Cardiovascular Diseases

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Two hours of moderate exercise every week can reduce the risk of developing heart disease by 30%.


The most important step for preventing cardiovascular disease is to live a healthy lifestyle.


Which of the following is NOT a treatment for high blood pressure?

An LDL-rich diet

Which of the following is NOT a symptom of cardiomyopathy?


What distinguishes high blood pressure from conditions such as arteriosclerosis and atherosclerosis?

High blood pressure has no symptoms.

Angioplasty is the most typical treatment for arteriosclerosis.


Once a person has been diagnosed with diabetes, what is the single greatest health threat they will face?

Cardiovascular disease

What distinguishes atherosclerosis from arteriosclerosis?

Atherosclerosis is characterized by plaque buildup.

A myocardial infarction is a heart attack.


High levels of cholesterol can first lead directly to __________.


__________ of the population of the United States is obese.


Explain why living a healthy lifestyle is the most important step in preventing cardiovascular disease.

There is no single step for preventing cardiovascular disease; all aspects of a healthy lifestyle impact cardiovascular fitness. Eating a healthy diet can reduce your dietary cholesterol and help maintain a healthy body weight. Getting regular exercise can also help maintain a healthy body weight as well as strengthen the heart muscle. Avoiding smoking is another part of a healthy lifestyle that can significantly reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

Which of the following is the most common symptom of hypertension?

None of the above

A rapid, irregular heartbeat is a symptom of __________.

Heart failure

What treatment option is shared for high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, atherosclerosis, and coronary heart disease?

All of these conditions can be treated by thinning the blood. In each case, lowering blood pressure helps reduce the symptoms, and some of the best medications for lowering blood pressure do so by thinning the blood.

Compare and contrast arteriosclerosis with atherosclerosis.

Arteriosclerosis is a general term for the hardening of arteries and a loss of elasticity in arterial walls. Atherosclerosis is specifically a condition where arteries harden as a result of plaque buildup on artery walls. Both conditions result in poor and inefficient blood flow through arteries, which can lead to blood clots or ruptures in the blood vessels of the heart or brain. Blockages in the heart can result in heart attacks; blockages and ruptures in the brain lead to strokes.

Why is physical activity so important in preventing heart disease?

The heart is a muscle, and as with all muscles, it needs to be strengthened in order to maintain optimal health. The best way to strengthen the heart is to exercise it by performing activities that elevate your heart rate and increase blood flow.

Numbness on one side of the body is most likely a symptom of __________.

A stroke

Why is high blood pressure known as "the silent killer"?

It generally shows no symptoms.

Explain what distinguishes a stroke from a heart attack.

Both strokes and heart attacks occur when the blood supply to that part of the body is blocked or interrupted. Strokes occur in the brain, while heart attacks are specific to the heart muscle. Both can be caused when blockages cut off the blood supply and the tissues starves for oxygen and other nutrients. Strokes can also occur when the pressure in a blocked artery causes it to burst and the blood leaks into the brain.

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