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Enforcement is perhaps the most important step in an effective code of ethics.


A firm’s net social contribution is a company report that measures the difference between its positive social contributions and its negative social impact.


One problem with conducting a social audit is:

Correct how to determine what should be measured and how to calculate the effect on society.

A phone call to a government official by an employee of the Enron Corporation disclosed the deception and dishonesty of the firm’s accounting records. This employee played the role of a:


Going green means:

Correct increasing one’s initiatives toward a concern for the environment.

Legal behavior is directly related to our relationships with others, while ethical behavior is not.


Obeying the law is ________ ethical behavior.

The first step towrads

A(n) _______ -based ethics code emphasizes the prevention of unlawful behavior by increasing control and penalizing wrongdoers.


Due to the fact that American ethical standards are very clear-cut, international suppliers do not have difficulty adhering to them.


An ethic of justice is based on a sense of responsibility to reduce actual harm or suffering.


As a result of pressure from business lobbyists, Congress failed to pass legislation protecting whistleblowers.


Insider trading provides the information needed for the securities markets to operate fairly and efficiently.


Applying the ethical standards of the U.S. to foreign firms is a difficult process for U.S. firms.


Due to the complicated laws and ethical standards abroad, U.S. businesses are encouraged to adopt a, "don’t ask, don’t tell" policy.


International issues of social responsibility and ethical behavior are:

difficult and not as clear-cut as U.S. firms would like them to be

An ethical manager’s decisions are based only on the following questions: "Is it legal?" and "Is it profitable?"


Corporate philanthropy refers to the position a firm takes on social and political issues.


Green washing:

Correct is the appearance of being "green", when in fact the business is only making green claims without genuinely demonstrating a commitment to going green.

Establishing a formal code of ethics is:

growing in popularity

Corporate ________ covers issues such as setting minority hiring practices, manufacturing safe products, and minimizing pollution.


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