Ch.2 Sec. 1 Job Applications and References

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In case you have to complete an application on site, you want to make sure you have your completed Personal Fact Sheet.


When applying for a job, you should not _____.

C.) Use slang

Since the application can be the prospective employers first impression, it is important to

D.) All of the above

Which of the following rules regarding filling out a job application is false?

B.) Leave questions blank if they are not alpplicable

You need a Social Security number before you can apply for jobs.


Making a good first impression on potential employers is essential to securing employment.


Depending on your age and the state you live in, you may have to obtain a work permit before you can legally work.


When applying for a position, you can make a positive impression by _____.

D.) All of the above

When compiling your list of references you should include _____.

A.) The name, title, and contact information of each

Which of the following would be the least effective reference?

B.) Your grandfather who is a small business owner

Kaleb is interested in working at the home improvement store, and they asked him to provide references. A good reference for Kaleb would be his _____.

B.) Basketball coach

How many references should you have ready to list if an employer asks for them?

B.) 3-5

This document shows that you are allowed to work in the United States:

D.) Work permit

Which of the following statements about job applications is false?

A.) Job applications are not widely used anymore

How is a Personal Fact Sheet used?

B.) A personal fact sheet is used to assist in filling out a job application properly

"Like", "Um", and "You know" are all examples of _____.

B.) Slang and filter words

Which of the following items regarding references is NOT a red flag for hiring managers?

C.) Reference list and includes reference’s job titles

When compiling a reference list, you should always _____.

D.) All of the above

If you do not have a Social Security number, you can apply for one.


Jessica filled out her job application and is about to turn it in. In the "Position Applied for" box she wrote question marks, because she does not know what positions are available. Which of the following suggestions would be Jessica’s best option for filling in this information?

B.) Ask the manager what positions are available and list a specific position

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