ch. 35 intro. to music

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Percussion instruments came into prominence in modern music.


The arrangement of tones in twelve-tone music is called:

a tone row.

Of the following, which describes orchestration in twentieth-century music?

The string section lost its role as the heart of the orchestra.

The element of melody in twentieth-century music is best characterized by:

wide leaps and dissonant intervals.

The complexity of rhythm in modern Western music far exceeds that in Asian and African music.


Composers of modern music enlivened their music with the rhythms of popular music.


The emancipation of dissonance refers to freeing:

harmony from the necessity of moving from tension to rest.

The arrangement of the pitches of a tone row in reverse order is called:


The element of melody in early-twentieth-century music is characterized by wide leaps and dissonant intervals.


The element of rhythm in twentieth-century music is best characterized as:

disregarding the basic metrical patterns of the past.

The element that most decisively separated twentieth-century music from that of the past was:


Polychords may have six to seven notes but still sound consonant.


The emphasis on rhythm brought the ____________ section of the orchestra into greater prominence.


Composers introduced new harmonic styles in the twentieth century, including:

all of the above

Of the following, which describes formalism?

Formal considerations are valued over expressive ones.

The composer most closely associated with twelve-tone music is:


Dodecaphonic music is based on a series of ten notes.


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