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How long can foods safely remain in the Danger Zone during preparation?

4 hours

Refrigerated chili needs to be reheated quickly and to the proper temperature before hot holding. Which is the correct way to reheat potentially hazardous food?

Reheat to 165F or hotter within 2 hours

A handwashing sink can be used for food preparation as along as the sink is cleaned after each use


Who is the ‘Person in Charge’ or PIC

The manager or supervisor on-duty who is responsible for making sure food rules are allowed

What should a food worker do if they are sick?

Tell your manager and stay home from work

What describes the proper order of steps?

Wash, rinse, sanitize, and air dry

How should food be stored to avoid cross contamination?

Raw meats and eggs must be stored under ready to eat foods

The wash, rinse, sanitize, and air dry applies to

All of these

What is the best way to check the temperature of the food

Use a probe thermometer

What are the possible causes of Cross contamination

All of these

What is a good practice while working in a food service?

Keeping fingernails short and clean underneath

A foodworker has completed prepping chicken breasts on a prep table and is going to cut lettuce. What does the food worker need to do to prevent cross-contamination?

Wash, rinse, and sanitize the prep table and knife, wash hands, and put on new gloves.

To safely cool foods we must move them through the Danger Zone quickly in 2 phases: from 135F to 70F in ___ and from 70F to 41F in ___

2 hours; 4 hours totaling 6 hours

Germs can be spread even by healthy food workers. Which of these is the best thing you can do to prevent spreading germs?

Wash hands regularly and do not touch foods with bare hands

What is the major difference between cleaning and sanitizing?

Cleaning uses soap to remove debris while sanitizing uses chemicals or heat to kill germs and bacteria

How many people annually die from food borne illness?


How should sanitizer chemicals be used?

According to the sanitizer label instructions

What is NOT a proper way to thaw foods?

Leaving out at room temperature

Cooked chili was left the Danger Zone overnight. Bacteria that can make people sick might have grown in the chili. What should a foodworker do with the chili?

Throw the chili away-it may not be safe to eat.

What is the cause of foodborne illness?

All of these

What is foodborne illness?

It is when a person gets sick from a germ or toxin on food.

What does a clean kitchen show an inspector about a restaurant?

A clean kitchen is a good indicator that food safety rules are being followed.

If you have the following symptoms: vomiting, diarrhea, fever with sore throat or jaundice, when is it okay to come to work?

It is never okay to work when you have these symptoms

What is the minimum temperature that we should hold hot foods at?


What is the maximum temperature we should hold cold foods at?


What should food workers do it they discover food is being held at wrong temperatures?

Immediately notify the Person In Charge (manager) to determine how long food has been at the wrong temperature and if it’s safe to serve

Which is not a proper dishwashing step:

Dry dishes with a clean towel

How do you avoid cross contamination?

All of these

What are the proper hot and cold holding temperatures?

Hot foods at 135 or hotter, cold foods at 41 or colder

Where must you store chemicals such as cleaners and sanitizers?

Away from any food or clean equipment and utensils

When do food workers need to wash their hands?

All of these

When washing dishes in a three-compartment sink, what should the first compartment contain?

Clean, hot water and soap (detergent)

What are the symptoms that require a food worker to remain home from work?

All of these

What is the correct handwashing procedure?

Wash hands by scrubbing with soap and warm water for at least 15 seconds, then rinse and dry

When you have a fever and runny nose?

Call your PIC (manager) and discuss your symptoms

What is the way to avoid spreading germs in the restaurant?

Washing your hands thoroughly and never touching food with your bare hands

If a food handler wears disposable gloves, then:

Hands still need to be washed before putting on new gloves

What should you ALWAYS do after handling raw meat?

Clean and sanitize the prep surface, wash your hands and change gloves

What is the best example of biological contamination?

A sick food worker coughs onto a prepared sandwich

When handling ready to eat foods, food employees should always use:

Single use gloves or utensils

Cooked rice as left out on the counter all night, the safe way to handle it is to:

Throw the rice into the garbage

The food safety rules require food workers to focus on which of the following?

Preventing contamination of food

Which statement is true about potentially hazardous food?

They require constant time and temperature control

You wake up not feeling well, but you are scheduled to work. What symptom would REQUIRE you to stay home from work according to the food rules?


It is safe to eat baked goods that have been handled using:

Deli paper

Potentially hazardous foods are foods that must be kept hot or cold for safety. Which of the following are potentially hazardous foods?

Hamburger, cooked beans, cut melons

It is okay to eat food in:

The area that has been assigned to employees for eating

Working on the cook line can be busy. It is best to

Wash your hands and use utensils to keep from touching raw foods

When ice is used to keep foods cold, the food container must be in ice up to the level to the food. What is the best way to know if the food is staying cold enough?

Use a thermometer and check the temperature of the food

Which one of the following can make people sick

Cooking ground beef below recommended temperatures

What must be used to sanitize equipment, tables, or other work surfaces that directly contact the food?

Use a wiping cloth that has been soaked in a solution of water and an approved sanitizer with the proper ph level

Food workers need to understand that food makes people sick, will often…

Taste the same as normal

Food temperatures in hot holding units must be kept at ___ or hotter:


After using a meat slicer, you should:

Wash it with soapy water, rinse, and sanitize

Keeping food safe is the most important responsibility of a food worker. Which of these is NOT an example of keeping food safe?

When you are sick, wear gloves to make sure you do not contaminate the food

What is the right way to wash your hands?

Scrub hands with soap and warm water for at least 10-15 seconds and drying with a paper towel

A food worker should use a cooling method that cools food from 135 to 70F within the first ___ hours and reaches 41F in a total of six hours

two (2)

A handwashing sink can be used for food preparation as long as the sink is cleaned after each use.


When do food rules state you are required to call your manager about your health? When you:

Have dark tea colored urine and yellowing skin

Which of the following statements about germs is FALSE?

Bacteria will grow slowly at temperatures between 41F and above 135F degrees

What is the primary reason for washing, rinsing and sanitizing cutting boards?

To prevent germs or allergens from spreading from one food type to another

What is cross-contamination?

The spread of germs from one place to another

As a food worker, you must perform your duties that you are following safe food handling practices. These duties include:

Storing food in a manner that prevents contamination

Which disease is most commonly spread from undercooked or raw eggs?


The proper way to thaw frozen chicken is

Put it in the refrigerator

Where should you store raw fish in a refrigerator?

Below ready to eat foods

A foodworker needs to cool a pan of refried beans using the shallow pan method. What should the foodworker do?

Put hot beans in a shallow pan no more than two inches deep. Stir occasionally then refrigerate.

Keeping food safe is the most important responsibility of a food worker. Which of these is NOT an example of keeping food safe?

When you are sick, wear gloves to make sure you do not contaminate food

The food sanitation rules require someone at your restaurant to

Know the food safety rules and be in charge of the operation

Which of the following must be cooked to at least 155F

Ground meats

Which of the following must be cooked to 145F

Non ground meats and seafood

Which of the following is a way to prevent cross contamination?

Storing raw meat, fish, and poultry or eggs separate and on the lowest shelves of the refrigerator

What precaution must you take with the beverage container so you can drink from it while working in the kitchen? Of the descriptions below which one would be allowed?

A cup with a tight lid and straw

Food that should not be touched with bare hands is called

Ready to eat

What is the right sequence to wash dishes, utensils, and equipment?

Pre-scrape, wash, rinse, and sanitize, then airdry

Why must raw pork sausage be stored separately and below a crab salad within the walk in cooler?

Raw pork can contaminate the crab salad

Which of the following is most likely to cause foodborne illness

Bussing dirty dishes and then immediately preparing salad

At which temperature must you keep potentially hazardous foods hot?

135 or above

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