Ch 11 — HHS Anatomy

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right atrium

heart chamber that contains the sinoatrial (SA) node; the coronary sinus empties blood from cardiac circulation into this chamber

right ventricle

heart chamber that pumps blood to the pulmonary trunk

left atrium

the four pulmonary veins return oxygenated blood to this chamber

left ventricle

heart chamber with the thickest wall, inferior discharging chamber on the left side of the heart, roof of this chamber contains the bicuspid valve, sends blood into the aorta


superior and inferior vena cava are classified as these types of vessels, some of these larger vessels have valves to prevent blackflow, have thinner walls and transport oxygen-poor blood


vessels that carry blood away from the heart, aorta is classified as one of these, have thicker walls and a heavier tunica media

right AV valve

tricuspid valve located between right atrium and right ventricle

interventricular septum

divides the left from the right ventricle

left AV valve

bicuspid (mitral) valve located between left atrium and left ventricle

sinoatrial (SA) node

located in the right atrium, "pacemaker" of the heart

path for the transmission of an impulse in the conduction system of the heart

SA node, AV node, atrioventricular bundle, right and left bundle branches, Purkinje fibers

stroke volume

volume of blood pumped out by each ventricle with each beat of the heart

correct sequence from outermost to innermost layer of a blood vessel wall

tunica externa, tunica media, tunica intima

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