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A ground bass is heard only at the beginning of Dido’s aria.


A hornpipe is

All possible answers.

An aria is characterized by

tuneful and highly emotive melodies.

At the time Monteverdi wrote the opera The Coronation of Poppea, what type of opera houses were opening in Venice?


Between scenes of an opera the orchestra may play


Despite being composed in England, Purcell’s opera Dido and Aeneas has an Italian text.


Dido and Aeneas is one of the earliest, and most famous, Italian operas.


Dido and Aeneas was first presented by

a group of girls at a boarding school.

Who of the following was an early composer of Italian opera?


How is grief musically depicted in Dido’s Lament?

with a descending, chromatic bass line

In Baroque opera, what seemingly happens to the time during an aria?

time stops

In the aria, Dido sings "Remember me, but ah! forget my fate." What was her fate?

to die

The _______ was an English entertainment that combined music and poetry.


The most important new genre of the Baroque era was


The bass line that opens and unifies Dido’s Lament is called a(n)

ground bass.

The libretto for Purcell’s opera, Dido and Aeneas, is based on

Virgil’s Aeneid.

The new Italian opera was embraced in all Western European countries.


The opening of Act II of Dido and Aeneas begins with a sprightly tune in the style of a


The principal components of opera include arias, recitatives, overtures, and


The text of an opera is known as a


What is the musical style of the opening line "Thy hand, Belinda; darkness shades me"?


Where was Purcell employed when he wrote Dido and Aeneas?

He was a music teacher at a girls’ school.

Which is NOT a true statement about Baroque opera?

Baroque opera aims to depict events realistically.

Which is NOT true of an overture?

It is generally played as an introduction and again between scenes.

Why does Dido sing a lament at the end of Purcell’s opera?

Aeneas has left her.

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