Business Communications Chapter 13

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Begin the job search by studying the job market and

identifying your interests, goals, and qualifications.

Given the changing nature of the job market today, which of these is the best advice for job seekers?

Upgrade your skills regularly and plan to retrain yourself frequently.

The best advice for college students who need to learn about careers and establish a professional network is to

volunteer or intern with an organization.

Which of the following statements is most accurate?

You make better career decisions if you match your interests to specific career requirements.

Kendra is searching for a job and wants to use electronic sources. Which of the following will probably be her best source of online job listings?

Specific company Web sites

Experts report a new online information source for successful job seekers. What is this recently emerged online job source?

Social media sites

Which of the following is a traditional job-search technique?

Developing a network

Which of the following tips will best help you conduct a safe, effective Web job search?

Consider omitting your home address and home phone number.

The most successful job seekers are those who

launch aggressive, proactive campaigns, which includes sending unsolicited application letters with résumés to target companies.

Because job competition is stiff, you must have a customized résumé. Having a customized résumé means that you

prepare a special résumé for every position you want.

The primary way to make a résumé persuasive is to

customize it to fit each company and position.

Because it quickly reveals a candidate’s education and experience record, most recruiters favor a(n)

chronological résumé.

You are just graduating from college and have little employment experience, yet you want to put together a persuasive résumé. What would be the best résumé style to use?

Functional résumé

Which of the following is the best advice about résumé length?

Because recruiters and hiring managers want to know your skills, make it as long as needed to sell yourself.

Which of these is the best tip for arranging the parts of a persuasive résumé?

Always begin your résumé with your name and contact information.

Opinions on the use of a Career Objective on the résumé are mixed. Which of the following the best reason for candidates to add a Career Objective to their résumés?

An Objective can tell the prospective employer that this candidate is sure about what he or she wants to do.

Which of the following is the best Career Objective for a résumé?

An accounting position in which 10 years’ experience and a license as a CPA will allow me to assist the company with payroll, employee benefits, and governmental tax and records reporting

What statement best describes the Summary of Qualifications portion of a résumé?

Smart job seekers add a summary of their most impressive qualifications to their résumés to save the time of recruiters and hiring managers.

In the Education section of your résumé, you should

include relevant seminars attended and workshops completed.

Which of the following statements describing employment achievements would be most effective on a résumé?

Achieved 125 percent of production goal for three consecutive quarters

Which of the following statements uses an action verb to highlight an aptitude?

Mastered QuickBooks Pro accounting software in 20 hours with minimal instruction

Which of these résumé tips is most accurate?

Improve the visual impact of your résumé by placing your employment achievements and relevant job duties in an easy-to-read bulleted list.

Which statement represents the best advice on the use of references?

Do not include personal or character references.

Experts argue about the best length for a résumé, but they agree that you shouldn’t waste space on unnecessary information. Which of the following should you omit on your résumé?

Complete listing of all courses taken during schooling

Employers today will probably ask you to submit your résumé in any of following formats except as a

professionally typeset document.

Employers often use scanners to sort and evaluate résumés. Which of these steps will maximize the "hits" your résumé receives from scanners?

Use accurate, specific names of schools, degrees, products, job titles, and companies.

What is the most accurate statement about plain-text résumés?

A plain-text format is widely used for posting to online job boards and for applying by e-mail.

Another name for a print-based résumé is

presentation résumé.

An e-portfolio is

a collection of digitized materials that give a snapshot of the candidate’s qualifications.

Generally, job seekers offer their e-portfolios on Web sites where potential employers can access the information round the clock, but e-portfolios are also

burned onto CDs and DVDs to be mailed to prospective employers.

Omar has asked you for a tip to improve his résumé. Which of these is your best advice?

Study model résumés to get ideas to improve your own; and if your skills don’t measure up, begin working now to improve them.

Which of the following statements about résumés is inaccurate?

An ethical résumé may include half-truths but not outright lies

Which of the following is considered unethical on a résumé?

All of these choices are unethical.

Because your résumé is probably the most important document you will ever write, you should

consider having a knowledgeable friend or relative proofread it.

When writing your job application letter, avoid the biggest error most applicants make, which is

making the letter too generic.

The purposes of a cover letter include all of the following except

The purposes of a cover letter include all of the following except

A job opening has been announced. Which of these answer choices will be the best opening sentence in an application letter?

Dr. Matthew Skalski, IT director at Northwestern University, told me that you have an opening for a Web engineer with experience in networking, data management, and innovations.

Openings in a cover letter for a solicited job should refer to

the source of the information, the job title, and qualifications for the position.

Which of the following statements is inaccurate regarding the opening in a cover letter for an unsolicited job?

Be vague about the type of position you’re seeking so that you might be considered for a variety of jobs.

Which of these statements about the body of a cover letter is most accurate?

Share your experiences demonstrating your initiative and ability to learn easily because employers seek employees with these qualities.

Which of these is the best statement to present a job candidate’s information in the body of a cover letter?

Your posting description closely matches my experiences assisting dysfunctional families in crisis, and recently I’ve taken seminars in family dynamics to develop the additional skills that your ad indicates are essential.

Choose the best closing sentence for a cover letter.

To add to your team an experienced systems analyst with proven analytical and troubleshooting skills, call me at (555) 555-4321 to arrange an interview.

Which of the following is the best advice for a cover letter to accompany a résumé sent by e-mail or fax?

Take the time to prepare a professional cover letter to accompany your résumé sent electronically.

Which of the following is the best tip for creating a successful cover letter?

Make activities and outcomes, not yourself, the subject of sentences to reduce overuse of "I."

To ensure your cover letter will look professional and suggest high quality, you should

polish the letter repeatedly because just like your résumé, your cover letter must be perfect.

Choose the best sentence to present an applicant’s skills in an application letter.

Helping customers has been a pleasure in previous jobs, and serving your customers would be equally rewarding.

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