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How did Northerners view the war once it began?

c. The Civil War was a struggle to preserve the Union.

In his inaugural address, President Lincoln revealed that he hoped to avoid disunion by?

take measures to stop the contagion of secession and buy time in order for emotions to cool

What event marked the official beginning of armed hostilities between the North and South?

d. Confederates firing on Fort Sumter

Why did some states in the Upper South opt for secession from the Union?

a. They couldn’t see themselves fighting fellow Southerners.

What happened in the loyal border states of Missouri and Kentucky?

c. a prosouthern minority remained sympathetic to the southern cause and sometimes resisted Union control.

How many of the fifteen slave states joined the Confederacy?

b. eleven

Why did white Southerners from all classes enlist to fight Yankees?

c. They wanted to ensure that blacks remained subordinate to whites.

Most Northerners viewed secession as

a. an attack on the best government on earth and a severe challenge to the rule of law.

Why did Southerners believe they had a real chance of winning the Civil War

a. Southern men believed they were physically tougher than northern men.

What irony emerges when considering the wartime leadership of Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis?

c. Abraham Lincoln brought little political experience to his presidency yet rose to the occasion to become a masterful leader, whereas Jefferson Davis, a seasoned politician, proved to be a relatively ineffectual chief executive.

What disadvantage did the South face when it came to supplying the Confederate armies?

d. It lacked the resources available to the north.

Why did the South experience greater inflation than the North during the Civil War?

d. The Confederacy printed more money.

What was the significance of the first battle at Manassas (or Bull Run) in July 1861?

b. demonstrated that Americans were in for a real war, one that would be neither quick nor easy.

Why did President Lincoln criticize General George B. McClellan early in the war?

a. McClellan had amassed a huge military force but refused to attack.

The bloodiest day of the Civil War occurred September 17, 1862, at ?

d. Battle of Antietam Creek

At the end of 1862, the eastern theater of the Civil War?

d. had reached a stalemate.

Why did some Indian tribes side with the Confederates during the Civil War?


What was the significance of the Battle of Shiloh?


What was the significance of the conflict between the Virginia and the Monitor?

c. The conflict marked the birth of the ironclad warship.

Initially the Confederacy sought King Cotton diplomacy, a strategy based on the belief the at

a. cotton-starved western European powers would be forced to enter the conflict by offering diplomatic recognition to the Confederacy and breaking the Union blockade to secure cotton.

Why did King Cotton diplomacy fail?

b. European nations turned to Egypt and India for cotton.

Why did President Lincoln choose not to make the Civil War a struggle over slavery?

b. doubted his right under the Constitution to tamper with the "domestic institutions" of any state, even those in rebellion.

What did Lincoln consider the biggest obstacle to the acceptance of emancipation in the Union?

d. the fears of northern that freed slaves whom they considered "semi-slaves" would flood the north, compete for jobs, and try to mix socially with them

In March 1862, Congress tilted toward emancipating slaves when it

a. forbade the return of runaways to their masters

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