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Communication skills

are ranked by recruiters at the top of qualities they most desire in job seekers.

Which of the following statements is most accurate?

Businesses today generate a wide range of messages using a variety of media

On the job you are more likely to be promoted if you

look and sound like a professional

Which of the following statements about today’s business environments is MOST accurate?

may employees today no longer need an office; they can work anytime and anywhere

Which statement about today’s workplace is MOST accurate?

Today’s employees can expect to interact with people from many cultures

Which of the following statements is MOST accurate?

Ethics is a priority for many businesses

According to researchers, most people listen at what level of proficiency?


Many of us are poor listeners because….

The brain can process information at least tree times as fast as people talk we tend to "tune out" speakers whose ideas counter out own we would rather talk than listen

Your boss is giving instructions for a new method of keeping expense accounts. However, you find it difficult to concentrate because you think the change is necessary. What type of barrier to effective listening are you experiencing?

psychological barrier

Peter must inform his employees that his company will need to let go of employees. Which word would be BEST for Peter yo use when conveying this idea to his employees?


You can improve you listening skills if you follow tips for active listening including

Keeping an open mind establishing a receptive mind-set listening between the lines

Nonverbal communication includes

all unwritten and unspoken messages, intended or not

Most people think that the best predictor of a speaker’s true feelings is his or her


Which of the following statement about nonverbal communication is MOST accurate

the meaning of some gestures can vary among cultures the way an e-mail, letter, memo, or report looks can have either a positive or negative effect on a receiver the manner in which we structure and use time can reveal out personalities and attitudes

Every country has a unique culture or common heritage that

teaches its members how to behave and conditions their reactions

The most important cultural dimensions is


Which of the following countries represents a high-context culture


Which statement about the effect of social media and communication technology on culture is MOST accurate

because of social media, communicators can now reach out to larger and more varied audiences than in the past

An american businessperson who thinks that all Swiss are hardworking, efficient and neat is demonstrating an example of


Which of the following is a benefit of a diverse work environment

Being better ability to create the products desired by consumers Experiencing fewer discrimination lawsuits, fewer union clashes, and less government regulatory action improving employee relationships and increasing productivity

Workers who communicate successfully with diverse audiences must make few assumptions, learn about their own and other cultures and

seek common ground

Because of today’s communication technology, employees in today’s workforce can expect to write fewer messages


Recruiters often rank communication skills as the highest skill set sought by employers


as an employee in today’s digital workplace, you can expect to work more independently rather than collaboratively in groups


physical barriers to listening include only environmentally produced noises


listening is a passive process


to improve your listening ability, focus both on what is spoken and what is unspoken


one of the best strategies to become a better listener is to question a speaker while he or she is still talking to ensure your comprehension


most communication is nonverbal


both your personal appearance and the physical appearance of your business documents transmit immediate and important nonverbal messages


our culture molds the way we think, behave and communicate


communication style is the most important dimension of culture


individuals in in high-context cultures prefer direct verbal interaction, value individualism, rely on logic, say "no" directly and give authority to written infromation


the united states is an example of a low-context culture


north americans consider time a precious commodity and correlate it with productivity, efficiency and money


individuals in western cultures are more relaxed about social status and the appearance of power


the first step in learning intercultural skills is being aware of your own culture and how it contrasts with others


ethnocentrism can be found in all cultures


the US workplace is expected to remain dominated by males and angelo-oriented


developing a diverse staff that con work together cooperatively is one of the biggest challenges facing business organizations today


businesses that want to capitalize on cultural diversity need to train workers to think and act alike to reduce conflicts


the second phase of the 3-x-3 writing process begins with

researching the topic

before composing a business document you should gather information that will answer these questions

what is the receiver to do

all of the following are informational research methods except

conducting an experiment

which of the following is a formal research method

investigating primary sources

which formal research source is BEST to obtain first hand infromation


Ahna is sending a persuasive memo to her staff asking them to participate in the new wellness program. which of the following sources of information would be MOST appropriate to hell Ahna shape an effective persuasive message for her staff

questionnaires and surveys of empoyees

according to communication experts, what is the greatest failing of business writers?`

poor organization

the direct strategy would be most appropriate when

expecting the audiance to be pleased, mildly interested or neutral

which of the following is in advantage of the direct strategy

saves the reader’s time

which of the following is an advantage of the direct strategy

saves the reader’s time

which of the following business messages would NOT use the direct strategy

a letter to a customer denying his or her request for credit

which of the following is an advantage of the indirect stategy

respects the feelings of the audiance

when you expect a reader of your message to be unintrested, unwilling, displeased or hostile you should

explain all the background information first

the indirect strategy is most appropriate for what kind of messages

bad-news messages sensitive messages persuasive message

which of the following kinds of business messages typically use the indirect strategy

sensitive messages

what is a sentence fragment

a broken-off part of a sentence

what is a comma splice

two independent clauses joined by a comma without a conjunction

what is a run-on sentence

two independent clauses run together without punctuation or a conjunction

what is the recommended maximum number of words for a sentance


to emphasize an idea through mechanics place it in

boldface a different font style italics

which of the following sentences is most effective in de-emphasizing the bad news

although cash refunds are not offered, you can exchange resalable merchandise

active-voice sentances

place the subject of the sentence as the doer of the action

which of the following uses only active voices in a complete sentence

a few unhappy customers criticized the company’s rigid return policy

when should passive voice be used in business writing

when you want to conceal the doer of the action

parallel writing

uses similar structures to express similar words

which of the following uses parallel structure

big business demands superior forecasting, reporting, and analyzing

effective paragraphs

usually present the main idea in the first sentence are coherent include supporting sentences that expand and explain the main idea

How many ideas should be developed in a paragraph


what do most business writers use the first first sentences in a paragraph

topic sentence

a topic sentence

states the main idea of the paragraph

a supporting sentence

must relate to the topic sentence

paragraph are coherent when

ideas are linked; that is, one idea logically to the next


connect ideas

paragraphs should

contain eight or fewer printed lines

most routine business messages require formal research


many communication experts regard formal research


many communication expects reguard poor organization as the greatest failing of business writers


using a hierarchy such as an outline can help you to organize idea and information


when you develop a major component on an outline into subpoints you must have at least two subpoints


the most compelling and effective messages contain one repeated sentances pattern rather than a variety of sentences


words such as although, if, because and since often introduce dependent clauses


because sentences of 20 of fewer words have the most impact, business writers must restrict all sentences to fewer than 20 words


although mechanical means are occasionally appropriate to create emphasis, more often a writer achieves emphasis stylistically


the following sentance effectively useses a stylistic device to de-emphasize the bad news: although we don’t have any available positions at this time, we are pleased to recieve your application and will keep it on file for six months


passive voice should never be used in business writing


a paragraph is unified when it develops at lease three ideas


the topic sentence should relate the main idea of a paragraph


business writers generally place the topic sentence in the first paragraph


Which statement about the use of email in today’s workplace is MOST acurate

most messages in today’s workplace are sent by email

business email users must learn that email can be dangerous because messages travel long distances, are difficult to erase, and

may become evidence in court

which of the following situations is MOST appropriate for sending an email message?

Chris must send the monthly sales data to his department

Jackson is sending an email message about an important upcoming meeting. Which of the following represents the MOST effective subject line?

Please Attend Staff Meeting August 15

What is the current advice on the use of a greeting on business email

begin with a greeting to provide a visual cue and to show friendliness

Which of the following is the BEST advice for writing the body of an email message

use numbered or bulleted lists when appropriate

Which of the following is the MOST appropriate closing for an email message or memo

Please submit your report by August 1 so that the information can be presented at the seminar

The final element of an email message should be

your name and full contact information

What advice should you follow when using down-editing to reply to an email message

delete the sender’s message header, signature, and all unnecessary parts

Which of the following is the BEST tip for replying to email messages

if you can’t reply immediately, acknowledge receipt of the message and tell the sender when you’ll be able to reply

Which of these is the BEST recommendation for business communicators using email

Edit your text for readability and proofread for typos or unwanted auto-corrections

What is the BEST advice when preparing a memo as an email attatchment

Include the date, sender’s name, receiver’s name and subject line on the memo

Most email messages and memos

have nonsensitive topics and begin directly

which of the following is NOT a guide word used in email messages and memos


Email is appropriate for short informal messages that request information and respond to inquiries


Including a subject line in your email is optional because the message is usually short


Every business person will need to write a negative business message that may disappoint, irritate, or anger a receiver these messages must be written


The bad feelings associated with disappointing news can be reduced if the receiver feels that the news was revealed sensitively, believes that the matter was treated seriously, and fairly and

knows the reasons for the rejection clearly

One of your goals in sending messages is to project a professional and positive image. One technique to project the proper images is by

controlling your emotions

To convey empathy and sensitivity when delivering bad news, you should

accept blame and apologize when appropriate

Receivers are far more likely to accept negative news when you show that the decision was

fair impartial rational

When writers must convey bad news, they must carefully consider all of the following EXCEPT the

total number of words they use

Taylor must send the bad-news message to a client and indicate to her that he will be unable to meet a delivery deadline. What should Taylor do FIRST

Analyze the bad news to see how it will affect his reader

You will use the direct strategy for your message when the bad news is not damaging, when the receiver might overlook the bad news, when directness is preferred and when

firmness is necessary

Which of the following bad-news messages should be organized using the direct strategy?

an announcement of changes in business services

Using the indirect strategy to prepare the reader in a bad-news messages

helps you keep the readers attention until you can explain the reasons for the bad news

The indirect strategy works best when the bad news is personally upsetting, when the news will prompt a hostile reaction and when

the message arrives unexpectedly

Which of these patterns is typical for bad-news messages presented in the indirect strategy

buffer, reasons, bad news, and closing

Corbin must inform employees that overtime pay will be reduced from the current 2.0 factor and a 1.5 factor. Because he anticipates a hostile reaction, which of the following sequences should Corbin use for the parts of his message

buffer, reasons, bad news, and closing

Although you may worry about using the indirect strategy to communicate bad news, one benefit it has is

ensuring that your reasoning will be read while the reciever is still receptive

The buffer in a bad-news message is a

Statement that reduces shock or pain and encourages the receiver to continue reading

Which of the following would be an effective way to begin a bad-news message using the indirect strategy

Complimenting the reader Providing a statement of mutual agreement Revealing the best news

Which of the following is NOT a helpful tip for apologizing in a negative-news messgae

focus on your regret

Maya has decided to apologize briefly in the buffer of her bad-news message to a client. Which of the following is the BEST apology.

We sincerely apologize for the problems you experienced with your espresso machine. To prevent recurrence of this problem, we will re calibrate the heating element at no charge to you

The ability to understand and enter into the feelings of another is called


Which of these messages MOST effectively conveys empathy in a bad-news message?

You have every right to disappointed. I am truly sorry that our product failed to perform as expected

Which of the following is the MOST important party of a negative message

an explanation of the reasons for the bad news

When presenting the reasons for bad news, you should

Use positive wording explain the reasons clearly and specifically without revealing confidential information or creating potential legal liablity cite benefits to the reader or others

Which statement BEST demonstrates the use of positive wording

Although the warranty will not be extended, we are happy to replace your item with a similar product at no charge

All of the following are effective techniques for softening bad news except

positioning the bad news at the beginning or end of a paragraph

The closing of a bad-news message may include all of the following except

a restatement of the bad news

When you must refuse typical request, you will first think about how the receiver will react to your refusal and decide

whether to use the direct or the indirect strategy

Which of the following sentences presents the reason for denying a customer’s request for credit MOST effectively

Although your credit rating does not meet our minimum standards, we would be happy to reconsider your application if you add a cosigner

All business deal with unhappy customer at some point, and they typically follow this pattern in these situations: call the customer, describe the problem and apologize, offer an explanation and resolution, and

follow up with a message that documents the phone call promotes goodwill

Personally delivering bad news is sometimes recommended, but written messages are important to establish a record of the incident, to formally confirm follow-up procedures, and

to promote good relations

Constructing messages saying no to emotionally involved receivers is a challenging communication task. Which of the following is the BEST advice for this task?

use neutral, objective language to explain the reason the claim is refused

A bad-news message, whether delivered in person or in writing, is usually better received when you

give the reasons before the bad news

In deciding to share negative information about another employee to your supervisor, what question should you consider first

was the act criminal or hostile behavior or just a one-time mistake

When you must deliver bad news to one person or a small group, you should usually

deliver the message in person

Human Resource Specialist Julie Woodard must inform employees of major reduction in health care benefits when delivering this announcement, she should apply all the following techniques

let the employees find out through the office grapevine

the buffer in a bad-news message to employees should

be a neutral or positive statement that transitions to the reasons for the bad news

Although business prefer to deliver bad news to employees personally, when bad news must be given to large groups of employees, businesses are MOST likely to use which of the following

hard-copy memos

Your employer may ask you to responding to customer complaints appearing on Twitter, Facebook, or complaint websites.


Only business executives and managers must deliver bad news


The bad feelings associated with disappointing news can generally be reduced if the receiver knows the reasons for the rejection, feels that the news was revealed


When delivering bad news, you should explain the bad news clearly to make your reader understand that in the best case, accept the bad news


When irate customers sound threatening and overstate their claims, as a business representative, you should respond by indicating that the customer and his or her claim irrational


In order to convey empathy and sensitivity for your receiver you should always accept blame and apologize for the bad news


When you show that the decision for negative news was made fairly, impartially, and rationally, receivers are far more likely to accept the negative news


All bad-news messages should be presented using the indirect strategy


The direct strategy saves time and is preferred by some who consider it to be more professional and even more ethical than the indirect strategy


If your receiver might overlook the bad news, it is appropriate to use the direct stragegy


If your message may create a hostile reaction, you should use the indirect strategy


if you are worried that the indirect strategy seems manipulative, you should use the direct strategy to break the bad news bluntly even though the direct strategy may cause hard feelings and pain


A buffer is a device to reduce shock or pain


the important part of a bad-news message is the section that explains why a negative decision is necessary


using the following statement in an explanation of the reasons for the bad news could help the receiver to accept the message:

‘Although we would like to consider installing the heating system you have offered, we are seeking a more energy-efficient, environmentally friendly unit"


to take the spotlight off the bad news, place it at the end of a paragraph


when you must refuse a request, you may sometimes offer an alternative, substitute, compromise


"if you have ant further questions, please do not hesitate to call me"

is a professional way to close a refusal message


If you are uncertain how the receiver will respond, use the indirect strategy to refuse request and claims


every business will have unhappy customers at some point. if possible, the business should respond immediately and personally to these customers’ problems


smart business Representatives always avoid calling an unhappy customer to resolve problems


A buffer is a device to reduce shock or pain


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