Ch. 1 Sec. 2 Examining Your Personality

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If you like having lots of friends, talking to people, and joining groups, you have a(n) _____.

A.) Interpersonal learning style

Employers may require job candidates take a personality test to make sure they are the right fit for their company.


Personality types in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator are defined by _____ categories, represented as letters.

A.) Four

All of the following are personality tests EXCEPT:

B.) Gardner Personality Test

Xavier loves to sing and hum, and he always has music softly playing while he studies. The learning style that best fits Xavier is _____.

A.) Rythmic/Musical

The kind of person you think you are best defines the term _____.

D.) Self-concept

Being aware of your personality type is important, because some personality types fit a particular career better than others.


It is possible to have what would be considered contradicting personality traits.


According to Gardner, intelligence can be measure by a person having _____.

D.) All of the above

If it is easy for you to learn another language you have a(n) _____.

B.) Verbal/linguistic learning style

Someone who likes to work alone on individualized projects has a _____.

B.) Interpersonal learning style

The Rorschach personality test requires you to look at ten black and white ink blots.


Being aware of your learning styles can help you _____.

D.) All of the above

Having a realistic self-concept means you see yourself as you are, not what you want to be.


Jonathan enjoys working with numbers, recognizing patterns, problem solving. The learning style that best fits Jonathan is _____.

D.) Mathematical/logical

Your unique combination of attitudes, behaviors, and characteristics make up your _____.

C.) Personality

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