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If a tRNA had an AGC anticodon, it could attach to a(n) ________ mRNA codon.


If the nucleotide or base sequence of the DNA strand used as a template for messenger RNA synthesis is ACGTT, then what would be the sequence of bases in the corresponding mRNA?


Which of the following statements is correct regarding RNA?

Messenger RNA, transfer RNA, and ribosomal RNA play a role in protein synthesis.

The RNA responsible for bringing the amino acids to the ribosome for protein formation is ________.


Riboswitches are folded RNAs that act as switches to turn protein synthesis on or off in response to _________.

changes in the environment

True or False
DNA transcription is another word for DNA replication.


True or False
The genetic information encoded in DNA by the regular alternation of sugar and phosphate molecules.


Forms part of the subunits for the protein synthesizing organelle.

Ribosomal RNA

A molecule that binds to a specific codon and specific amino acid simultaneously.

Transfer RNA

Attaches the correct amino acid to its transfer RNA.

Synthetase enzymes

Provides the energy needed for synthesis reactions.


Produced in the nucleus, this molecule specifies the exact sequence of amino acids of the protein to be made.

Messenger RNA

May be attached to the ER or scattered in the cytoplasm.

Ribosomal RNA

A gene can best be defined as ________.

a segment of DNA that carries the instructions for one polypeptide chain

True or False
Introns represent a genome scrap yard that provides DNA segments for genome evolution and a variety of small RNA molecules.


__________ is a molecule that brings amino acids to the ribosome during translation.


What are the two basic steps of polypeptide synthesis?

transcription and translation

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