CH 10- Musculoskeletal System

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vertebrae (backbone)




stiffness; bent, crooked


neck; cervix uteri (neck of uterus)


bone marrow; spinal cord











ten/o, tend/o, tendin/o

Immobility of a joint




Pain or numbness resulting from compression of wrist canal through which the tendons and nerve pass

carpal tunnel syndrome

Fibrosis of connective tissue in skin, fascia, muscle, or joint capsule that prevents normal mobility


Grating sound made by movement of bone ends rubbing together indicating joint destruction


Malignant tumor that develops from bone marrow; occurs most frequently in adolescent boys

Ewing sarcoma

Hereditary metabolic disease that is a form of acute arthritis characterized by excessive uric acid in the blood and around the joints


Rupture of the nucleus pulposus between two vertebrae

herniated disk

Skeletal disease affecting elderly people; also called osteitis deformans

Paget disease

Chronic, systemic disease characterized by inflammatory changes in joints and related structures resulting in crippling deformities

rheumatoid arthritis

Fragment of a necrosed bone that has become separated from surrounding tissue


Increased curvature of the thoracic region of the vertebral column, leading to a humpback posture


Abnormal sideward curvature of the spine, either to the left or to the right


Autoimmune neuromuscular disorder characterized by severe muscular weakness and progressive fatigue

myasthenia gravis

Damage incurred to the capsule of the shoulder joint that is reinforced by muscles and tendons

rotator cuff injuries

Trauma to a muscle from overuse or excessive forcible stretch


Puncture of a joint space with a needle to remove fluid


Visual examination of the interior of a joint performed by inserting an endoscope through a small incision


Replacement of the femur and acetabulum with metal components

total hip arthroplasty

What is the the group of genetic diseases characterized by gradual atrophy and weakness of muscle tissue?
Select one:
a. muscular dystrophy
b. talipes equinovarus
c. sequestrum
d. myasthenia gravis
e. torticollis

a. muscular dystrophy Correct

Trauma to a joint that causes injury to the surrounding ligament is called:
Select one:
a. strain
b. sprain
c. torticollis
d. tendinitis
e. talipes

b. sprain Correct

A person with inflammation of a joint experiences:
Select one:
a. costalgia
b. cephalalgia
c. arthrodynia
d. chondritis
e. osteodynia

c. arthrodynia Correct

A disease in children in which an inefficient mineralization of the bone-forming tissue causes deformities is:
Select one:
a. osteochondroma
b. rickets
c. myelomalacia
d. meningocele
e. chondritis

b. rickets Correct

Intercostal muscles are located between the:
Select one:
a. vertebrae and ribs
b. fingers
c. toes
d. ribs
e. vertebrae

d. ribs Correct

The atlas supports the skull and is the:
Select one:
a. first cervical vertebra
b. first thoracic vertebra
c. first lumbar vertebra
d. sacrum
e. coccyx

a. first cervical vertebra Correct

Cervicofacial refers to the face and:
Select one:
a. head
b. neck
c. chest
d. hand
e. brain

b. neck Correct

The medical term for suture of a bone is:
Select one:
a. osteomalacia
b. osteorrhaphy
c. osteogenesis
d. osteoarthritis
e. osteosclerosis

b. osteorrhaphy Correct

Where is the Achilles tendon located?
Select one:
a. back
b. upper arm
c. foot
d. knee
e. chest

c. foot Correct

The function of a tendon is to attach:
Select one:
a. bone to bone
b. muscle to bone
c. muscle to muscle
d. cartilage to bone
e. vertebra to vertebra

b. muscle to bone Correct

What is the anatomical term that refers to the tail of the vertebral column?
Select one:
a. carpal
b. calcaneum
c. coccyx
d. sacrum
e. lamina

c. coccyx Correct

Which type of fracture results when the broken ends of a bone are forced into one another?
Select one:
a. compound
b. greenstick
c. impacted
d. simple
e. open

c. impacted Correct

Congenital deformity of the foot, also called clubfoot, is:
Select one:
a. torticollis
b. sprain
c. talipes
d. strain
e. dystrophy

c. talipes Correct

The second vertebra is identified as:
Select one:
a. T2
b. L2
c. S2
d. C2
e. V2

d. C2 Correct

An individual with quadriplegia has paralysis of:
Select one:
a. one upper extremity
b. both upper extremities
c. one lower extremity
d. both lower extremities
e. all extremities

e. all extremities Correct

What is the disease characterized by excessive uric acid called?
Select one:
a. rheumatoid arthritis
b. crepitation
c. contracture
d. gout
e. acidosis

d. gout Correct

The term spondylitis refers to an inflammation of the:
Select one:
a. synovial fluid
b. ribs
c. fingers
d. cartilage
e. vertebrae

e. vertebrae Correct

A directional word meaning near the point of attachment to the trunk is:
Select one:
a. lateral
b. distal
c. proximal
d. superior
e. inferior

c. proximal Correct

A physician who specializes in the use of x-rays for diagnosis and treatment of disease is a:
Select one:
a. radiography
b. radiologist
c. physiologist
d. roentgenologist
e. B and D

e. B and D Correct

What is an excessive amount of calcium in the blood called?
Select one:
a. calcicosis
b. hypercalcemia
c. calcitonin
d. hypocalcemia
e. calciuria

b. hypercalcemia Correct

Another name for osteitis deformans is:
Select one:
a. osteoporosis
b. Paget disease
c. polio
d. Pott disease
e. osteomyelitis

b. Paget disease Correct

Intervertebral disks are composed of:
Select one:
a. bone
b. cartilage
c. muscle fibers
d. synovial fluid
e. ligaments

b. cartilage Correct

Select the term that has an opposite meaning of osteosclerosis.
Select one:
a. osteogenesis
b. osteorrhaphy
c. osteomalacia
d. osteoarthritis
e. none of the above

c. osteomalacia Correct

Site where hematopoiesis occurs is the:
Select one:
a. capillaries
b. bone marrow
c. cartilage
d. liver
e. periosteum

b. bone marrow Correct

What is the combining form that refers to the thigh bone?
Select one:
a. fibul/o
b. rachi/o
c. humor/o
d. femor/o
e. patell/o

d. femor/o Correct

What is the type of fracture in which the bone has injured another organ, such as a broken rib piercing a lung, called?
Select one:
a. closed
b. impacted
c. complicated
d. incomplete
e. compound

c. complicated Correct

What is the surgical procedure to relieve symptoms of a ruptured disc?
Select one:
a. open reduction
b. sequestrectomy
c. synovectomy
d. laminectomy
e. bursectomy

d. laminectomy Correct

All of the following are bones of the vertebral column EXCEPT:
Select one:
a. atlas
b. axis
c. thoracic
d. cervical
e. pubic

e. pubic Correct

What is the term that refers to the shaft of a long bone?
Select one:
a. myeloblast
b. epiphysis
c. osteocyte
d. periosteum
e. diaphysis

e. diaphysis Correct

What progressive, autoimmune, neuromuscular disorder is characterized by severe muscle weakness and progressive fatigue?
Select one:
a. myalgia
b. hypertrophy
c. myasthenia gravis
d. myosclerosis
e. leiomyoma

c. myasthenia gravis Correct

What is the surgical procedure to repair a joint?
Select one:
a. tenorrhaphy
b. arthroplasty
c. fasciectomy
d. carpectomy
e. myoplasty

b. arthroplasty Correct

Which term describes a slipping or subluxation of a vertebrae?
Select one:
a. spondylitis
b. lordosis
c. spondylolisthesis
d. kyphosis
e. none of the above

c. spondylolisthesis Correct

What is the bone of the upper arm called?
Select one:
a. femur
b. humerus
c. tibia
d. radius
e. ulna

b. humerus Correct

Which of the following words is in its plural form?
Select one:
a. bursae
b. vertebra
c. phalange
d. pleura
e. A and B only

a. bursae Correct

Fibrosis of connective tissue in skin, fascia, muscle, or joint capsule that prevents normal mobility is:
Select one:
a. ganglion cyst
b. osteophyte
c. adenofibroma
d. fibromyoma
e. contracture

e. contracture Correct

What is a segment of necrosed bone called?
Select one:
a. crepitation
b. rickets
c. sequestrum
d. rachitis
e. necropsy

c. sequestrum Correct

The plural form of pelvis is:
Select one:
a. pelvic
b. pelvicular
c. pelvex
d. pelvaces
e. pelves

e. pelves Correct

Two main divisions of the skeleton are the axial and the ___________ skeleton:
Select one:
a. articular
b. vertebral
c. peripheral
d. cephalic
e. appendicular

e. appendicular Correct

What is the type of fracture called when a bone breaks and splinters into pieces?
Select one:
a. greenstick
b. comminuted
c. impacted
d. hairline
e. compression

b. comminuted Correct

All of the following are true about the femur EXCEPT:
Select one:
a. longest bone in the body
b. strongest bone in the body
c. bone of the lower leg
d. articulates with hip bone
e. known as thigh bone

c. bone of the lower leg Correct

The term myotomy means incision of:
Select one:
a. the bone marrow
b. the cartilage
c. a tendon
d. the spinal cord
e. a muscle

e. a muscle Correct

What is an abnormal lateral curvature of the spine called?
Select one:
a. lordosis
b. sciatica
c. necrosis
d. scoliosis
e. kyphosis

d. scoliosis Correct

Which muscle action indicates movement away from the midline of the body?
Select one:
a. pronation
b. rotation
c. supination
d. adduction
e. abduction

e. abduction Correct

A patient with lumbodynia has pain in the:
Select one:
a. knee
b. ankle
c. head
d. lower back
e. upper chest

d. lower back Correct

Eversion of the foot refers to:
Select one:
a. moving the sole of the foot inward
b. moving the sole of the foot upward
c. moving the foot outward
d. both A and B
e. both A and C

c. moving the foot outward Correct

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