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Matchsticks Incorporated is only able to fund one commercial this year, so they put Ted and Albert each in charge of a separate team. The teams will compete to create a commercial pitch. The team whose pitch is chosen will receive a raise. Ted and Albert, who used to be good friends, have started getting angry at each other because they each want the raise but only one of them can receive it. This is an example of a conflict based on ______.

c. Scarce resources

A writer, an illustrator, a publisher and an agent would form a ______.

b. Cross-functional team

One benefit of repeating the self improvement process is that you can ______.

c. Use skills and information from previous goals

In dangerous professions like law enforcement and construction, women are ______.

b. Respected professionals

Identification with a group based on shared characteristics, including skin color, place of origin, cultural ties, and language is called ______.

c. Ethnicity

If you are able to avoid offending people, you have ______.

a. punctuality

When you are in a conflict that you are not passionate about, it is seen as gracious to sometimes ______.

b. Step aside and let the other person prevail

Unpredictable policies can result in conflict because employees may ______.

d. All of the above

The purpose of conflict resolution is to settle disputes without ______.

b. Hurting feelings

You should assume that emails not addressed to you are ______.

c. Private

It is important to keep the lines of communication open because it will ______.

b. Prevent negative emotions from building

Jeremy wants to avoid conflict with his new coworkers. He should ______.

b. Treat them all with respect

Diane has a plan to improve her responsibility. In order to understand if she has met her goal, she must ______.

b. Record her progress

What is the purpose of active listening?

b. To show your understanding of what others say

In the past, workers would usually complete ______.

b. The same tasks every day

John from sales has just sent you an e-mail. He needs a decision made on the Johnson account as soon as possible. You can make the decision, but you feel like you’d like to ask your boss for her advice. Unfortunately, she is in a business meeting, and the decision needs to be made very soon. You decide to take the initiative and ______.

d. Make the decision

Jealousy in the workplace can be detrimental to the natural formation of ________ between employees.

c. Respect

The best time to begin a self improvement plan is when ______.

d. You think you need to improve to meet a career goal

A good communicator will focus on speaking and ______.

c. Listening

Which of the following would be a benefit of a cross-functional team?

c. A range of backgrounds enriches their work

When workers make fewer mistakes and do better work, it reduces ______.

b. Waste and rework

If you do not respect someone ______.

b. They will not respect you

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