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The author explains that the purpose of the text is to help the reader understand the "deeper game" associated with sports. This "deeper game" refers to

C. Connections between sports and the larger social world.

Sociology helps us examine

B. social life in context.

People in the sociology of sport are mostly concerned with studying

A. the social worlds created in and around sports.

Which of the following is LEAST likely to be a concern among sociologists who study sports?

C. the motivation and personalities of athletes

According to the author, culture consists of

D. ways of life that people create as they live together

The author points out that sport cultures are

A. created as people in sports interact with each other.

Which of the following is not on the the 3 key concepts used in sociology?

B. Social conflict

Social structure consists of

B. established patterns of relationships and social arrangements.

According to the definition often used by people in North America, which of the following would be an example of a sport?

B. Racing in the Indianapolis 500

According to the definition often used by people in North American, sports is an activity that involves

B. physical challenges or competitive contests.

It is difficult to develop a single definition of sports because

D. the organization and meaning of sports vary by culture

When compared with past research in the sociology of sport, current research is more likely to focus on

B. physical culture in particular social worlds.

Official definitions of sports in the US emphasize

A. formally organized, competitive activities

Official definitions of sport have important implications because they identify the activities that

C. receive the most financial and political support.

Physical activity participation rates are most likely to be high in a society when the definition of sport focuses on

D. a wide range of physical activities that are pleasurable for participants.

Sports are social constructions. This means that they are

C. created by people as they interact with each other.

When sociologists say that sports are "contested activities", they mean that

D. people may struggle over what sports are and who should play them.

One of the most hotly contested aspects of sports in society is

A. who plays sports under what conditions.

Sport facilities and programs are most likely to be supported by government agencies and tax money when people see sports as

C. contributing to the common good.

According to the author, one of the problems with a single definition of sport is that it might lead some sociologists to

A. ignore people who lack the resources to formally organize their games.

The definition of sports in any particular context usually represents the ideas and interests of

B. some people more than others.

Which of the following is LEAST likely to be studied by someone in the sociology of sport?

A. The physical demands associated with individual and team sports.

The great sport myth is based on the belief that

D. sport is essentially pure and good.

Widespread acceptance of the great sport myth leads people to

B. see little need to study sports from a critical perspective.

Using sociology of sport knowledge to produce positive outcomes is most likely when

C. it is combined with critical thinking.

After reading Sports in Society, the author hopes that people will

C. make informed choices about sports in their lives and their society.

When sociologists study sports in society, their recommendations are sometimes controversial because they may call for changes in the

B. structure and organization of sports and society.

When the sociology of sport is used to study sport participation among women, the primary focus would likely be on

C. women’s access to the time and resources needed to play sports.

The author explains that a sociological approach to studying sports

A. will grow if it produces knowledge that is useful to many people.

Sports are logical topics for sociologists to study because

C. sports are such a pervasive part of many people’s lives today.

The author explains that we should study sports as parts of the social world because sports are

A. closely connected with important ideas and meanings in social life.

Which of the following is a FALSE statement about ideologies?

B. Ideologies are stable and unchanging cultural perspectives.

When sociologists study ideologies, they focus on

B. webs of ideas and beliefs that people use to make sense of the world.

Gender ideology refers to

C. ideas and beliefs about masculinity and femininity.

Dominant gender ideology in most societies has traditionally emphasized that

A. female inferiority in sports is based in nature.

When a coach accuses male players of not playing well by saying that they "play like girls", his statement is most likely to motivate the players if they

B. accept dominant gender ideology.

When girls and women first challenged dominant gender ideology by entering the male world of sports, they were

D. demonized as abnormal and immoral

Racial ideology refers to

D. ideas and beliefs that people use to give meaning to skin color.

Social class ideology in the US is organized around

C. the idea income and wealth inequality is normal a belief in meritocracy.

Ableist ideology is used to

C. identify people as disabled.

Ideologies are different than the ideas and beliefs of individuals because they

B. influence the overall social organization of society.

The connections between ideologies and sports are

A. complex

While discussing sports and major spheres of social life, the author notes that

B. new social media have changed the way fans consume sports.

When the authors says that the human body is social, this means that

D. meanings given to the body and body parts change over time.

When people in a society generally see the body as machine and sport as performance, it is likely that

B. athletes will use technology to control and manage their bodies.

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