Business Communications Chapter 14

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During your interview you will

convince the employer of your potential.

The job interview provides the opportunity for you to

do all of these.

Which of the following statements about hiring/placement interviews is most accurate?

During sequential interviews sell your qualifications to each interviewer.

Panel interviews are typically conducted by people who will be your supervisors and colleagues. An important advantage of the panel interview is

saving company money on repeated interviews and related costs.

One common form of hiring interview is the sequential interview. Which of the following statements most accurately describes a sequential interview?

As sequential interviews progress, interviews become more in-depth, which means that you need to know even more about the company.

Global Connections Inc. is interviewing several candidates for a leadership position requiring strong communication skills. What form of interview will most likely be used for this interview?

A group interview of several candidates at one time

When interviewing for high-pressure positions, companies may use stress interview techniques, which include being

asked rapid-fire questions by members of a team.

Alejandro is an active job seeker now that he has submitted several job applications. Which of the following is the best advice for Alejandro?

If you put your cell phone number on your application, answer the cell phone only if your location is appropriate.

Which of the following is the best advice to make a positive first impression in a phone conversation with an employer?

If caught off guard by the call, ask whether you can call back in a few minutes.

Which of the following is recommended for job seekers to complete as "homework" when preparing for an interview?

Google the interviewer.

Rebecca has an interview with a large company in a nearby city. What information should she learn about the company before her interview?

Rebecca should find out all this information about the prospective employer.

The best source of inside information about a company would probably result from

talking with company employees.

Effective interview-preparation techniques include practicing answers to possible questions, preparing to explain problem areas on your résumé, deciding on professional attire, and

preparing success stories.

Experts recommend you prepare success stories for your interview, but what should you emphasize in these stories?

Share a story that showcases a strategic skill or key accomplishment.

Braden is preparing several success stories prior to his job interview for a sales representative position. Which of the following scenarios would result in the best success story for this position?

A story about developing a new sales technique that increased his customer sales by 30 percent over a six-month period

You are trying to decide what to wear to a job interview. Which of these provides the best tip for you to follow?

Dress professionally, regardless of how company employees dress.

Social networking has impacted the job hunt for more than posting and searching jobs. Which of the following best describes another important impact of social networking on the job hunt?

Cleaning up digital dirt is essential because 70 percent of recruiters report eliminating candidates based on information found on social networking sites.

Which of the following is the best advice when traveling to and arriving at your interview?

If something unexpected happens causing you to be late, immediately call the interviewer to explain what is happening.

Which of the following statements about fear related to interviewing is most accurate?

Other than public speaking, employment interviews are the most dreaded events in people’s lives.

Which of the following will not help you reduce your fears during an interview?

Let the interviewer have complete charge of the entire interview.

When you enter the office for an interview,

introduce yourself to the receptionist, and wait to be invited to sit.

You can send positive nonverbal messages during your interview by dressing professionally, controlling your body movements, making eye contact, and

arriving on time.

Which of the following statements about nonverbal messages during an interview is most accurate?

Sit erect, leaning forward slightly to show interest and confidence.

Which of the following is the best advice when answering interview questions?

Aim answers at the key characteristics needed, such as expertise, motivation, and a pleasant personality.

To find people who will fit into their organizations, some interviewers use the airport test, which is

an informal personality measure asking what it would be like to spend 12 hours stuck in an airport with this person.

Although you can’t expect to be perfect in an employment interview, you can do your best by

occasionally refocusing and clarifying vague questions by asking "Do you mean…?"

Employment interviews are all about questions. Which of the following statements about interview questions is accurate?

Your interviewer may use questions to become acquainted with you.

If an interviewer says Tell me about yourself, what is the best way to respond?

Briefly discuss educational, professional, or business-related strengths.

If an interviewer says Why do you want to work for us?, you should

show what you know about the interviewer’s company and how your goals match the company and its culture.

When the interviewer asks you questions about the future, you should provide answers that

show ambition and interest in succeeding with this company.

How should you respond if an interviewer asks, Why should we hire you when other applicants have better credentials?

Confidently explain your strengths such as your openness to new ideas and knowledge of the latest methods and equipment.

Which of these responses is the best answer to the question, Where do you see yourself in your career five years from now?

As a member of your team, I will have grown and learned enough to advance to a position in management.

Which of these is the most effective response to the question, What do you think is your greatest weakness?

Some people complain that I’m a workaholic with nearly too much passion for this field.

When an interviewer asks you a challenging question about a weakness, what is the best way to respond?

Mention a previous weakness and the way you have corrected it.

Which of the following is an example of a situational question?

If you were aware that a coworker submitted false data, what would you do?

Which of the following is an example of a behavioral interview question?

Tell me about a time when you solved a difficult problem.

When the interviewer says Describe a time when you worked successfully as a member of a team, your best response will be to

tell a success story about a specific group project, your contributions, and the results.

If the interviewer begins a question with Tell me about a time when…, you should

describe a situation or task, tell what action you took, and emphasize a positive result.

What is the most effective way to handle an illegal or inappropriate question during an interview?

If you find the question harmless and you want the job, go ahead and answer it.

If an interviewer asks if you have any questions at the end of an interview, which of the following is an inappropriate response?

No, I have no questions right now; you have shared all the information I need.

How should you close an interview?

Briefly review your strengths, thank the interviewer, and ask what action will follow.

What should you do after the interview?

Write a thank-you letter immediately.

After writing a follow-up letter to thank your interviewer, your next step should be

alerting your references that they may be contacted by the employer.

The purposes of sending a follow-up e-mail or letter to the employer include jogging the memory of the hiring officer, showing your serious interest in the position, and

emphasizing your qualifications or adding new information.

Kalinda made a follow-up call to her interviewer five days after the interview. Several weeks later, Kalinda has still not heard from the employer. What action should Kalinda take now?

Assume that she didn’t get the job and continue her job search.

Recommended guidelines for completing application forms include which of the following?

Read the entire form before beginning to complete it.

When you apply for a position but are rejected, employment experts recommend that you

send a rejection e-message indicating you are disappointed but will contact the company again in a month in case a job opens up.

When writing a resignation letter to your employer, you should

All answer choices are correct.

In a job acceptance letter, your tasks are

confirming your acceptance, reviewing salary and benefits, and affirming the start date.

If you must turn down a job offer, employment experts suggest you should send the employer a letter

thanking the employer for the offer and briefly declining the position.

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