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the agranular leukocyte (agranulocyte) that is capable of phagocytosis is the ______


people with type "o" blood are considered "universal donors" for transfusions because

their blood lacks A and B antigens

the white blood cell type that most rapidly increases in number after a bacterial infection is the


the common pathway in coagulation ends with

conversion of soluble fibrinogen to insoluble fibrin

most of the protein factors that are required for clotting are synthesized by

the liver

the percent fraction of formed elements relative to whole blood is the


the combination of plasma and formed elements is called

whole blood

a person who has a low blood volume is said to be


the chief difference between plasma and interstitial fluid involves the

concentration of proteins

are antibodies a formed element of blood?


the most abundant solute in plasma is


serum cant coagulate because the _____ has been removed


transferrin is an example of what kind of plasma protein


what plasma protein transports fatty acids and some hormones?


which organ secretes most of the plasma proteins


plasma proteins essential in body defense are the


a plasma protein essential for blood coagulation is


the formed elements are largely produced within the

red bone marrow

red blood cell production is regulated by the hormone


the disease sickle cell anemia is an example of what can happen is

a gene for adult hemoglobin is abnormal

an obstruction in blood flow to the kidneys would ultimately result in

increases erythropoiesis

each heme ring in hemoglobin encloses and atom of


the function of hemoglobin is to

carry dissolved blood gases

pernicious anemia caused by a lack of intrinsic factor is specifically treated by

injections of vitamin b12

a bruise appears as a greenish spot in the skin because

the heme group in the hemoglobin has broken down into biliverdin

the waste product bilirubin is produced from

heme molecules lacking iron

most of the iron that is removed from degraded hemoglobin is

recycled to the red bone marrow

the process of red blood cell production is called


each hemoglobin molecule contains

four iron atoms

A person with a type A positive blood type can safely receive blood from O+ A- A+ but not


people with type AB blood are considered the "universal recipient" for transfusions because

their blood lacks A or B antigens

anti D antibodies are present in the blood of

Rh negative individuals who have been exposed to the D surface antigen

granulocytes form in

red bone marrow

the most numerous white blood cells in peripheral circulation are the


white blood cells that release histamine at the site of an injury are


____ are large phagocytic white cells that spend most of their time outside the blood as fixed and free phagocytic cells


white blood cells that are increased in allergic individuals are the


eosinophils function in

destroying antibody labeled antigens

the blood cells involved in specific immunity are the


non specific immunity such as phagocytosis is a function of which blood cells?

neutrophils, eosinophils, and monocytes

the function of platelets is to assist in the

process called hemostasis

platelets are pinched off from giant multnucleated cells in the bone marrow called


platelets are

cytoplasmic fragments of large cells

during fibrinolysis

clots slowly dissolve

the enzyme that dissolves fibrin is names


the complex process that leads to the formation of fibrin from fibrinogen is called


the extrinsic pathway of coagulation is initiated by the

release of tissue factor (factoryIII) by damaged endothelium

the intrinsic pathway of coagulation is acitvated by the

activation of factor XII exposed to collagen

the common pathway of coagulation begins with the

conversion of factor X to prothrombinase

some rat poisons contain a toxin that blocks the liver’s ability to utilize vitamin K. animals that consume this poison would die of


a substance that activated plasminogen might be useful to

cause clot dissolution to proceed faster

what vitamin is need for the formation of clotting factors?

vitamin k

a moving blood clot is called an


the most abundant component of plasma is


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