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_____ are important to possess because they can be used in many different jobs and situations.

Transferable skills

The following factors affect the labor market EXCEPT:

a. Government actions b. Social change c. Population shifts d. Teamwork *

A(n) _____ is a general belief about a person or group of people that may not be true.


In order for the economy to be strong, individuals must _____.

provide labor and buy goods

As the demand for goods and services increases, job growth _____.


List five things stereotypes are commonly based upon.

race, ethnicity, religion, gender, politics and ideologies

When selecting a career you should consider all of the following, EXCEPT:

a. what others think * b. your skills and interests c. desired lifestyle d. how much education is required

List 5 of your personal interests. List 5 of your personal skills. Do any of your skills and interests overlap?

Interests – reading, playing piano, running, drawing, and talking to friends Skills – typing quickly, drawing, cooking meals, listening well, and driving Drawing is both an interest I possess and a skill that I am good at doing.

Amelia is going to school to get a degree in Early Childhood Education. She wants to open her own daycare after she graduates. What can she do while attending school to gain work experience?

Baby-sit, volunteer at an after school program, get an entry level position at a day care, etc.

According to the US Bureau of Labor, the average American will have more than 8 different jobs by the age of 32. How can having several different jobs help you in your career?

Having several different jobs can help with overall work experience, skill acquisition, and aid in career selection and identification.

Most new jobs in the United States will be in the _____.

service-producing industries

The statement, "All basketball players are tall" is a stereotype.


How is a job different from a career?

A job is temporary. A career is something that is usually permanent

Cleaning your room would be an example of work.


List three things you should consider when selecting a career.

Your interests, amount of education required, and the salary.

Jonathan enjoys working with numbers, recognizing patterns, problem solving. The learning style that best fits Jonathan is _____.


Someone who does not have an aptitude or ability in a career area is at a disadvantage if they select a career in that field.


For every decision you make, there is a trade-off.


A(n) _____ is something a person wants to get out of a job or that brings them job satisfaction.

work value

A successful lawyer’s main interest area would be _____.


Jen recently dyed her hair purple and has been spiking it in a mohawk, because she likes the style. Jen has made a _____ decision.


List the two categories from Gardner’s multiple intelligences that best reflect your learning style. Explain your selections.

Visual and logical.

The decisions you make at work typically have obvious answers.


Give four examples of routine decisions.

choosing what time to get up in the morning, what to wear, what to have for breakfast, what time to leave for school, whether to walk to school or ride the bus

What happens when you do not make a decision?

When you don’t make a decision, you are making the choice to take no action. As a result, you must accept whatever happens or whatever others choose for you. You are also giving up control over your own life.

_____ developed a theory on multiple intelligences.


Describe how you can develop a complete and healthy self-concept.

Know yourself. Love yourself. Be True to yourself.

What is the biggest decision you think you will make in your lifetime? Explain why you think it would be such a big decision.

Having children will be the biggest decision ever because it is a life long responsibility.

Which of the following personal decisions could have an effect on your job?

a. Staying up late at night causing you to be tired and sluggish at work b. Choosing to wear pajama pants in a formal office setting c. Inviting your rowdy and loud friends to hang out at your job d. All of the above *

What can you do to help identify your aptitudes and abilities?

Take aptitude tests, evaluate your skills.

An arrangement in which local businesses team up with schools, hiring students to perform jobs that use knowledge and skills taught in their school classes is called a _____.

Cooperative Program

_____ is short-term employment that may allow you to develop contacts that may help in finding a permanent job

Temp work

According to the chart, which degree would you have to earn in order to make the most amount of money?

Professional Degree

A personal career profile form evaluates two sets of data, _____.

personal information and career information

Rank the five following levels of postsecondary education based on the average yearly income, starting with the lowest income first.

High school diploma Certificate Bachelor?s degree Master?s degree Professional degree

What are four important factors to remember before making a career decision?

– You need a defined goal – You must have confidence in your career research, evaluation, and goals – Your career plan is flexible – Making a decision gives you a starting point for planning

What are your options if the career you are interested in has a poor outlook?

If you are interested in an area that has a poor outlook, you can gain additional education and work experience to be competitive for the limited positions available. You may also want to consider looking for a job in a related or similar career.

Describe at least three types of activities you could do to learn more about a particular career.

Job shadow, intern, or participate in a cooperative program or in a service learning.

Using the chart below for reference, how would you describe the relationship between the amount of education you receive and the amount of money you make?

The more education you have the more money you make.

What are the pros and cons of using the Internet for researching career information?

The Internet is a great resource for finding career information, but there are also some down-sides to using the Internet. In general the Internet is a very quick and easy way to access information. There is a wide variety of sources available, but sometimes it can be frustrating to find what you are looking for. Often times you type in search terms and find Websites that are completely unrelated. Also, anyone can post information on the Internet so information needs to be verified for credibility.

Wanting to be around others at work is part of your _____.

social surroundings

There are pros and cons for doing temp work.


Fewer careers are requiring people to work internationally.


Vague goals are more likely to be achieved than specific goals.


Why is it important to keep your career plans flexible at this point in your life?

Sticking to one career now may limit your opportunities in the future. Now is the time to explore different possibilities.

Match the association type with the person that best fits the description: online association

someone who is active in your favorite Internet chat room

Kaleb is interested in working at the home improvement store, and they asked him to provide references. A good reference for Kaleb would be his _____.

basketball coach

If you are interested in working for a specific company, what type of job site should you look at for opening?

Company site

Which of the following guidelines about maintaining a network is false?

End network relationships after you find a job

The first step in finding a job is locating job leads.


Which of the following is an Internet job search "do"?

Pay attention to all directions before responding to job postings

A small network is more effective than a large network.


Why is it important to maintain network relationships, even after you have found a job?

a. You never know when you are going to have to find a new job. b. You can return the favor by helping network members with career advice and job leads. c. You will remain informed and connected to people in your field. d. All of the above *

When applying for a job, you should not _____.

use slang

Employment agencies, career fairs, and Internet ads can all be sources of _____.

job leads

List three ways you can find jobs in the hidden job market.

networking, direct contact, and research.

If you have easy access to a computer, your job search efforts should be limited to the Internet.


Since the application can be the prospective employers first impression, it is important to

a. always answer questions truthfully b. keep the application neat and clean c. read and follow the directions d. all of the above **

How does starting a job change a person’s lifestyle?

There are many changes that occur when you begin a new job. You will meet new people and develop new friendships. The way you spend many hours of each day and your surroundings will become different. You will face new challenges with a new job. Also, you will begin to earn your own income. Making money can have a huge impact on your life, especially when considering the different ways you can spend money and the various expenses you will need to budget for.

What guidelines should a job seeker follow to ensure they are successful at career fairs?

1. Bring copies of your résumé, business cards, and portfolio 2. Set a goal to meet 10 people – career fairs can be very intimidating, so it is good to set goals. 3. Be well prepared – dress appropriately, be able to summarize your qualifications briefly, prepare questions ahead of time 4. Perfect your pitch – "practice" your pitch on a few less desirable employers to work out kinks and nerves 5. Make note of good contacts that you met – you can follow up with them and add them to your network

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