Ch. 3 Word Study Guide (computer concepts)

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Personal letters

Business documents can include all of the following EXCEPT __

The company’s objective

A letterhead should contain all of the following EXCEPT __

Make the font size of your name the same size as the rest of the text in he letterhead

All of the following are guidelines about the appearance of letterhead elements EXCEPT____

Drawing tools format

The ___ tab automatically appears when a shape is selected in a document.

Increase font size

Word provides a(n) ___ button, which increases the font size of selected text each time you tap or click the button


The Increase Font Size button appears on the ____ tab

Decrease Font Size

If you tap or click the Increase Font Size button too many times and make the font size too big, you can tap or click the ____ button until the desired font size is displayed


Files containing ____ are available from a variety of sources

Clip art

____ is a predefined graphic


To display the Color gallery, with the graphic selected, tap or click the Color button in the ____ group on the PICTURE TOOLS FORMAT tab

No Recolor

Having used the Color gallery to change the color of a graphic, with the graphic selected, tap or click ____ in the Color gallery to change a graphic back to its original color

Format Picture

As an alternative to using the Color button on the PICTURE TOOLS FORMAT tab to display the Color gallery, you can right-click the graphic, click ____ on the shortcut menu, click the Picture button, expand the PICTURE COLOR section, and select the desired options.


You can make one color in a graphic ____, that is, removing its color

transparent (2)

You would make a color in a graphic ____ if you wanted to remove part of a graphic or see text or colors behind a graphic


To display the Rotate gallery, with the graphic selected, tap or click the Rotate Objects button in the ____ group on the Picture Tools Format tab


A ____ symbol is another name for a dot symbol

em dash

Typing text, followed by two hyphens, followed by more text and then a space changes the two hyphens to a(n) ____.


To insert a tab character in a cell, you must press ____.

Remove Hyperlink

To convert a hyperlink to regular text, right-click the hyperlink and then click ____ on the shortcut menu


In a business letter, the ____, if present, begins two lines below the last line of the inside address

signature block

In a business letter, type the ____ at least four blank lines below the complimentary close, allowing room for the author to sign his or her name


Word, by default, places a tab stop at every ____ mark on the ruler


Each time you press the ____ key, Word carries forward custom tab stops to the next paragraph


In the ____ letter style, all components of the letter begin flush with the left margin

modified block

In the ____ letter style, the date, complimentary close, and signature block are positioned approximately one-half inch to the right of center or at the right margin


Pressing the ____ key instructs Word to replace a building block name with the stored building block entry


To advance rightward from one cell to the next in a table, press the ____ key.


All of the following are vertical alignment options EXCEPT ____.

Insert Control

When you use a mouse to select a row or column in a table, Word displays a(n) ____.


The Bullets button is available on the HOME tab of the Ribbon in the ____ group


When you press the ____ key without entering any text after the automatic bullet character, Word turns off the automatic bullets feature


To print a mailing label, tap or click the Labels button on the MAILINGS tab in the ____ group


You can use your own creative skills to design and compose business documents


Word has a variety of predefined shapes, which are a type of drawing object, that you can insert in documents


When you insert an object in a document, Word always inserts it as a floating object.


An inline object is an object that can be positioned at a specific location in a document or in a layer over or behind text in a document


With the In Front of Text wrapping option, a floating object appears behind the text


To remove a border from a paragraph, position the insertion point in the paragraph, tap or click the Border button arrow on the HOME tab, and then tap or click the No Border button in the Borders gallery


In a business letter, within the message, paragraphs are double-spaced with single-spacing between paragraphs


In a business letter, the complimentary close displays two lines below the last line of the message.


Each time the ENTER key is pressed, any custom tab stops are carried forward to the next paragraph


When a custom tab stop is set, the tab marker on the ruler reflects the alignment of the characters at the location of the tab stop


To move a custom tab stop, drag the tab marker to the desired location on the ruler


To remove a custom tab stop, right-click the tab marker on the ruler and then click Remove on the shortcut menu


Some compound words should not be divided at the end of a line


The difference between an AutoCorrect entry and a building block is that the building block feature makes corrections automatically as soon as the SPACEBAR or a punctuation key is pressed, whereas the F3 key must be pressed or the AutoCorrect command clicked to instruct Word to make an AutoCorrect correction


Each row of a table has an end-of-row mark, which can be used to add columns to the right of a table


When at the rightmost cell in a row, press the ENTER key to move to the first cell in the next row; do not press the TAB key.


Formatting marks, such as the end-of-cell mark, do not print on a hard copy


The column boundary, the border to the right of a column, can be dragged until a row is at a desired height


The row boundary, the border at the top of a row, can be dragged until the column is at the desired width


When you first create a table it is left-aligned; that is, flush with the left margin


If you want to move a table to a new location, point to the upper-right corner of the table until the table move handle appears, point to the table move handle, and then drag it to move the entire table to a new location


You can undo AutoFormat changes by pressing CTRL+Z


To delete the contents of a cell, select the cell contents and then press the DELETE or BACKSPACE key


To print a mailing label, tap or click the Labels button in the Create group on the MAILINGS tab, type the delivery address in the Delivery address box, and then tap or click the Print button in the Envelopes and Labels dialog box


One way to distribute a document is to post it on cloud storage such as SkyDrive.

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