Ch. 23 intro. to music

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How many symphonies did Beethoven write?


Using material from an earlier movement in a symphony is called:

cyclical form.

The Classical symphony had its origins in the Italian opera overture.


Beethoven opposed democracy in favor of the rule of a strong leader.


The second movement of Haydn’s Military Symphony contains few dynamic contrasts.


The establishment of a four-movement cycle for the symphony is generally credited to the London school of composers.


Which of the following is NOT a typical form for the second movement of a Classical symphony?


Beethoven suffered perhaps the most traumatic of all maladies for a musician. What was it?


The Classical masters established the orchestra much as we know it today.


The text of the Ode to Joy is by:


The number of players in the Classical orchestra was typically:


The late symphonies of Haydn abound in expressive effects.


How did Haydn’s Military Symphony earn its nickname?

It uses percussion instruments associated with Turkish military music.

The first movement of a symphony is usually in:

sonata-allegro form.

Haydn’s Military Symphony was composed for his visit to which city?


Janissary bands are associated with:


The most important instrumental genre of the Classical period is:

the symphony.

The nickname "Father of the Symphony" was earned by:


In his third compositional period, Beethoven:

used more chromatic harmonies.

The Classical symphony had its roots in the:

opera overture.

What is the form of the second movement of Haydn’s Military Symphony?


What is the form of the second movement of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5?

theme and variations

Which of the following best describes the opening idea of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5?

a four-note motive

Beethoven supported himself through:

all of the above.

Beethoven set Schiller’s Ode to Joy in the finale of his Symphony No. 5.


How many movements does Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 have?


Quick crescendos and the four-movement cycle in symphonies were developed in:


How many movements are typical of pre-Classical symphonies?


Although Beethoven received support from music-loving aristocrats, he functioned primarily as a freelance, or independent, composer.


The Ode to Joy is the finale to Beethoven’s:

Symphony No. 9.

Which composer is noted for his monothematic sonata-allegro form?


The fourth movement of a Classical symphony is usually quicker and lighter than the first movement.


Beethoven is considered by some to be the supreme architect in music.


Beethoven was unable to compose music after he became deaf.


In the Classical orchestra, which group of instruments serves as the ensemble’s nucleus?


The third movement of a Classical symphony is most frequently in:

minuet and trio form.

Which work by Beethoven is called the Choral Symphony?

the Ninth Symphony

Which Beethoven symphony was selected to celebrate the fall of the Berlin Wall?

the Ninth Symphony

Beethoven, like Mozart, wrote music very quickly and with great ease.


The early Classical symphony is characterized by quickly ascending themes with a strong rhythmic drive. These are known as:

rocket themes.

Beethoven achieved much acclaim during his lifetime and died a famous and revered composer.


What is unusual about Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5?

There is no break between the third and fourth movements.

Beethoven’s career is often divided into ____________ periods.


Unlike Mozart, Beethoven used sketchbooks to work out musical ideas.


Beethoven’s sketchbooks were:

books in which he worked out his musical ideas.

Beethoven was born into a happy family that proved to be his greatest support.


Beethoven belonged to a generation of artists who were influenced by the full impact of:

the French Revolution.

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