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Although buying a Certificate of Deposit can earn your higher returns than a regular savings account, it can have the negative side effect of _________.

Requiring a high initial investment

Upon retirement, some retirees save money by ________.

Moving to live with their children

Two necessary expenditures which are leading inflationary indicators are _________.

Food and gasoline

What disadvantage would be experienced by a person applying for their Social Security benefits at age 62?

They would receive only a partial benefit for as long as they collect Social Security

As your income rises, _______.

The amount of taxes you pay increases

A 401(k) account is very valuable because ______.

Money contributed to a 401(k) is not taxed

When your taxes have increased, you may be able to legally save money by _________.

Making itemized deductions on your return

If you find out you’re going to have your job downsized, you should ________.

Review and reduce your future spending

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) are very popular because ______.

They are not taxed until retirement

Emergencies can be difficult for retirees to handle, because retirees ___________.

Typically live on a fixed income

Someone who is extremely dissatisfied with the direction of their current employer and has their own great ideas, an independent streak, and a great work ethic might decide to _______.

Quit their jobs and start their own business

It is worthwhile to build your network of contacts because ________.

Networking provides the most successful job leads

In order to help an interviewer remember you, it is recommended to __________.

Tell a compelling story about yourself

If you decide to hunt for your next job while you are still employed, you should be careful to _______.

Keep the information to yourself

One natural consequence of mastering your job can be increased _______.


When updating your résumé, you should make sure that you _______.

All of the above

When there is no room for growth within a company, an employee cannot __________.

Be promoted vertically to new positions

Most job leads are discovered through _______.


Conducting an inaccurate self-assessment can lead you to work at a job that you do not enjoy.


Most modern workers _________.

Will change both their jobs and careers

One benefit of on-site day care services for employees is that _________.

Employees can visit their children during the day

Well balanced people are more productive employees.


If you focus on the present now, instead of focusing on your future concerns, you will be able to __________.

All of the above

The positive effects of allowing employees to manage workflow is that _______.

Overall, the level of productivity increases

Unlawful behavior is selfish, because a law is _____.

The collective will of the people

Citizenship has three dimensions. Legal citizenship is defined as ______.

Being the legal resident of a particular place

A compulsive worker may be identified by which of the following traits?

not They work more than 40 hours in a week

When management fails to set priorities for work, employees tend to _______.

Assume each task is of equal importance

As a restriction to most flextime programs, most employers require flextime employees to _________.

Be at work during peak hours

Businesses that offer flexible hours allow their workers to arrive at work whenever they feel like it.


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