Ch. 11 Databases

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Which view of data deals with how the data is actually formatted and located?

Physical View

A data field that represents a description or characteristic of some entity.


A collection of related fields such as a person’s name, address, and age.


A field that uniquely identifies each record.

Primary Key

In ________, data from transactions are collected over time and then processed all at once.

Batch Processing

In ________, data is processed at the same time the transaction occurs.

Real-time Processing

Having several instances of the same data is called data ________.


If Mr. Smith’s bike has been sent to his new address, but the bill to his old one, it can most likely be attributed to a lack of data ________.


Which of the following is not an advantage of using a database?


Analysis tools that support viewing all or selected parts of data, querying the database and generating reports include query-by-example as well as a specialized programming language called ________.


This subsystem defines the logical structure of the database by using a data dictionary or schema.

Data Definition

In this subsystem, a user can create data entry forms.

Application generation

In this database model, the fields or records are structured in nodes.


A network database utilizes these special connections between parent nodes and child nodes that allow multiple paths between records.


This type of database is organized into many tables with common data items (key fields) linking the tables to one another.


Which of the following is an advantage of using multidimensional databases?


These databases store not only data but also instructions to manipulate the data.


In the object-oriented database model, this term is equivalent to a field in a relational model.


In this type of database, the data and the DBMS are stored either on the user’s hard-disk drive or on a LAN file server.


These types of databases are also called information utilities or data banks.


The combined information presented on this type of database can be used to change the whole merchandising strategy of a store.


If all the data in a database is not physically located in one place, it would be a(n) ________ database.


This commercial database offers news and information on legal, public records, and business issues.


Information collected by an organization from a variety of external and internal databases is stored in this special type of database.

Data Warehouse

Access to these databases is offered to the public or selected outside individuals, for a fee.

Commercial Databases

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