Cell Homeostasis

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What would most likely happen to a unicellular organism if it was exposed to a hypotonic solution for an extended period of time?

It would swell and then burst.

Chlorophyll is found in plant leaves and absorbs light from the sun to enable plants to perform photosynthesis. Magnesium is an important component of chlorophyll. The concentration of magnesium ions is higher in the root-hair cells of plants than in the soil. Which mechanism of ion uptake would best enable a plant to produce a steady supply of chlorophyll?

active transport

Which homeostatic process moves particles against a concentration gradient?

active transport

Which reason best explains why the cell membrane helps the cell maintain homeostasis?

The cell membrane is selectively permeable.

Which homeostatic process is characterized by the diffusion of water molecules?


For diffusion to occur, which condition must be met?

A concentration gradient must exist.

Which motion of particles across a membrane requires energy?

from low concentration to high concentration

Which solution would most likely cause a plant placed in it to become firmer and more rigid?


Which adaptation is used by polar bears to maintain internal homeostasis in cold temperatures?


Which homeostatic process requires energy to move particles across the plasma membrane?

active transport

Which best defines homeostasis?

maintaining a stable internal environment

Which movement of particles would be most affected by a disorder that causes damage to carrier proteins?

active transport

Which best describes dynamic equilibrium?

Particles are moving into and out of the cell, but their concentrations remain stable.

The role of the cell membrane is most like the job of which person?

a police officer who allows select people to enter and leave a crime scene

Reptiles and birds excrete waste as an insoluble white solid that is called uric acid. How does this help them to maintain internal homeostasis in hot climates?

by retaining water

How would the contractile vacuole of a freshwater amoeba respond if the organism was placed in seawater?

with fewer contractions

Water makes up a large percentage of the body’s cells. For a cell to remain in homeostasis, there must be a mechanism to control water changes in the cells. The movement of water from an area of high water concentration to an area of low water concentration is: ______


The data in the graph are the result of a paramecium being placed in a hypertonic salt solution.


Based on the data in the graph, which would most likely happen if the paramecium were placed in distilled water?
The contractions would increase.

The contractions would increase.

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