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Research and development

Products are invented and revised by which department? Marketing Production Research and Development Finance

capstone courier

What is the industry newsletter called? Capstone Courier Capstone Quarterly Capstone Messenger

wage increases

Which of these investments is not a function of the Production department? Increasing Automation Wage Increases Creating new production lines

a b and c

What are your company’s options for raising money? Borrowing Long-term debt Borrowing Short-term debt Issuing Stock A and C only A, B and C


Prices are established by the: Finance Department Marketing Department Production Department R&D Department


The Proformas are dynamic financial statements that recalculate based on your decisions. True False

performance, low end, high end, size, traditional

5 different markets

match product to market, rank best product

two step purchase decision


age – price – position – quality

low end

price – age – position – quality

high end

position – age – quality – price


quality – position – price – age


position – age – quality – price

marketing, finance, product, research and development

4 functional areas

R and D cycle time factors

– automation level of production line – number of projects underway – distance moved

New product development

– takes at least one year – max is 2x listed capacity – additional capacity takes at least one year -create 25% awareness at no cost require capacity and automation

over forecasting, failed to raise funds needed for expenditures

Emergency loan factors

overall cost leader, differentiation

competition strategies

customer survey score

calculated 12x/year -age and positioning taken into account -100 – ideal spot, bottom priced, ideal age, MTBF top


1/3 forget from year to year -built over time by products promotion budget -fund advertising and public relations campaign


built over time by products sales budget -fund salespeople and distribution systems to service customers

raising automation risks

1) expensive – $4 per unit 2) as you raise, increasingly difficult for R and D to reposition products short distances

current debt, stock issues, profits, long term debt

4 different ways to acquire capital

acquire capital, dividend policy, AP/AR policy, debt to equity structure, performance measures

5 decisions that come with financing

statement of cash flows, balance sheet, Income statement

3 financial statements

poor investing and financing decisions, negative cash flows result in emergency loan

reasons for having bad cash flows

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