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Olga thinks that all Americans are the same: hard-working, dishonest, and greedy. What is Olga displaying?

outgroup homogeneity effect

Which of the following must be kept in mind while building cross-cultural relationships?

People across cultures interpret behavior differently.

Which of the following is a feature of a culture with high future orientation?

appreciating visionary approaches to business problems

Which of the following business trends is valued across the world?

high priority on performance orientation

A major difference between high-assertiveness and low-assertiveness cultures is that people in low-assertiveness cultures tend to

use cooperative language and emphasize quality.

Which of the following statements about people with learner mind-sets is true?

They acknowledge that members of other cultures possess unique knowledge.

In cultures that are low in uncertainty avoidance

tasks involving calculated risks, problem solving, and experimentation are preferred.

Which of the following is a characteristic of high cultural intelligence?

avoiding inappropriate stereotypes

In cultures that are high in uncertainty avoidance

orderliness and consistency are held to be important.

Cultures with low performance orientation societies generally

are relaxed about starting things on time.

Which of the following is an example of projected cognitive similarity?

Deirdre assumes that other cultural groups have the same values as hers.

The cultural dimension of assertiveness deals with

the level of confrontation and directness that is considered appropriate and productive.

High cultural intelligence is demonstrated by the ability to

approach cross-cultural work relationships with a learner mind-set.

Minh takes a job in Germany. On his first day, his manager tells him that he will be respected if he can motivate himself to succeed. Minh is encouraged to think about where he wants to go in the company and to discuss long-term strategies for achieving his goals. From this, Minh concludes that he is in a society with

high priority on future orientation.

Which of the following is a feature of cultures with low performance orientation?

Expressions of loyalty and sympathy are valued.

In low gender egalitarianism cultures,

men and women are expected to occupy different roles in society.

Cultures with low future orientation

use inflexible and firm language.

Which of the following is characteristic of egalitarian cultures?

Leaders can be approached directly by subordinates.

Ethnocentrism is the belief that

your own culture is superior to others.

Which of the following is a trait of collectivists?

They stay in contact with and work through extended networks built on family and friends.

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