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This intaglio process is achieved by roughening the entire metal plate surface with a rocking tool, then smoothing the areas where the ink is to be wiped away.

a. aquatint
b. engraving
c. mezzotint
d. etching
e. drypoint

c. mezzotint

A relief print created out of a solid wood block is called ________.

a. an intarsia
b. a linocut
c. a woodograph
d. a woodcut
e. a planograph

d. a woodcut

This intaglio process is achieved by pulling a burin across the surface of a metal plate, leaving a burr where the ink will collect.

a. etching
b. aquatint
c. engraving
d. drypoint
e. mezzotint

d. drypoint

For his print Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Albrecht Dürer hired expert craftsmen to ________.

a. make the paper for the print
b. create the block and cut the lines into it
c. interpret the Book of Revelation
d. market the prints
e. manufacture the ink

b. create the block and cut the lines into it

Erasers can be used by artists as drawing tools. In 1953 Robert Rauschenberg created a work by erasing a drawing by this famous Abstract Expressionist painter.

Willem de Kooning


Edgar Degas

Vincent van Gogh

Georges Seurat

a. Willem de Kooning

Silkscreen printing uses a stencil process, and was first developed in ________ during the Sung Dynasty.

a. Egypt
b. China
c. Germany
d. Russia
e. Japan

b. China

East Asian artists have traditionally applied ink using a ________.

a. trowel
b. brush
c. quill
d. stick
e. cloth

b. brush

An artist paints the U.S. flag using the medium of watercolor, but forgets to do the white stars. To add them to the painting, the artist just needs to use the white watercolor pigment.



A group of prints that are identical and produced in a limited number is called ________.

a. a draw
b. an edition
c. a ream
d. a pull
e. a bite

b. an edition

This intaglio printing process involves carefully and cleanly scoring a metal plate.

a. drypoint
b. engraving
c. mezzotint
d. etching
e. aquatint

b. engraving

This painting binder is a by-product of flax production and first came into common use during the late Middle Ages and the Northern Renaissance.

a. milk casein
b. gum arabic
c. beeswax
d. egg
e. linseed oil

e. linseed oil

This intaglio process employs acid to mar the surface of a metal plate.

a. engraving
b. etching
c. mezzotint
d. drypoint
e. linocut

b. etching

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