ch. 17-20 ethics

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the hap between rich and poor nations has greatly narrowed over the last 3 decades


it is clear that globalization has contributed more to stability and peace than to dissension and conflict around the world


according to peter singer, helping people in famine ridden countries and areas is a matter of charity not obligation or duty


according to research conducted by the World Bank, 1.1 billion people in the world are currently live in "extreme wealth," controlling at least a billion dollars each of growing assets


that violence can never lead to peace is a deontological reason supporting pacifism


to be a pacifist is the same thing as to be a conscientious objector


all forms of pacifism hold that violence is always wrong


according to the last resort requirement, we should try "everything" short of war first


according to the principle of discrimination, it is wrong to ever do what risks death of civilians in war


war crimes are defined differently by various nations who each have their own doctrine of universal human rights


mammals have never been cloned


embryonic stem cells are called omnipotent, because they can develop into many different kinds of tissue.


the human genome project was designed to later and perfect the human genetic code


by calling something a moral agent we mean that it is a being that can suffer


to say that an animal is sentient means that it has certain desires and interests


only if animals have rights do we have duties toward them


a right is a strong legitimate claim


if animals have value only in so far as they are useful for humans, then they have only instrumental, not intrinsic value


animals are more patients if what we do to them matters morally


one prudential argument for vegetarianism is that it probably gives one a healthier diet


according to the human genome project


the yuck factor argument


one of the central issues in the debate


some opponents of stem cell research


how has nearly all the food we eat been "genetically modified" in the broadest sense of the term?

it has been cross-bred for centuries

the suggestion that using embryos from fertility clinics which would otherwise be destroyed or kept frozen is an ethical activity relies upon ______ reasoning.


about how many animals are used for experiments each year in the US?

25 million

to argue that animals have rights is to appeal to

natural law

sentience refers to an animal’s ability to

feel emotion

globally, how many animal species are considered to be endangered?

almost 20,000

animal experimentation appeals to ______ reasoning?


singer begins his argument by comparing animal rights to

women’s rights

from the anthropocentric perspective the idea that we should curtail human activities to preserve a nonhuman species is generally anchored in which of our ethical theories?


a common ethical objection to human reproductive cloning is

all of these choices

stems cells are


therapeutic cloning refers to the process by which

cloning is used for medical purposes

the argument that human personhood begins at conception and humans should not be used for scientific research is founded in

categorical imperative

according to mackinnon, of the 20,000 human genes, how many are unique to humans and not found in other animals?


the human genome project was completed in:


the "playing God" argument against cloning

is not a religious argument

just war theory


st. augustine


one long standing element


a value neutral definition of terrorism


the principle of double effect


one problem for achieving world peace


the idea that killing is wrong, but my killing is OK violates which of our ethical theories?

categorical imperative

according to mackinnon, what is the most immediate goal of terrorism?

to create fear

most terrorists are

well educated and middle class

to agree that the reduction of privacy rights to gain greater security is an example of _________ reasoning


which of the following is not a rationale for pacifism?

pacifism encourages the enemy to lay down its defenses

what are the 2 principles to the jus in bello part of the just war theory?

the principle of proportionally and the principle of discrimination

what kind of reasoning is found in the just cause principle?

categorical imperative

proportionally under jus ad bellum is an example of


what would be a nonconsequentialist justification for pacifism?

killing is wrong in and of itself

the first Geneva Convention was formulated in 1864 to

protect the sick and wounded

among the indicators of economic development


one significance difference between matters of charity and matters of justice


one of the ways to evaluate ethically the policies


Nobel Prize

Joseph Stiglitz

technological advancements are

increasing the economic disparity between rich and poor nations

which of the following is not mentioned as a result of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund?

led to international terrorism

which ethical theory is closest to Peter Singer’s when it comes to famine relief?


self interest rationales for helping develop poorer countries include all the following except

creating opportunity for indigenous peoles

according to free market capitalism, free markers lead to all of the following except

reduction in nationalism

according to franz fanon, what is the cause of poverty in many of the world’s poorest countries?


as of 2011, about how large was the world’s human population, and about how long will it take to add another billion?

7 billion; expected to reach 8 billion by 2025

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