Ch. 11 Evaluation and management CPT

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These elements would be part of the what history employment education use of drugs


Bruising would be an element of review of this organ system


The level of EM service is based on

Documentation key components contributing factors all of the above

The HPI must be documented in the medical record bye

The physician

The examination is the what portion of the EM service


Medical decision-making is based on the what/blank the physician must consider about the management of the patient condition

Number of diagnosis risk of morbidity amount of data all of the above

The hospital inpatient services subsection is used for patients admitted to

An acute care facility

The request for advice or opinion from one position to another physician is this type of service


Critical care codes are reported based on the


Codes from the EM section nursing facilities services are used to report services provided in nursing facilities that used to be known as

Skilled nursing facility intermediate care facility long-term care facility all of the above

When a physician performs a preventative care service the extent of the exam is determined by the


According to information in 99468 what is the age of a NeoNate

28 days or younger

According to EM guidelines what exam encompasses a complete single specialty exam or a complete multisystem exam


Mr. Smith presents to the emergency department at a local hospital for chest pain and is seen by the ED physician on duty the physician obtained an extended HPI an extended ROS and a pertinent PFSH. what is the level of history?


The physician performs an extended exam of the affected body areas and related organ systems what is the level of the examination


The physician must consider multiple diagnoses and management options there is a moderate amount of data to be reviewed and the risk of complications or death is moderate what is the MDM


What CPT code is assigned to an EM service that has a detailed history and exam with a moderate level of MDM


And extended examination of the affected body area or areas and related organ systems

Detailed examination

Examination is limited to the affected body area or organ system identified by the chief complaint

Problem focused examination

Examination is limited to the affected body area or organ system and other related organ systems

Expanded problem focused examination

The most extensive examination that encompasses a complete single specialty examination or complete multisystem examination

Comprehensive examination

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