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WOTF best describes linclons plan for Reconstruction

relatively lenient

The Thirteenth Amendment to the US constitution, ratified in December 1865

abolished slavery throughout the Union

Abraham Lincolns January 1, 1863 Emancipation Proclamation

freed some slaves, but exempted those ni areas under Union crontrol

Lincoln issued his Preliminary Emacipation Proclamation immediately following

the battle of Antietam

The commander of the Army of Northern Virginia was

Robert E. Lee

Which was not true of black soldiers during the Civil War

They fought mostly for the North, but tens of thousands also fought for the south

WOTF was the Gettysburg Address speciffically designed to communicate ?

the need for national reunion

General Robert E. Lee launched his September 1862 invasion into Maryland with a variety of goals in mind, including all of the following except

capturing Yorktown and possibly Baltimore

The Civil War is sometimes called the first modern war because it used weapons and other technological advances of the industrial revolution. WOTF was not on e of the advances?


At the battle of Fredericksbury, Virginia in December 1862

northern forces suffered one of their worst defeasts of the war

At Vicksburg in July 1863

the Union, under US Grants leadership was victorious

In what 1863 speech did Lincoln assert that the sacrifieces of the Union soldiers would ensure that government of the ppl by the ppl for the ppl shall not perish from the earth?

Gettysburg Address

Which is not true of the death toll in the Civil War?

the number of southerners killed in teh war far exceeded the number of northerners killed

WOTF was not a major thrust of expanded federal activity druing the war

protection of labors right to organize

What did Fredrick Douglass African Americans in the North to do as part of the war effort after 1863?

enlist in teh US Army

WOTF was a Confederate advantage in fighting the Civil War

the leading southern commander, General Robert E Lee was a brilliant battlefield tactician and served as head of the Confederate States Army throughout the entire war

Rose Greenhow

was a Confederate spy in Washington DC

During the Civil war the term contraband camps was used to refer to

camps of fugitive slaves

A civil war is

a war between political factions or regions within the same country

WOTF was not a sources of growing disaffection among whites on hte Confederate homefront

the recruitment of slaves to serve as Confederate army officers

population in the North was 22 million in 1860 while the white population of the South in 1860 was

5.8 million

WOTF groups was not a major target of the New York City draft riots

Irish immigrants

Northerners opposed tothe Union cause were known as


Of the more than 180,000 black men who served in teh Union Army during the Civil War, how many died of disease of wounds or in battle

a third

Which is not true of the battle of Antietam September 17 1862?

General McClellan and the Army of Potomac followed up their victory at Antietam with a rapid lightning strike into the South both against General Robert E lees forces and subsequently against the City of Richmond

The Homestead Act

took effect on January 1 1863 and offered 160 acres of free public land to settlers in the West

what military action started the American Civil War?

The Confederate shelling of Fort Sumter

WOTF describes the Battle of Antietam

The bloodiest battle of the war occurred

George E Picketts crack division marched across an open field toward Union forces into withering gunfire in July 1863 at


WOTF was not a significant factor behind the Unions defeat of the Confederacy

a growing conviction on the part of Confederate soldiers that slavery was wrong

WOTF was not a significant wartime development?

The harder things went for the Confederacy, the more unified its citizens became

By 1862 how many states composed the Confederate States of America?


WOTF series of events is listed in proper sequence?

Second Confiscation Act; enlistment of blacks as Union soldiers; congressional passage of Thirteenth Amendment

The Wade-Davis Bill, introduced in Congree in the summer of 1864, required a majority of white male southerners to pledge support for the Union before Reconstruciton could begin, and guaranteed blacks equality before the law but not the vote


In March 1865 the month before the Vivil War ended the Confederate Congress authorized teh arming of slaves


Women provided the chief energy for northern war relief efforts


The seas island Experiment was an experiement in teh Sea islands of South Carolina


By making the Union army an agent of emacipation and joining together the goals of Union and abolition the Emancipation Procolamation sounded the eventual death knell of slavery


The first income tax was enacted under the leadershiop of the Republican Party


Jefferson Davis president of the Confederacy


The Emancipation Proclamtion immediately freed all enslaved persons in the United States


The US army earnestly pursued the enlistment of black soldiers following the Emancipation Proclamation


Photographs of battlefields, soldiers, war dead, war encampments and so forth carried the war into millions of Americans living rooms


From his first week in office as president


George E Picketts division marched across an open field


More Americans died in the Vivil War than in any other war in US history


General George B McClellan was notorious for


Many late nineteenth century captains of industry made their initial fortunes during the Civil War


There were thirteen state memnbers of the Confederate States of America the same number as stars on the Confederate flag


Lincolhn waited until after teh Union victory at Gettysburg


Picketts charge at Gettysburg marked the high tide fo the Condederacy


Invoking the extraordinary dangers of the moment lincoln called for a suspension of regular elections for the duration of the war


Black valor on the battle field won over many northerners to a belief in equal rights before the law, regardless of race


During the Civil war the North instituted a draft but the South never did


Black soldiers played a crucial role in winning the Civil war and in defining the wars consequences


Becasue of the harsh cruelties she witnessed during the war


Abraham lincoln was a firm supporter of votes for blacks


Government involvement in the economy was diminished as a consequene of the Civil War


Over the cources of the war the Union troops had stronger morale but the Confederate troops were better supplied


During the Civil War Congress made grants for up to 100 million acres to the railroads


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