CET 130 chap 3 test

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What command can be issued to confirm what directory you are in at a command line prompt?


What metacharacter can be used to refer to the current user’s home directory?


In order to move from the /home/joe/test/data to the /home/joe directory, what command below should be issued?

Cd ../..

If enough unique letters of a directory name have been typed, what key can be pressed to activate the BASH shell’s completion feature?


Which switch command can be added to the ls command to show a list of files and their type?


When issuing the ls -F command, what special character indicates a linked file?


What command can be used to provide a long listing for each file in a directory

ls -l

Using wildcard metacharacters, how can one indicate a number is either 1, 2, 3, or 4?


To display the contents of a text file called data, what command should be used?

Cat data

What command can be used to display the last five lines of a text file?

Tail -5

Which character(s) represent extended regular expression metacharacter(s)?


Select the regular expression metacharacter that matches 0 or more occurrences of the previous character.


What key combinations, commonly used in the vi editor command mode, displays current line statistics?

Ctrl + g

The LISP artificial intelligence programming language can be used with which text editor ?

Emacs editor

To display a text file in reverse order, what command should be used?

Tac command

What command is most effective at identifying different types of files?

File command

In what mode does the vi editor open by default?


In vi, using command mode, what series of key presses will cause the line on which the cursor is on to be deleted?


At the vi command mode prompt, what key combination will force a quit from the vi editor without saving changes?


In the GNU Emacs editor, what key combination can be used to delete all characters between the cursor and the end of the line?

ctrl + K

Linux uses a logical directory tree to organize files into different folders.


It is acceptable to use shell metacharacters when naming files.


Pressing the Esc key at the prompt while using the more command displays a help screen.


The more command should not be used on binary files.


The command strings /bin/echo displays the raw binary characters inside the /bin/echo binary executable program.


Filenames that start with a period, such as .file, are referred to as ______ files.


In a file listing, the 9 characters following the file type (for example, -rwxr-xr-x) refer to the file’s _______.


Text wildcards used to ease the searching of specific text information are called _______.

regular expressions

An alternative to the vi editor that offers an equal set of functionality is the_______ editor.

GNU Emacs

Due to the fact that the * character can be used to match all characters in a filename, or all files in a directory, it is referred to as a_______ metacharacter.


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