ch 15 business communication

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During presentations, speakers show their ______ by knowing their content well


Hadiya is skillful at reading the emotional signals of her audience and making quick, subtle adaptations to her presentation to connect with them. Hadiya is good at showing her


During a presentation, promptly complying with requests raised by audience members

establishes your reputation as being responsive

Which of the following statements about delivering presentations with confidence is true?

Experiencing some nervousness can heighten your ability to deliver forcefully.

Your colleague Kanye has to give a presentation to an audience of strangers, and he is feeling a little nervous. Which of the following tips would be the best advice you could give him?

speak with audience members ahead of time

Which of the following will help you manage your nervousness before your presentation?

watching what foods and beverages you consume

Nan, a younger colleague, has to give her first presentation. What tip should you give her about managing her nerves?

Focus on friendly faces in the audience to gain composure and confidence

Which of the following will help you maintain a flexible approach during your presentation?

arriving early to deal with surprises regarding equipment, room layout, or attendance

In the middle of his presentation, Rey loses his train of thought. What should he do?

Repeat his last statement to regain his thought process.

Which of the following presenters is using the room to advantage?

Smith positions himself where people can see him easily.

In which of the following scenarios is the speaker acting advantageously?

Nelson stands close to the audience to establish eye contact with them

What does "O" stand for in the SOFTEN model of nonverbal communication in presentations?

open stance

What does "T" stand for in the SOFTEN model of nonverbal communication in presentations?


Which statement about the SOFTEN model of nonverbal communication in presentations is true?

keeping your arms to your sides or gesturing with palms up is more inviting to the audience.

Which of the following statements is a helpful guideline for nonverbal communication during presentations?

use your facial expressions to connect with your audience and show enthusiasm for your topic.

Ronald, a manager at Anderson Social Foundation, has to make a presentation at a fund-raising event. Which of the following nonverbal behaviors should Ronald use during his presentation to build the audience’s trust in him?

Ronald should maintain eye contact with his audience.

Which of the following types of attire should generally be avoided in business-related settings?

jeans and a polo shirt

In the context of workplace attire, which of the following styles requires men to wear neckties?

formal business dress

Kimberly has to deliver a presentation at a formal business meeting. Which of the following outfits will help Kimberly project authority and competence?

a tailored business suit with a skirt and leather shoes

Which of the following accurately matches the type of attire with the attribute it projects?

formal business dress—authority

If you want to draw your audience’s attention to you, you should

explain and elaborate on the content in your slides.

Which of the following is a disadvantage of using handouts during presentations?

They can distract your audience members.

Which strategy will help make the question-and-answer portion of presentations as smooth and effective as possible?

Reframe the questions to match your agenda.

During presentations, how can you be an audience member who shows support for the presenter?

Ask questions that pertain to the speaker’s topic.

The primary challenge for a team presentation is to make sure that it is


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