the surface area of certain epithelial tissues?

Microvilli are small finger-like projections that greatly increase the surface area of epithelial cells (thus epithelial tissues), an important attribute of tissues that have a role in absorption and secretion.

Arteries, veins, and lymphatics keep clots from sticking as long as their. What. is intact and healthy.


The simple columnar epithelium that form absorptive cells of the digestive tract have which characteristic?

dense. microvilli.

Merocrine. Glands.

Merocrine secretion involves the release of materials from intracellular secretory vesicles into the duct by exocytosis.

Which of the following would be of most importance to goblet cells and other glandular epithelium?

Golgi bodies

Dense. connective. tissue.

Dense. connective. tissue. is often called fibrous connective tissue.

Transitional epithelium

Transitional epithelium is found in the urinary system. It lines the ureters, bladder and proximal part of the urethra-organs that are subjected to distention or stretching as urine passes through or fills them.

Inability to absorb digested nutrients and secrete mucus might indicate a disorder in which tissue?

simple columnar

What connective tissue is Mesenchymal cells found in?


Mucous cells

Mucous cells are unicellular exocrine glands that secrete mucin, a protein that combines with water to form mucus.

adipose tissue.

adipose. tissues. primary function is nutrient storage.

Holocrine glands

Holocrine glands produce their secretions by accumulating their secretions internally until the cell ruptures

macrophage. Cells.

macrophage cells. avidly phagocytizes foreign materials such as bacteria and debris.

What is the water-soluble, complex glycoprotein that is secreted by goblet cells.

Like mucous cells. goblet cells are unicellular exocrine glands. that secrete mucin. a protein that combines with water to form mucus. In goblet cells. the cuplike accumulation of mucin distends the top of the cell. making these cells look like a glass with a stem. thus .goblet. cell. This distortion does not occur in mucous cells.

The correct order of events in tissue repair

inflammation. organization. and. regeneration

roles of connective tissue

Roles of connective tissue include. binding and support. protection. insulation. and transportation of substances. via blood. within the body.

epithelial tissue.

Absorption. the movement of substances into the body. is a role of epithelial tissue.

After a heart attack. fibrosis occurs at the site of cardiac muscle cell death. Why does this reduces the efficiency of the heart’s pumping activity?

Cardiac muscle contains sarcomeres. which allow for the tissue to contract when electrically stimulated. Fibrous connective tissue lacks these special contractile units. Therefore. fibrous connective tissue is incapable of contracting


Macrophages. are peppered throughout loose connective tissue. bone marrow. and lymphatic tissue. may be attached to connective tissue fibers .fixed. or may migrate freely through the matrix. They phagocytize a broad variety of foreign materials. ranging from foreign molecules to entire bacteria to dust particles. These .big eaters. also dispose of dead tissue cells. and they are central actors in the immune system.

what is Connective tissue matrix composed of?

fibers. and. ground. substance

When does Edema occur?

Edema occurs when. areolar tissue soaks up excess fluid in an inflamed area

Simple cuboidal epithelia

Simple cuboidal epithelia are usually found in areas where secretion and absorption occur.

Injured cartilage might heal more quickly if a treatment were discovered that would do what?

stimulate blood vessels to develop within cartilage. Cartilage is normally avascular, so nutrients required for healing must diffuse from distant blood vessels, which delays the healing process.

The shape of the external ear is maintained by what cartilage?

elastic cartilage

Heart muscle cells would tend to separate without what?

intercalated discs

Squamous cells

Squamous cells are flattened and scalelike when mature.

Which tissue type consists of a sheet of cells that covers a body surface or lines a body cavity?

Epithelial tissue is a sheet of cells that covers a body surface. or lines a body cavity. epithe. equals. laid on. or. covering. In addition to coverings and linings. epithelial cells can also form glands. called glandular epithelium.

What is the blast cell for blood production?


Which type of gland produces hormones?

Endocrine glands. which are ductless glands. secrete hormones into the interstitial fluid surrounding them. The hormones then diffuse toward and pass through a nearby capillary wall to enter the blood. Circulating throughout the body in the blood stream is how hormones eventually reach their target cells.

What tissue has lacunae, calcium salts, and blood vessels?

osseous. tissue.

Which of the numbered cell types is primarily responsible for producing protein fibers found in connective tissue proper?

fibroblast. which is the primary producer of the major. E.C.M. components in connective tissue proper.

All epithelia have two surfaces

All epithelia have two surfaces An apical surface. and. A basal surface. All epithelia exhibit polarity. Which is defined by the presence of an apical surface and a basal surface. That differ in both structure and function.

Which tissue type is responsible for regulating and controlling body functions?

Nervous tissue is the main component of the nervous system. which regulates and controls body functions. Note. The other control system of the body is the endocrine system. which is primarily composed of glandular epithelial tissue.

Which of the following statements is NOT characteristic of the areolar connective tissue?

Most connective tissues except cartilage. contain blood vessels. A capillary is observed in the figure of areolar connective tissue.

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