Ch. 11 Review Multiple Choice

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Verify telephone numbers and spelling of names when taking messages.

Which of the following is the best advice to follow when receiving telephone calls for others?

any premeeting preparation expected of participants.

A meeting agenda should include the date and place of the meeting, start and end times, a brief description of each topic with its time allotment, and

Thanks for calling Precision Integrations. This is Beth Dittmer. How may I help you today?

Which of the following demonstrates the best example when answering a telephone call?

Ask yourself if the phone call is necessary.

What is the first thing you should do before making a business telephone call?

Demonstrating etiquette is important in the office and online.

Which of the following s​tatements about professionalism is most accurate?

Honor his commitments and keep promises.

Richard wants to prove that he is diligent and reliable. What is the best advice you can give him?

Hi! You have reached the voice mail of Shawn Berg of Juarez Accounting. I am currently away from my phone but will return by 2 p.m. Please call back then. Thank you for calling.

Shawn needs to record his outgoing message on his voice mail system. Which of the following outgoing messages is most professional?

Four to five

What is the ideal number of participants for most groups?

Be courteous and attentive when conversing with managers, colleagues, subordinates, and customers.

Which of the following is the best advice regarding workplace conversation?

​can improve an individual’s chances of being hired and promoted.

An awareness of courtesy and etiquette

Active listening skills

Which of the following would probably best help a group achieve its goal?

reduce employee fatigue, connect dispersed participants, and save travel costs.

Companies use virtual meetings to

Producing inferior work often causes this company to lose time and money.

Which of the following statement best provides constructive criticism?

Professionalism describes desirable workplace behavior.

Which statement about professionalism is most accurate?

Proficiency in using a variety of computer software packages

Jue understands that soft skills and professional polish will ensure her long-term success on the job. Which of the following is not a soft skill?

proper pronunciation

Saying words correctly and clearly with the accepted sounds and accented syllables reflects

speak in a relaxed, controlled, well-pitched voice at about 125 words per minute.

To use your voice effectively,

More organizations are establishing procedures or policies to encourage professionalism

Which of the following statements about professionalism in the workplace is most accurate?

Smile when leaving her message to add warmth to her voice.

Leticia has called a client and received his voice mail. What is the best advice you can give Leticia for leaving a message?

Determining your purpose

What is your first task before holding a meeting?

All answer choices are good tips to follow when placing business phone calls

Which of the following is the best advice to follow when placing a business phone call?

business etiquette

A synonym for professionalism is

time zone barriers.

The benefits of voice mail include eliminating unnecessary chit chat, telephone tag, inaccurate messages, and

Good manners and a businesslike, professional demeanor are among the top skills recruiters seek in applicants

How do recruiters and employers view the importance of professional behavior in the workplace?

Effective business communicators know how to use phones productively, efficiently, and professionally.

Which of the following statements about phones and phone usage in today’s businesses is most accurate?

Exercise self-control and keep personal opinions of people private

Stephen is starting a new job and wants to demonstrate that he is a professional employee. What advice should he follow?

Screen incoming calls if she is busy.

Elisha has just started a new job and must use a cell phone to communicate with coworkers and customers. What advice should she follow to demonstrate professional cell phone use?

The leader should provide a summary of accomplishments and a review of action items.

Which of the following statements about the end of a meeting is most accurate?

To show more compassion, be as vague as possible.

You recently chaired a team implementing new federal confidentiality requirements. After implementation, you must evaluate each team member’s performance. Which of the following suggestions about giving constructive criticism is not accurate?

Five or fewer

When the purpose of your meeting is to solve an intense problem, what is the recommended number of meeting participants?

Ask for clarification of comments when necessary.

You are in a meeting receiving your performance review and are surprised that your supervisor has offered you many suggestions for improvement. How should you react to the criticism?

Virtual teams

What term describes groups of people who collaborate with one another to accomplish a shared task across space, time, and organizational boundaries using technology?


In what phase of team development do members select alternatives, analyze effects, implement their plan, and manage their project?


In what phase of team development do teams select members, become acquainted, build trust, and form a collaborative culture?

Failing to stay on task

Which of the following would have a negative impact on a group?

Team members who are involved in the decision-making process show less resistance to change

Which of the following statements about workplace teams is most accurate?

Action items, Date and time of meeting, andParticipants’ names

Which of the following should be included in the minutes of a meeting?

Face-to-face interaction is the most effective of all communication channels.

Which of the following statements about face-to-face communication is most accurate?

Annette is away from her desk, but I will give her your message when she returns

Which of the following is the best example of a response when answering calls for others?

Teams can be effective in solving problems and in developing new products

Which of the following statements about teams in today’s business is most accurate?

Giving and receiving criticism is a normal occurrence in the business world

Which of the following statements about workplace criticism is most accurate?

Establish ground rules

Which of the following is the best practice for a group when it begins a meeting?

a rising inflection at the end of a sentence that makes statements sound like questions

The best definition of uptalk is

agree on a purpose and procedures.

The most successful workplace teams

As businesses become more team-oriented, people are attending more meetings than ever.

Which of the following statements about meetings is most accurate?

Ensure that the technology is working for all participants before the meeting starts.

Jeff will be leading a virtual team meeting. What should he do to make certain that the meeting runs smoothly and professionally?

Discourage members who monopolize the discussion.

How should a group leader keep a meeting progressing effectively?

Individuals can learn to change their voice to make it more effective and powerful.

Which of the following statements about the power of the human voice is most accurate?

sharing and collegiality.

Professional behavior is comprised of six dimensions, including courtesy and respect, appearance and appeal, tolerance and tact, honesty and ethics, reliability and diligence, and

Look for areas of mutual agreement.

Which of the following is the best advice to follow when dealing with conflict in a team?

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