Ch. 17 Moisture, Clouds, and Precipitation

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The cloud form that is best described as sheets or layers that cover much or all of the sky is termed


The cloud form that consists of globular cloud masses that take o a billowy or "cauliflower-like" structure is called


This term is used to describe clouds founding the middle height range


High clouds that form delicate veil-like patches o extended wispy fibers are termed


This term is used to describe clouds that produce precipitation


These clouds are often called "fair weather" clouds


This cloud sometimes produces "mare’s tails"


Thunder and lightning are associated with these clouds


This cloud type is confined to the middle height range


A halo around the Sun or Moon indicates that this cloud type is present


A dark gray cloud that blankets the sky and often generates precipitation is called


This cloud may develop an "anvil head"


Tornadoes can be associated with this cloud type


Hail is most commonly associated with


A wintertime form of precipitation that consists of small ice particles is called


This fog forms in valleys at night

radiation fog

When warm moist air moves over a cool surface, _______ fog may result.


This fog results from adiabatic cooling.


Which one of the fogs listed below may be categorized as an evaporation fog?


When super cooled raindrops freeze on contact with solid objects, ____ forms.


The amount of water vapor in the air (by volume) usually does not exceed


We are likely to have our highest relative humidity

about sunrise

When using a psychrometer and the two temperatures read nearly the same, you can conclude that ________.

the air has a high relative humidity

Under what circumstances could the relative humidity exceed 100% without producing condensation in the air?

there are no condensation nuclei

The dew point is the temperature at which

water vapor condenses to a liquid

The most important process of cloud formation in the atmosphere is

cooling by expansion of air

If air at sea level with a temperature of 27 C is forced up a mountain slope and the air’s dew point at the condensation level is 14 degree C, at what elevation will condensation begin?

1300 meters

Stability prevails when the environmental lapse rate is

less than the wet adiabatic rate

When air is unstable, the environmental laps rate is

greater than the dry adiabatic rate

Which of the following will NOT cause air to become more unstable?

subsidence of an air column

Which of the following would NOT be associated with stable atmospheric conditions?

afternoon thunder showers

A parcel of air has a temperature of 0 degrees Celsius as it crosses a mountain range at 3000 metes. If it descends, what will its temperature be when it reaches sea level?

30 degree celsius

Deserts such as the Great Basin, Gobi, and Takla Makan are examples of

rainshadow deserts

The change of state from a gas to a liquid is called


The term ______ is used to describe the conversion of a solid directly to gas, without passing through the liquid state.


The process by which water vapor changes directly to a solid is called


This process results in the release of about 600 calories of latent heat per gram of water.


The process of converting a liquid to vapor is termed


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