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Which distinct type of VLAN is used by an administrator to access and configure a switch?

management VLAN Refer to curriculum topic: 6.1.1 A management VLAN is used to remotely access and configure a switch. Data VLANs are used to separate a network into groups of users or devices. The default VLAN is the initial VLAN all switch ports are placed in when loading the default configuration on a switch. The 802.1Q trunk port places untagged traffic on the native VLAN.

A VLAN that is configured to carry user-generated traffic is called a __________ VLAN.


What happens if you set the switchport access VLAN 3 command to an interface in the configuration mode?
VLAN 3 is not yet configured on your switch?

The command is accepted and the respective VLAN is added to vlan.dat.

Port Fa0/11 on a switch is assigned to VLAN 30. If the command no switchport access VLAN 30 is entered on the Fa0/11 interface, what will happen?

Port Fa0/11 will be returned to VLAN 1.

If an organization is changing to include Cisco IP phones in its network, what design feature must be considered to ensure voice quality?

A separate VLAN is needed for voice traffic. Refer to curriculum topic: 6.1.2 A PC commonly connects to an IP phone and the IP phone, in turn, connects to a switch. The phone does not require a separate port. Because voice traffic cannot tolerate much packet delay, it needs to be in a separate VLAN. The voice VLAN can be configured to provide quality of service (QoS), which will ensure that the voice traffic has a higher priority than data traffic.

A broadcast sent from a device on VLAN 10 will reach VLAN 20 as long as those VLANs are both configured on the same switch

False. A broadcast sent from a device on VLAN 10 will ONLY reach devices on VLAN 10 of they are configured on the same switch. Or if a trunklink exists between 2 switches carrying VLAN 10 information.

True/False VOICE VLANs (designated for VoIP) have the lowest priority over other types of network traffic.

False. (Voice traffic has a higher priority than data traffic.)

In which location are the normal range VLANs stored on a Cisco switch by default?

flash memory Refer to curriculum topic: 6.2.1 Normal range VLANs are stored in a file called vlan.dat and located in the flash memory.

What is the purpose of the switch command switchport access vlan 99?

to assign the port to a particular VLAN Refer to curriculum topic: 6.2.1

What must the network administrator do to remove Fast Ethernet port fa0/1 from VLAN 2 and assign it to VLAN 3?

Enter the switchport access vlan 3 command in interface configuration mode.

Which command is used to remove only VLAN 20 from a switch?

no vlan 20

What happens to a port that is associated with VLAN 10 when the administrator deletes VLAN 10 from the switch?

the port becomes inactive

A network administrator is determining the best placement of VLAN trunk links. Which type of point-to-point connections utilize VLAN trunking?​

VLAN Trunk links are used between two switches that utilize multiple VLANs.

When a Cisco switch receives untagged frames on a 802.1Q trunk port, which VLAN ID is the traffic switched to by default?

native VLAN ID

What is the meaning of the number 10 in the encapsulation dot1Q 10 native router subinterface command?​

the VLAN ID Refer to curriculum topic: 6.3.3 The administrator can use the encapsulation command to specify the encapsulation type (IEEE 802.1Q or ISL), the VLAN ID, and optionally the native VLAN.

Refer to the exhibit. Which implementation of inter-VLAN routing does this topology use?

router on a stick Refer to curriculum topic: 6.3.1 With router on a stick, subinterfaces are used on one physical router interface. One subinterface per VLAN is used in this design. When multiple interfaces are used on a router, each physical interface such as Gi0/0 and Gi0/1 is assigned one IP address. Each VLAN would require a physical interface. When routing via a multilayer switch, one SVI is assigned an IP address for each VLAN. Interdomain routing does not affect inter-VLAN communication.

Here is a link to the PT ActivityView in a new window.

Open the PT Activity. Perform the tasks in the activity instructions and then answer the question.
Which ping command from PC0 to PC1 completes successfully?

ping Refer to curriculum topic: 6.3.3 Configure Router0 as follows: interface FastEthernet0/0 no shutdown interface FastEthernet0/0.10 encapsulation dot1Q 10 ip address interface FastEthernet0/0.20 encapsulation dot1Q 20 ip address

Refer to the exhibit. What is the cause of the error that is displayed in the configuration of inter-VLAN routing on router CiscoVille?

The encapsulation dot1Q 20 command has not been configured.​ Refer to curriculum topic: 6.3.3 The steps to configure inter-VLAN routing must be completed in a specific order. Before configuring an IP address on a subinterface, the encapsulation dot1q VLAN_id command must be specified first.

Match the action to the corresponding command. (Not all options are used.)

assigns VLAN 10 for untagged traffic -> Switch(config-if)# switchport trunk native vlan 10 activates the current interface as trunk -> Switch(config-if)# switchport mode trunk prohibits VLAN 10 on the trunk interface -> Switch(config-if)# switchport trunk allowed vlan remove 10 Refer to curriculum topic: 6.2.2

For what reason would a network administrator use the show interfaces trunk command on a switch?

to view the native VLAN Refer to curriculum topic: 6.2.3 The show interfaces trunk command displays the ports that are trunk ports, the trunking mode, the encapsulation type, the trunk status, the native VLAN, and the allowed VLANs on the link.

Which step should be performed first when deleting a VLAN that has member switch ports?

Reassign all VLAN member ports to a different VLAN. Refer to curriculum topic: 6.2.1 Before deleting an active VLAN, it is recommended that all ports currently assigned as a member of that VLAN be reassigned. Any port that is a member of a VLAN that is deleted will become unusable.

Fill in the blank.
Using legacy inter-VLAN routing, how many physical router interfaces have to be configured to support 5 VLANs?

5 or five Refer to curriculum topic: 6.3.2 Legacy inter-VLAN routing requires that each VLAN be assigned to a different physical router interface. So, if there are 5 VLANs to be configured, it is necessary to have 5 physical router interfaces, one for each VLAN.​

Refer to the exhibit. All workstations are configured correctly in VLAN 20. Workstations that are connected to switch SW1 are not able to send traffic to workstations on SW2. What could be done to remedy the problem?

Allow VLAN 20 on the trunk link. Refer to curriculum topic: 6.2.2 Enabling DTP on both switches simply allows negotiation of trunking. The "Negotiation of Trunking" line in the graphic shows that DTP is already enabled. The graphic also shows how the native VLAN is 1, and the default VLAN for any Cisco switch is 1. The graphic shows the PCs are to be in VLAN 20.

Which two statements describe the benefits of VLANs? (Choose two.)

VLANs improve network security by isolating users that have access to sensitive data and applications. VLANs divide a network into smaller logical networks, resulting in lower susceptibility to broadcast storms.

All access ports on a switch are configured with the administrative mode of dynamic auto. An attacker, connected to one of the ports, sends a malicious DTP frame. What is the intent of the attacker?

VLAN hopping attack

An administrator is investigating a failure on a trunk link between a Cisco switch and a switch from another vendor. After a few show commands, the administrator notices that the the switches are not negotiating a trunk. What is a probable cause for this issue?

Switches from other vendors do not support DTP

Which two statements accurately describe DTP?

DTP is a Cisco proprietary protocol. DTP supports IEEE 802.1Q.

What is one way to prevent the VLAN hopping attack

Disable DTP negotiation on all ports.

Which type of VLAN is used to designate which traffic is untagged when crossing a trunk port?

Native VLAN


Router-on-a-stick inter-VLAN routing does not scale beyond 50 VLANs. The router can receive VLAN-tagged packets and send VLAN-tagged packets to a destination. Router-on-a-stick inter-VLAN routing can utilize a single router interface as a trunk link to receive and forward VLAN traffic and does not require multiple interfaces.


The IP address and the encapsulation type should be assigned to each router subinterface in a router-on-a-stick inter-VLAN topology.

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