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Communication skills

are ranked by recruiters at the top of quantities they most desire in job seekers

Which of the following statements is most accurate?

Social media are playing an increasingly prominent role in business.

Which of the following statements is most accurate?

Businesses today generate a wide range of messages using a variety of media.

Which of the following is not a soft skill?

Tabulating statistical information

On the job, you are more likely to be taken seriously and to be promoted if you

look and sound professional

Major trends in today’s dynamic world of work include emphasis on self-directed work groups and virtual teams, heightened global competition, innovative communication technologies, new work environments, and focus on

business ethics

Which of the following statements about today’s business environments is most accurate?

Many employees today no longer need an office; they can work anytime and anywhere

Which statement about today’s workplace is most accurate?

Today’s employees can expect to interact with people from many cultures

Which of the following statements is most accurate?

Ethics is a priority for many businesses

Which communication technology is used my companies today?

All answer choices are correct

According to researchers, most people listen at what level proficiency?

25-50 percent

Which of the following statements is most accurate?

Most people are not very good listeners

Many of us are poor listeners because

All answers choices are correct

According to research, what percentage of our work is spent listening?

50 percent

Which of the following is not a physical barrier?

personal values

Your boss is giving instructions for a new method of keeping expense accounts. However, you find it difficult to concentrate because you think the change is unnecessary. What type of barrier to effective listening are you experiencing?

Psychological barrier

Peter must inform his employees that his company will need to let go of employees. Which word would be best for Peter to use when conveying this idea to his employees?


The communication process begins when the sender

has an idea

Converting ideas into words or gestures to convey meaning is called


The process of translating a message from its symbol form into meaning is called


Communication noise

Is anything that interrupts the transmission of a message

includes both the verbal and nonverbal responses from the receiver


Communication is successful only when

the receiver understands an idea as the sender has intended it

Business writing should be economical. In this context economical can best be defined as

presenting ideas and clearly concisely

The first phase of the writing process involves analyzing the audience and your purpose for writing, anticipating your audience’s reaction to your message, and

adapting your message to the audience

Adapting your message to the audience involves

thinking of the right words and tone to use in your message

During the second phase of the writing process, you conduct research,

organize ideas, and compose the message

Experts say that writers should spend the most time in the _______ phase of the writing process


What do I hope to achieve with this message?Before Melissa organizes and composes her message, she should ask two questions: 1. Why am I sending the message? and 2.

What do I hope to achieve with this message?

Which statement is MOST accurate?

Business messages must be clear concise and readable

Which of the following about writing and regaining business documents is most accurate?

Experts say only amateurs expect writing perfection on the first try

Monica lost a promotion due to poor writing skills. Which phase of the writing process should she most focus on to demonstrate better writing skills?

Revising and proofreading

Which of the following statements about revision is most accurate?

Some business writers prefer to compose first drafts quickly and revise later; others prefer to revise as they go

Which of the following best avoids flabby expressions?

Although many employees have requested training, we can’t afford the extra expense

Effective communicators avoid the flabby expression "in addition to the above" by using the words


Which of the following best avoids a long lead in?

Yes, we will send the information you requested.

Which of the following sentences is most effective?

Your account is now up to date

"There is a new software company that will be hiring employees" is an example of a sentence with

A filler

All of the following sentences contain unnecessary fillers except

Three candidates are running for the board

Which sentence avoids redundant expressions

Let’s not repeat our competitors mistakes

You are selecting a channel for sending your message. Which of the following is not a factor to consider when making this decision?

Your competitor’s channel use

When selecting a communication channel, you should follow two tips: use richer media for persuasive or personal communications, and

use the richest media available

One technique that improves business writing is the use of empathy. Empathy refers to

putting yourself in the receiver’s shoes to adapt the message to the receiver’s needs

Adaptation is the process of

creating a message that suits the audience

Empathetic writers

try to give something to the receiver

Which of the following sentences best focuses on the audience?

Register now to lock in your preferred travel dates

Jorge must inform Samantha that she is not eligible to have an August vacation for which she recently applied. Which of the following sentences best demonstrates the "you" view Jorge should use in denying Samantha’s application?

Although the August vacation schedule is full, you may qualify for a vacation in September if you apply now

One of the best ways to develop audience benefits is to use the "you" view, which

emphasizes second-person pronouns instead of first-person pronouns

Which of the following statements about nonverbal communication is most accurate?

Meanings or nonverbal behaviors are often influenced by the communication context and by one’s culture.

Which of the following sentences demonstrates effective business writing?

Your proposal demonstrates how our call center can better meet the needs of our customers

Which of the following sentences demonstrates conversational business writing?

I am upset about your return policy

Which of the following sentences demonstrates effective business writing?

Enclosed is our latest catalog

Which of the following is a form of nonverbal communication?

All choices are correct

Michael usually holds team meetings on Tuesday mornings, but he needs to reschedule next week’s meeting to Wednesday morning. To tell team members of the date change for the next meeting, Michael should

send an e-mail

According to writing experts, approximately what % of time should you spend on the prewriting phase of a business message?


In the final phase of the writing process, check the message for clarity and readability, proofread for errors, and

evaluate for effectiveness

Business writing should be purposeful. In this context purposeful can best be defined as

solving problems and conveying information

Which statement about the communication process is most accurate?

Feedback helps the sender know that the message was received and understood

When preparing a business message, you should make your writing audience oriented. Audience oriented means you should

concentrate on looking at the problem from the receiver’s perspective

Business writing should be all of the following except

sender oriented

Which of the following is not an element of the communication process?

displaying empathy

A listener who nods her head and maintains eye contact with a speaker is probably

listening actively to what the speaker is saying

Nonverbal communication includes

al unwritten and unspoken messages, intended or not.

Amelia has made a conscious effort to become an active listener. Therefore, she shuts down her computer, turns off her cell phone, and asks her assistant to hold all incoming calls when she conducts interviews. What technique is she using to improve listening?

Controlling her surroundings

A communication channel

is the medium over which the message travels

All of the following are informal research methods except

B. conducting a scientific experiment

You can improve your listening skills if you follow tips for active listening, including

keeping an open mind, establishing a receptive mind-set, and listening between the lines

Communication is defined as "the transmission of information and meaning from one individual or group to another." The crucial element of this definition is


The second phase of the 3-x-3 writing process begins with

C. researching the topic

Before composing a business document, you should gather information that will answer which of these questions?

D. How will I use this information?

All of the following would probably require informal research methods except

C. long reports and complex business problems

When brainstorming to generate ideas, you should

B. record ideas without judging them

Which of the following is a formal research method?

B. investigating primary resources

As interns in human resource management, Brad and his team are administering a professionally developed employee questionnaire to collect information on workplace violence. This type of research is considered

A. firsthand information

Which formal research source is the best to obtain firsthand information?

D. interviews

Quality Building Materials Inc. has developed a new whole-house weather blanket and needs to determine the price point at which builders would switch to this new product. The best research method for this is a(n)

D. scientific experiment that presents price choices with controlled variables

Business messages should use positive language rather than negative language. positive language

tells what is and what can be done

Ahna is sending a persuasive memo to her staff asking them to participate in the new wellness program. Which of the following sources of information would be the most appropriate to help Ahna shape an effective persuasive message for her staff?

C. questionnaires and surveys of employees

According to communication experts, what is the greatest failing of business writers?

D. Poor organization

Marketing Director Schultz must inform the board of directors that customers are not responding positively to the company’s new advertising campaign. Which of the following sentences would be the most appropriate wording for the marketing director to use in her message to the board of directors?

We have received reports from customers about our new ads.

Which of the following represents the best business writing?

You can return all resalable merchandise for a store credit

Which of the following demonstrates effective business writing?

Will you please credit my account for $125 due to the computer error on May 1.

Courteous business messages

all answer choices are correct

Which of the following is most acceptable for business writing?

All physicians must carry their own malpractice insureance

Which of the following demonstrates effective business writing?

The office personnel will assist you with your forms.

Which of the following demonstrates effective business writing?

A record number of Japanese investors are purchasing real estate in the United States

Business writers use words such as interrogate, remuneration, and terminate are using language many readers would consider


Which of the following sentences about jargon is most accurate?

Jargon should be used only when the audience will understand it.

Which of the following statements about communication in today’s workplace is most accurate?

Individuals are using more mobile electronic devices to communicate with others

Which of the following is most acceptable for business writing?

Sheila will examine the job proposal carefully

Bennett is sending an e-mail message about a change in procedure for submitting work hours. Which of the following represents the most direct opening?

A new procedure for submitting work hours will go into effect on April 1

Which statement about the use of e-mail in today’s workplace is most accurate?

Most messages in today’s workplace are sent by e-mail

Business e-mail users must learn that e-mail can be dangerous because messages travel long distances, are difficult to erase, and

may become evidence in court

Which of the following situations is most appropriate for sending an e-mail message?

Chris must send the monthly sales data to his department

Jackson is sending an e-mail message about an important upcoming meeting. Which of the following represents the most effective subject line?

Please attend staff meeting August 15

What is the current advice on the use of greeting on business e-mail?

Begin with a greeting to provide a visual cue and to show friendliness

Which of the following is the best advice for writing the body of an e-mail message?

Use numbered or bulleted lists when appropriate

Which of the following is the most appropriate closing for an e-mail message or memo?

Thank you in advance for answering my questions

Which of the following is the best tip for replying to e-mail messages?

If you can’t reply immediately, acknowledge receipt of the message and tell the sender when you’ll be able to reply.

The final element of an e-mail message should be

your name and full contact information

What advice should you follow when using down-editing to reply to an e-mail message?

Delete the sender’s message, header, signature, and all unnecessary parts

Seng must inform his staff about the new process for accessing the company’s intranet from remote locations. What communication channel should Seng use to convey this information?


Which of these is the best recommendation for business communicators using e-mail?

Edit your text for readability and proofread for typos or unwanted auto-corrections

Which of the following statements about texting in the workplace is most accurate?

Text messaging is replacing e-mail for short internal communication

What is the best advice when preparing a memo as an e-mail attachment?

Include the date, sender’s name, receiver’s name, and subject line on the memo

To correctly format a hard-copy interoffice memorandum, which of the following is not a guideline you should follow?

Justify the right margin

Yer’s company has decided to let employees use instant messaging (IM) as an internal communication tool, and she wants to make sure that she’s using it professionally. What should she do?

Respect her receivers by using proper grammar, spelling, and proofreading in her instant messages

Which of the following statements about instant messaging in the workplace is most accurate?

instant messaging allows people to share information immediately and make decision quickly

Why do some employers forbid employees to use instant messaging (IM) and texting?

Some employers consider IM and texting distractions

Tara is starting a new job that will allow her to use text messaging. What advice should she follow?

Identify herself when texting a new contact

Businesses have embraced podcasts for audio and video messages because podcasts

do not require a live presence, yet offer a friendly human face

How do companies use wikis?

Global companies share information between headquarters and satellite offices

All of the following are reasons businesses use wikis except

to improve the brand image of a company

You are using the corporate blog to respond to a business emergency. Which of the following is the best recommendation?

Make the blog part of your overall effort to communicate information regarding the business’s emergency

Companies use blogs for all of the following reasons except

conducting job interviews

Which of the following is the best title for a blog?

Five ways to get your resume read

Eyasu must create a corporate blog. Which of the following should he use in his blog?

Eyasu should use all these techniques in his blog

All of the following statements about social networking are accurate except

only teenagers use social networking sites to communicate with others

When writing or responding to a blog, you should

correct any errors in your grammar, spelling, and mechanics

All of the following are reasons businesses use social networking except

to avoid legal challenges and issues

Which of the following statements best describes use of social networks by businesses today?

Companies struggle with finding the right balance between permitting access to the Web and protecting security as well as ensuring productivity

Travis has asked you for some advice regarding the use of social networking in the workplace. What advice will you share?

Establish boundaries, and don’t share information online that you wouldn’t share openly in the office

Most workplace messages are

positive or neutral

Although e-mail is successful for both internal and external communication, you should still use letters when

formality and sensitivity are essential

Most workplace messages should be organized


Which of the following is not a routine business message?

A letter to a customer denying his or her request for credit

Which of the following is not one of the most frequently used communication channels in businesses today?


Which of the following statements best describes the use of letters, e-mails, and memos in businesses today?

Despite the popularity of e-mail, in certain situations letters remain the preferred channel of communication for delivering messages outside an organization

Which statement about the format of a business letter is most accurate?

The appearance of a business letter can send nonverbal messages about a sender to a receiver

In Which of the following situations should you send a letter instead of an e-mail message?

You are asking leading members of the community to contribute to a fundraising event to improve local parks

Which of the following is an effective opening for a routine request message?

Please answer the following questions about your Web services

In the popular block letter format, Which of the following guidelines apply?

use ragged, unjustified right margins

When business writers request information or action that will likely be received positively, they should frontload their messages, which requires

putting the most significant statement first

Which part(s) of your message are readers likely to find most interesting and read first?

opening and closing

Courtney is getting married and is trying to gather information about the banquet facilities of a potential venue in Las Vegas. She has lots of questions and decides to write a routine informational message. How should she present these questions in her message?

In a bulleted or numbered list in the body of her message

In responding positively , you will want to

apply the same direct pattern in making requests

Which of the following would be the most effective closing statement in a routine action request message?

Please send a contract for heating and ventilation work by April 1 to allow installation to begin by April 15

Which of the following sentences most effectively presents promotional materials in a message responding to a customer inquiry?

You will find that our top-selling host gift baskets not only welcome your guests but also save you money and time compared to individually purchasing and assembling your host baskets on site.

Which of the following is the most effective opening sentence for a response message?

Yes, we can put together a corporate travel package that will meet your needs and fit your budget

Which of the following statements about claims is most accurate?

Businesses will probably take a claim letter more seriously than an email message or a telephone call

Which of the following sentences is not a parallel stuck in the set of instructions?

Placing age or gender preference in the candidate qualifications section creates legal jeopardy

In writing messages that deliver instructions what advise should you follow?

Assume employees want to contribute to the success of the organization

Arika is following the three-part plan to write a plane message about a problem with her digital communication service bundle. what should she put in her opening?

And explanation of the nature of her problem with the digital communication service bundle

Joaquin will use the three-step writing plan for his claim message. In the body of the message, Joaquin will

Identify enclose copies of all pertinent documents

Which of the following openings is most appropriate for a claim message?

Please process a refund for $68 to reimburse us the amount we were overcharged for our banquet.

Which of the following sentences represents an appropriate end date in a claim message?

Because we have enjoyed your prompt service in the past, we hope to receive the correct projectors by January 12

Which of the following statements about online complaints or reviews is most accurate?

Individuals should give companies and

Which of the following is the most appropriate opening for an adjustment message granting a claim?

The enclosed check for $78, which covers the cost of your dinner, demonstrates our desire to satisfy our customers and earn their confidence.

Which of the following is the best opening for a note expressing things for a gift?

Thank you, Elena, for the e-reader commemorating my 20 years with Brown sales; it will make a perfect travel companion.

We understand your reliance on a high-performance router and apologize for the in complete installation of your DataServe router

Which of the following represents the most appropriate apology in an adjustment message?

Don’t use negative words (regret, error, failure); do use positive words (hope, achieve,strive).

You should use sensitive language in an adjustment message in case the customer is already upset therefore, which of the following provides the best advice?

Send a goodwill message promptly

What is the best advice for writing good will messages?

Customers who complain

Businesses often write appreciation messages to which of these receivers?

Thanks for your kind words regarding my promotion

Isabel is responding to a congratulatory note she received from a colleague. Which of the following is the best sentence to include in her response?

"Technology has changed the working environments of employees, that is why employees are commuting more than ever" is an example of a

D. comma splice

All statements are accurate

Which statement about a sympathy message is most accurate?

To emphasize an idea through mechanics, place it in

D. any of these techniques would emphasize the idea

What is the recommended maximum number of words for a sentence?

B. 20

Parallel writing

A. uses similar structures to express similar words

Which of the following sentences an idea through style?

A. Consider adding a statement of qualifications section on your resume; but, most important, include specific and relevant previous employment information.

Which of the following sentences is most effective in de-emphasizing the bad news?

A. although cash refunds are not offered, you can exchange resalable merchandise

Active-voice sentences

B. place the subject of the sentence as the doer of the action

Which of the following uses only active voice in a complete sentence?

D. A few unhappy customers criticized the company’s rigid return policy

When should passive voice be used in business writing?

C. when you want to conceal the doer of the action

Which of the following uses parallel structure?

C. Big business demands superior forecasting, reporting, and analyzing.


A. must be placed close to the words they describe or limit

How many ideas should be developed in a paragraph?

C. one

Which of the following sentences uses modifiers correctly?

C. To meet customer’s orders, production must be increased.

Effective paragraphs

D. all answer choices are correct

What do most business writers use as a first sentence in a paragraph?

C. topic sentence

Paragraphs are coherent when

C. ideas are linked; that is, one idea leads logically to the next

A topic sentence

D. states the main idea of the paragraph

A supporting sentence

A. must relate to the topic sentence

To build paragraph coherence, a writer should

D. all answer choices can build paragraph coherence


C. connect ideas

Transitional expressions such as next, first, and finally are useful to show

D. time association

Paragraphs should

A. focus on at least three ideas

I am sorry to hear your sad news; but if I may be of any help, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Which of the following would be least effective in a sympathy note?

If you frequently communicate via email with the intended receiver and are certain this email will be received, you may send a goodwill message via email.

Which of these statements regarding the use of email for Goodwill messages is most accurate?

The direct strategy would be most appropriate when

C. expecting the audience to be pleased, mildly interested, or neutral

All of the following are effective tips for creating an outline except

A. use a single item under a major component

Which of the following is an advantage of the direct strategy?

D. a letter to a customer denying his or her request for credit

When you expect a reader of your message to be uninterested, unwilling, displeased, or hostile, you should

C. explain all the background information first

Which of the following message openings is the most direct opening for an e-mail message announcing a new telecommuting plan?

D. our new telecommuting program will begin on August 1.

Which of the following is an advantage of the indirect strategy?

B. respects the feelings of the audience

What kind of sentence contains only one independent clause?

A. simple sentence

The indirect strategy is most appropriate for what kind of messages?

D. the indirect strategy is appropriate for what kind of messages?

Which of the following kinds of business messages typically use the indirect strategy?

D. sensitive messages

What kind of sentence contains two independent clauses?

B. compound sentence

Which of the following is a complex sentence?

D. Because of rising insurance premiums, companies are offering employee-wellness incentives

What kind of sentence contains an independent clause and a dependent clause?

C. complex sentence

Which of the following is a simple sentence?

Just don’t miss this question

What is a sentence fragment?

C. a broken-off part of a sentence


Every business person will need to write a negative business message that may disappoint, irritate, or anger or receiver. These messages must be written

What is a comma splice?

B. two independent clauses joined by a comma without punctuation or a conjunction

What is a run-on sentence?

A. two independent clauses run together without punctuation or conjunction

Demonstrating the company’s superiority in the global marketplace

Business communicators have many goals and conveying negative news. Which of the following is not a goal and communicating negative news?

Knows the reasons for the rejection clearly

The bad feelings associated with disappointing news can be reduced if the receiver feels that the news was revealed sensitively, believes that the matter was treated seriously and family, and

Controlling your emotions

One of your goals and sending messages to project a professional and positive image. One technique to project the proper image is by

All answer choices are correct

Receivers are far more likely to except negative news when you show that the decision was

Except blame and apologize when appropriate.

To convey empathy and sensitivity when delivering bad news, you should

Firmness is necessary

You will use the direct strategy for your message on the bad news is not damaging, when the receiver may overlook bad news, when directness is preferred, and when

Total number of words they use.

When writers must convey bad news, they must carefully consider all the following except the

Analyze the bad news to see how it will affect his reader

Taylor must send a bad news message to a client and indicate to her that he will be unable to meet a delivery deadline. What should Taylor do first?

Buffer, reasons, bad news, and closing

Which of these patterns is typical for bad news messages presented in the indirect strategy?

And announcement of changes in business services

Which of the following bad news messages should be organized using the direct strategy?

Helps you keep the readers attention until you can explain the reasons for the bad news

Using the indirect strategy to prepare the reader in a bad news message

The message arrived unexpectedly

The indirect strategy works best when the bad news personally upsetting, a hostile reaction, and when

Buffer, reasons, bad news, and closing

Corbin must inform employees that overtime pay will be reduced from the current 2.0 factor to a 1.5 factor. Because he anticipates a hostile reaction, which of the following sequences should Corbin use for the parts of his message?

The incorrect strategy is unethical only for writer intends to deceive the reader.

Which of the following statements about the ethics of delivering bad news is most accurate?

Ensuring that your reasoning will be read while the receiver is still receptive

Although you may worry about using the indirect strategy to communicate bad news, one benefit it has is

intend to deceive

The primary difference between ethical and unethical communicators is it unethical communicators

Statement that reduces shocker pain and encourages the receiver to continue reading

The buffer in a bad news message is a

HAFTA members must be looking forward to the annual fall conference in Phoenix this year.

Porter Grace, RN, is declining invitation to speak about the health benefits of juice bars at the fall conference of the health and fitness trainers Association (HAFTA). Which of the following is the most effective buffer?

I’ll answer choices would be effective techniques to open about his message using the indirect strategy

Which of the following would be an effective way to begin and bad news message using the indirect strategy?

Focus on your regret

Which of the following is not a helpful tip for apologizing in a negative news message?

We sincerely apologize for the problems experienced with your espresso machine. To prevent recurrence of this problem, we will recalibrate the heating element at no charge to you.

Maya has decided to apologize briefly in the buffer of her bad news message to a client. Which of the following is the best apology?

You have every right to be disappointed. I am truly sorry that our product failed to perform as expected.

Which of these messages most effectively convey his empathy in a bad mood message?


The ability to understand and enter into the feelings of another is called

All answer choices are correct

When presenting the reasons for bad news, you should

An explanation of the reasons for the bad news

Which of the following is the most important part of the negative message?

Your daily presence in the office is important to ensure a regular customer contact.

You must decline an employee’s request to telecommute three days per week. Which of the following statements best explains why this bad news is necessary?

Although the word he will not be extended, we are happy to replace your item with a similar product at no charge.

Which statement best demonstrates the use of positive wording?

Positioning the bad news at the beginning or end of the paragraph

All the following are effective techniques for softening bad news except

Beginning last month, our restaurant was closed on Sundays

You must announce to customers at your restaurant will no longer be open on Sundays. Which of the following use his passive voice verbs to deliver the bad news?

Although our profits are being reinvested in BMI industries this year, we hope to be able to contribute next year.

Allison is declining a request for a monetary contribution from a charitable organization to which her employer, BMI industries, usually donates. Which of the following most effectively implies the refusal?

We wish you all the best in your job search

Matt must send a refusal letter to Ryan, he recently interviewed for a job. Which of the following will be the best closing?

A restatement of the bad news

The closing of a bad news message may include all the following except

To promote good relations

Personally delivering bad news is sometimes recommended, but written messages are important to establish a record of incident, to formally confirm and follow up for procedures, and

Whether to use them direct or in direct strategy

When you must refuse typical requests, he will first think about how the receiver will react to your refusal and decide

Although your credit rating does not meet our minimum standards, we would be happy to reconsider your application if you add

Which of the following sentences presents the reason for denying a customers request for credit most effectively?

Implying the refusal

You can soften the blow of the bad news and refusing a typical request or claim by

Although a full refund cannot be issued, we would be happy to repair your DVD player for a nominal fee

Which of the following best presents the bad news in a message refusing a customer’s claim?

Follow up with a message that documents the phone call and promotes Goodwill

All businesses deal with unhappy customers at some point, and they typically follow this pattern in the situations: call the customer, describe the problem and apologize, offer an explanation and the resolution, and

Use neutral, objective language to explain the reason the claim is refused

Constructing messages saying no to emotionally involved receivers is a challenge and communication task. Which of the following is the best advice for this task?

Kenesha should follow all these tips

Kenesha must respond to a negative comment written by a customer on Twitter. What advice should she follow?

Was the act criminal or hostile behavior or just a one time mistake?

And deciding to share a negative information about another employee to your supervisor, what question should you consider first?

Give the reasons before the bad news

A bad news message, whether delivered in person or in writing, is usually better received when you

Deliver the message in person

When you must deliver bad news to one person or a small group, he should usually

Because of a decrease in sales, the number of employees will need to be reduced, which we know will affect all of you.

Which of the following sentences to employees best explains the reasons for a reduction in the company workforce?

Focus on the future and avoid discussing the past or the present

All of the following are helpful tips to deliver the bad news message personally in the workplace except

Let the employees find out through the office grapevine

Human resource specialist Julie Woodard must inform employees of a major reduction in healthcare benefits. When delivering this announcement, she should apply all of the following techniques except

Be a neutral or positive statement that transitions to the reasons for the bad news

The buffer in a bad news message to employees should

Position the bad news so that it does not stand out

What is the best advice for presenting the batteries portion of your negative message to employees?

Hard-copy memos

Although businesses prefer to deliver bad news to employees personally, one bad news must be given to large groups of employees, businesses are most likely to use which of the following?

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