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Scheduling matches resources to what?

customer demands

Which airline uses software called the Inconvenienced Passenger Rebooking System to notify passengers of cancellations or delays?


Which of the following breaks down the aggregate plan and develops weekly schedules for specific products or product lines?

master schedule

Which of the following begins with the due date and schedules the final operation first?

backward scheduling


is the process of assigning jobs to work or processing centers

Which of the following is NOT one of the criteria used to evaluate scheduling performance?

maximize WIP

Which of the following statements is NOT true about process-focused facilities?

process-focused facilities are common in high-variety, high-volume manufacturing

Which of the following is NOT a process-focused facility?

motorcycle assembly line

What are two alternative names for process-focused facilities?

intermittent and job shop facilities

The sequence of work for a job is also known as its


Which of the following statements is NOT true regarding finite capacity scheduling?

finite capacity scheduling directs delivery requirements to be based on a set of predefined rules

Which of the following is NOT an alternative name for finite capacity scheduling?

finite planning

Which of these statements regarding service scheduling is best?

behavioral, social, and status issues are important in scheduling labor

What focuses on developing varying schedules with the minimum number of workers?

cyclical scheduling

Which of the following rules does a hospital’s emergency room usually use for treating patients?

FCFS within a priority class

Cycling scheduling is usually used for scheduling


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