Ch. 2 Managing Public Issues & Stakeholder Relationships

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Public issues are also sometimes referred to as:

Social issues & Sociopolitical issues

The emergence of a public issue indicates that:

A gap has developed between what stakeholders expect and what an organization is actually doing.

Failure to understand the beliefs and expectations of stakeholders:

Causes the performance-expectations gap to grow larger.

Issue ripeness refers to:

When society’s expectations are high and the issue is highly relevant to business.

According to management scholar Karl Albrecht, scanning to acquire environmental intelligence should focus on:

Eight strategic radar screens

Customer environmental intelligence includes:

Demographic factors.

. The "graying" of the population is an example of:

Customer environment.

An analysis of the stability or instability of a government is an example of scanning the:

Political environment.

Legal environmental intelligence includes:

Considerations of patents, copyrights, or trademarks.

The role of special interest groups is an important element in acquiring intelligence from the:

Competitor environment.

Because of the risks and opportunities public issues present, organizations need:

A systematic way of identifying, monitoring, and selecting public issues.

The issues management process is a:

Systematic process companies use when responding to public issues that are of greatest importance to the business.

The issue management process has how may stages?


The components of a typical issues management process include:

Identify issue,Generate options and Take action.

Once an issue has been identified, its implications must be:


An issue’s public profile indicates to managers:

How significant an issue is for the organization, but it does not tell them what to do.

Once an organization has implemented the issue management program, it must:

Study the results and make necessary adjustments.

When working well, the issue management process:

Continuously cycles back to the beginning and repeats.

Contemporary issue management:

Is an interactive, forward thinking process.

A leadership role in addressing emerging management issues in often taken by:

The public affairs department.,The government relations department.,The department of sustainability or environmental, health and safety.

A corporation’s issue management activities are usually linked to:

Both the board of directors and top management levels.

Overtime, the nature of business’s relationship with its stakeholders often:

Evolves through a series of stages.

Firms that believe they can make decisions unilaterally, without taking into consideration their impact on others are:

Inactive companies.

Firms that generally act only when forced to do so, and then in a defensive manner are:

Reactive companies.

Proactive companies are:

Much less likely to be blindsided by crises and negative surprises.

Stakeholder engagement is:

The process of ongoing relationship building between a business and its stakeholders.

42. Stakeholder engagement is, at its core, a:


The drivers of stakeholders of engagement are:

Goals, motivation, and operational capacity.

A business and its stakeholders coming together for face-to-face conversations about issues of common concern is:

Stakeholder dialogue.

Corporations working collaboratively with other businesses and concerned persons and organizations is an example of:

Stakeholder networks.

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