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After you decide the best time and location to write, what are the next steps in the composing stage of the ACE process?

Organize, draft, design

What should you do if your research uncovers information that contradicts your point of view?

Report the information, cite the source, and then argue against it or provide a solution to the problem the source raises

Which of the following is an example of an outcome statement?

My supervisor will let me submit the project next Friday so I can finish it during the week

In which step of the early "transmission model" of communication does decoding take place?


What do effective communicators mean by the term "outcome"?

The result of your communication

What is the purpose of a confirmation message?

To acknowledge that you have received information

Cultural understanding will help you avoid displaying ______.


Which three elements are quoted in this chapter as forming the core of professional presence?

Competence, credibility, and confidence

Which pairing of countries is considered to have typically low-context cultures?

United States and Canada

Should cultural differences be considered as part of the ACE process?

Yes, while analyzing your audience

Which characteristic of culture defines how the culture perceives inequality and authority?

Power distance

Which is an example of a polychronic culture?


Where would you place the main idea in a routine message using the direct format?

As the opening sentence

Where is the main idea placed in an indirect request message?

After the details explaining the request

Which sentence is written using passive voice?

The report was finished late

What is "groupthink" in the context of team decision making?

When everyone follows along with the strongest member’s suggestion

People from which country focus mostly on the eyes when reading facial gestures?


What does the acronym "ACE" stand for?

Analyzing, Composing, Evaluating

Which situation is an example of "relational context" in the transactional model of communication?

A colleague "stole" your client and you have to work with her on a team

Why has the production of paper documents by business increased yearly despite the fact that we have moved to "paperless" offices?

People often print from the Web so they do not have to search for the page again

Which of the sentences uses positive wording?

The committee will decide the new vacation policy today

What are three techniques effective business communicators use to persuade an audience?

Identifying benefits, anticipating objections, and supporting the claim

Which country’s culture dictates a formal, detailed, relationship-oriented thank you note?


Which sentence correctly adopts the "you" perspective?

Your parts will arrive on time, as you requested.

To achieve clarity in writing, use ______.

natural-sounding language

Which of the choices below is a disadvantage of using a team wiki in the workplace?

Documents are not delivered to members’ mailboxes

What are the four elements explored in the analysis stage of the ACE process?

Purpose, audience, content, and medium

Which country is known to have a monochronic culture?


Which of the following is an idiom?

Raining cats and dogs

Which three factors should you consider when deciding when and where to compose?

Time management, environment, interruptions

Texting is an ideal medium for

short, routine messages that require brief answers

Which of the following characteristics would be valued by a collectivist culture?


The chapter quotes which grouping of characteristics to define an ethical person?

Truthful, responsible, considerate

Which of the following is an example of an affective conflict within a team?

One team member holds a grudge against another who got a raise

Which sentence is an example of highlighting internal audience benefits?

If your proposal wins the contract, you will earn a 10% commission.

Why should you avoid editing yourself during the drafting stage of the ACE process?

Because switching between drafting and revising is inefficient

Which of the following answers is an example of cognitive conflict within a team?

One team member does not understand another’s reasoning

In terms of listening skills, what does "comprehension" mean?

How well you understand what you hear

In which situation is the use of a blind carbon copy unethical?

Blind carbon copying a colleague on your sales negotiation emails to a vendor she will also deal with later

In which situation would you use a routine announcement?

To notify the public about a holiday sale

What are the components of the three-part formula designed to create goodwill when a customer complains?

Understanding, apology, solution

Why is it a good idea to ask for feedback from colleagues about your document?

It shows you whether you have communicated effectively

Which elements belong in a routine request’s conclusion?

An expression of gratitude and a call for action

Which grouping of characteristics is quoted in this chapter as defining the "strategic" aspect of being an effective communicator?

Purposeful, audience-oriented, persuasive

What is the purpose of sending your condolences?

To express compassion and understanding when someone experiences a loss

Which kind of message expresses appreciation when someone has done something nice for you?

Thank-you message

Which valuable work-place communication skill are you demonstrating when you link your company’s blog, Twitter and Facebook sites together?

Implementing social media

When you are engaged in conversation, you can improve comprehension and understanding by asking questions and by _____.


Which one of the characteristics listed below would be most valued by an individualistic culture?


During which step of the early "transmission model" of communication does encoding take place?


Fraudulent reviews are widespread online, often posted by businesses themselves. A recent study found that roughly 16% of which industry’s reviews were fraudulent?


Which type of buffer does the following sentence use? "Throughout 2014, organic produce availability in our area has declined, and our production has slowed considerably."

Background information

Which of the following replies to a negative post has research shown social media audiences respond best to?

We are sorry that the copy machine did not work as you’d hoped, and thank you for taking the time to notify us.

How should you respond to a customer claim when the customer is at fault?

Explain the reasoning behind the policy and the refusal

Which of the following is an example of an interesting, effective blog headline?

Top 10 Hiring Secrets

Who or what is a primary audience?

The person to whom the message is addressed

Experts argue that you can influence people’s behavior through a social media strategy that combines which three factors?

Motivation, triggers, and ability

A link to a recipe using the product discussed on a blog is an example of which of the following ways companies are using social media to manage relationships with their customers?

Providing useful information that audiences want and need

Which of the following psychological needs do investment companies typically use to appeal to their audience’s emotions in a persuasive message?


Which of the following is the most professional and appropriate way of motivating your audience to comply with your persuasive request for a favor?

Stressing the benefits of doing it

The best way to ensure that your audience understands the bad news is to _____.

state it clearly

What is content marketing?

Communicating with your customers and prospects without selling

Which of the following strategy questions would you ask when determining your social media audience?

Who will want to interact online with your business?

Which of the options below is the best way to incorporate persuasion into the team decision-making process?

Team members present the best case for their ideas, and the team critically evaluates the options

In terms of logical fallacies, what is a hasty generalization?

Drawing a conclusion from a sample that is either too small or does not represent the larger population

Which social media platform would you use for longer messages to your followers about new products or services?


Which of the following is an appropriate guideline for your company to adopt as an example of professional social media behavior?

To protect our business interests, never disclose the company’s proprietary information.

Which type of evidence should you avoid using in an argument that supports your persuasive message?

Engineered statistics

Which of the following strategy questions would you ask when determining your social media goals?

Why is your company communicating by social media?

What medium would you choose to communicate a persuasive message when you want to receive immediate feedback from several people in different offices and be able to alter your approach "on the fly," if necessary?


Which type of buffer does the following sentence use? "We truly value the high quality of your product."

Thanks or compliments

You can help the audience find your business on Twitter by_____.

incorporating keywords and phrases strategically

Which social media platform would you use to transmit concepts that need extra development and design?

Corporate blog

Effective team leaders use which technique to influence attitudes and motivate people to make a commitment to a team?

Remind the team why the work is important

Which type of buffer does the following sentence use? "We understand the pressures farmers are under to make a profit with higher costs, so I know a request to renegotiate your sales price might seem insensitive."

Empathy with audience

In terms of logical fallacies, what is a false analogy?

Supporting an idea by comparing it to something that is not comparable

Which social media platform would you use to distribute interesting news to your followers in short bursts?


In terms of logical fallacies, what is a false dilemma?

Asserting that only two choices exist, while ignoring other options

How do you diplomatically reject a team member’s idea while maintaining goodwill and ensuring that the person will continue to contribute in future projects?

Provide a convincing explanation

Which of the following strategy questions would you ask when determining your social media contributors?

Will employees have access to participate in the company’s posts?

What powerful tool shapes your evidence persuasively while actively engaging your audience?


Which communication medium would you use to tell an employee that she got a lower bonus than projected?


Which communication medium would you use to give the public notice of a product recall?


Which psychological principle of persuasion says that the fewer there are of things, the more people will want them?


In which situation would you use the direct approach to organize a bad news message?

When the audience is unlikely to be angered by the news

What is the recommended number of daily Facebook posts for businesses interested in tapping into that market?

One to five

Which of the following psychological needs do charities typically use to appeal to their audience’s emotions in a persuasive message?


Should a company take responsibility for mistakes or problems?

Yes, because doing so will preserve credibility and goodwill

How do you effectively subordinate bad news?

Use the passive voice

What time span is considered "social media prime time"?

8 p.m. to 7 a.m

Which team-building technique are you using when you acknowledge a team member’s contributions?

Helping others feel pride in their work

In terms of logical fallacies, what is a red herring?

Focusing on an irrelevant issue to draw attention away from a central issue

Which is an example of using neutral language to avoid blaming your audience in a bad-news message?

The warranty does not cover accidental breakage.

Which communication medium should you use to notify all employees quickly about a possible privacy breach in the company’s payroll system?

Text message

Which type of buffer does the following sentence use? "I am pleased to inform you that part of your order will arrive earlier than promised."

Good news

Which of these statements is true about the acronym "AIDA"?

Its components are useful in both solicited and unsolicited sales messages

Which communication medium would you use to prevent immediate discussion of the bad news?


What number of characters per Facebook post is recommended to maximize positive audience interaction?

Less than 40

Which communication medium would you use to send bad news to employees in your company’s South American and European branches simultaneously?


Which of the following techniques of emotional appeal are particularly effective in creating a sense of desire in an audience reading an unsolicited sales message?

Social proof

Which of the following is an example of an analytical report?

Feasibility report

Which question from this list would you typically NOT ask when analyzing your report audience?

When does my audience need this report?

Which report medium would you choose to communicate a report that is informal but contains sensitive information for employee eyes only?


What is the main difference between an abstract and an executive summary?

An abstract is used for informational reports and an executive summary is used for analytical reports.

Which is NOT something you’d do during the composing stage of the report writing process?

Check for mechanical errors

Which guidelines should you use to prepare a document for readers who are NOT native English speakers?

Use consistent terminology

Which three combined elements make up the identifying information commonly found on a report’s title page or cover?

Author, date, report title

What is a progress report designed to do?

Give your supervisor an update on the status of a longer project

Which is NOT a typical category used in meeting minutes?


When writing a trip report, it is best to organize it by _____

describing the results of the trip

Which is NOT a criterion that decision makers can use to judge the validity of a feasibility report’s proposal?

Report page length

Which document design feature below would NOT help your audience preview report contents?

A conclusion

Which of the following is something word processing software CANNOT achieve for you?

Sentence clarity

What type of report is intended to educate its audience on a topic central to the company’s business?

A white paper

In report writing, what do you call a stand-alone graphic that combines multiple representations of data to provide a complete picture?

An infographic

What is the most common format for online distribution of reports?


According to Eric Paley, the founder of a venture capital company, what type of report provides the most concise way to express an idea for discussion and decision making?

A report deck

Which is NOT a feature of a report deck?

Heavy visuals with minimal text

Which feature below is NOT something all slide decks include?

An executive summary

Which is NOT an example of a data graphic?


Which graph is the best to use if you want to show changes over time to emphasize a trend?

Line chart

How do you remove clutter from a table?

Eliminate unnecessary grid-lines

What is the best way to integrate data displays into your report?

Use text to explain what the audience is seeing

Which is an ethical, non-misleading way to display data in a graph?

Accurately display collected data

Which of the following does NOT need documentation in your report?

A table populated by data from a survey conducted by your company

Begin analyzing your presentation’s purpose with _____ in mind.

a specific outcome

Analyzing key decision makers in your audience is critical. Which question below is NOT designed to yield helpful information about this audience?

How much time do you have to persuade key decision makers?

If you need to communicate complex material that must be examined carefully during your presentation, you should use -.

a slide deck

If you need to provide a product demonstration during your presentation, you should use ____.

a prop

In most business presentations, the main message should do all of these things EXCEPT ___.

give the audience reasons for the request

Design your slides so that you’ll be able to _____ if you are presenting virtually via computer.

direct the audience to slide content by pointing with your voice

Which of the following is NOT a main goal of your presentation’s opening?

Describe audience benefits

Which technique could you use to capture your audience’s attention in the opening of a presentation?

Recite a quote from an authority on your subject

How can you organize the middle of the presentation so it will be easy to understand?

Emphasize points that are meaningful to the audience, limit the number of key points, and organize using recognizable patterns

What common mistake do presenters often make in organizing presentation content?

They let the information dictate the organization

It is now generally accepted that listeners can retain _____ separate pieces of information in their short-term memory before losing the important parts.

four or five

How does a storyboard help you create an effective presentation?

It allows you to visualize presentation flow

Which of the following does NOT belong in your presentation’s closing?

Illustrations of your expertise

Which is the best revision of the following sentence for use as a bullet point on a slide? "Thanks in part to our sales team’s redoubled efforts, this quarter’s profits have increased 51% from this same time last year."

Quarterly profits up 51%

If your audience will need to take notes during your slide presentation, what kind of format should you choose for a handout?

Three miniature slides per page with lines to the right of each

How should you dress for a formal presentation?

Business-formal clothing

Which of the following suggestions will NOT help you warm up effectively for your presentation?

Focus on the risks associated with your proposed idea

What kind of stance is suggested to help you feel comfortable and control your body during the presentation?

Hands loose at your side, knees and elbows relaxed, weight balanced on both feet, shoulder-width apart

During a presentation, when you speak to people in the front of the room, _____.

maintain the same volume level so that everyone else can hear you

Reading from notes or a script you hold during a presentation

makes you look like a novice

When is it acceptable for your presentation to include a photo found on the Internet?

Only when you cite the source on the slide

Which is NOT a benefit offered by having a question-and-answer (Q&A) session during a presentation?

Getting a promotion

All the questions below require a skillful answer to avoid the impression that you are being defensive or dismissive EXCEPT one. Which is it?

A question that asks you for an example

What should you do if you are asked a question during or after a presentation that you cannot answer?

Admit you don’t know the answer

Which of the following are NOT typically presented as a podcast?

A white paper

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